Thursday 15 October 2015

NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with ANT KILLERS (Bangkalan, Madura Deathcore), 4/12/2014

Mr Ian (English teacher of Irsyad Sickles) is first on left, two ANT KILLERS members are in the centre, and Irsyad Sickles is fourth from the left. A special thanks to Mr Ian who was language interpreter during our interview because Ms Dhinie had to go back to Surabaya late in the afternoon. Without the help of Mr Ian we could not have done this interview (4/12/2014).
Our interview with ANT KILLERS (Bangkalan, Madura Island Deathcore), 4 December 2014
Interpretation Bahasa Indonesian / Bahasa Inggris by: Mr Ian (English teacher of Irsyad Sickles).
Expert comments by: Irsyad (vocalist SICKLES, Bangkalan Death Metal).
ANT KILLERS band line-up: Bayu (vocalist), Candra (guitarist), Anjay (bassist), and Akbar (drummer). 

ANT KILLERS band members
Kieran James aka Jack Frost (Busukwebzine): What are the band’s influences?


KJ: Why do you call the band ANT KILLERS?

AK: Because we are influenced by how the ants have good co-operation. They are small but they have good co-operation. 

KJ: Why do you like to play this genre of music?

AK: Breakdowns and blast-beats.

KJ: How many songs have you got?

AK: Actually there are two but one of them is in process. One is fixed and the other is in process. 

KJ: Have you got any plan for an album?

AK: Actually we have a plan. After the second song is finished we will think about the album.

KJ: Is your band style similar to TYRANNICAL MIRROR [Madura Deathcore]?

AK: Different lead guitar.

KJ: What is the future plan for the band?

AK: We want to make an EP first and then a full album.

KJ: What is your comment about REVENGE THE FATE?

AK: They have amazing songs and interesting performance.

Irsyad Sickles (vocalist Sickles): When will the EP album be completed?

AK: Next year 2015.

Irsyad Sickles and Arie Sickles
KJ: What are the good things and the bad things about Bangkalan metal scene?

AK: The good thing is that many young people here want to try to play metal even though it’s hard to play the instruments. The bad thing is that the people around here think that metal people are bad people not like dangdut or pop people.

KJ: What do your parents think about you playing metal music?

AK: Our parents support us as long as it does not interfere with school time.

KJ: Who are the people in Bangkalan scene who helped you the most?

AK: Rony and Arie Sickles [Sickles guitarist] and all the bands in Bangkalan.

KJ: Why do you like to play deathcore instead of Death Metal?

AK: First of all, we liked Death Metal and after that we like to play deathcore. Deathcore is simple to play the instruments.

KJ: What is your comment about this band?

Irsyad Sickles: I think AK has a good vocal. The technique of the vocalist Bayu is good. They have a good performance. They have good solidarity. I like this band.

KJ: What are your favourite Indonesian bands?


TYRANNICAL MIRROR band, Bangkalan deathcore
KJ: What are your favourite bands from Bangkalan?

AK: SICKLES and all of the bands.

KJ: What is your favourite dream for the band?

AK: To play at Hammersonic and Rock in Solo and Bandung Biersik.

Irsyad Sickles: Where have you performed?

AK: Bangkalan, Surabaya, and Sidoarjo.

KJ: Is there any city you would like to play?

AK: In Jakarta and Bandung, and in Paris and New York!

KJ: Have you got a message for the fans?

AK: We don’t have fans but we have so many friends.

KJ: What is your message for the friends?

AK: Don’t be easy to like new genres! We need more support from our friends!

***** THE END 
Bangkalan Underground Community feat. members of SICKLES, KREMASI, BULL RACE, TYRANNICAL MIRROR, ANT KILLERS, and MUTILATION AGGRESSION @ Bangkalan, 4/12/2014
Ms Dhinie (vocalist ALLEGREA SURABAYA band) @ Bangkalan Hotel, 4/12/2014. Dhinie also does guest female vocals on the new VALERIAN (SURABAYA) album Stardust Revelation.
Bangkalan Underground Community, with Kieran James (Busuk Webzine) at centre (third from left). Arie Sickles (guitar) is first on left and Rony Sickles (bass) is first on right.

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