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OVERDEATH INTERVIEW / METAL HISTORY: "We are the oldest Sidoarjo UG band" (Sidoarjo Grindcore)

OVERDEATH - the Oldest Underground Band in Sidoarjo
Our interview with Hanif and Agus of Overdeath, Sidoarjo Grindcore, 27 January 2014
Interpretation Bahasa Indonesian / Bahasa Inggris by: Dwi Yudha (bassist of Osiris, Surabaya death-metal)
Extra questions by: Dwi Yudha
Overdeath is: Hanif (guitar), Antok (bass), Adi (drum), and Agus (vocals)
Please note that this band should not be confused with the Mexican band Overdeath.

Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine): Please tell us the history of the band.
Agus (Overdeath vocalist): We are the oldest grindcore band in Sidoarjo. We formed in 1997. We are the oldest underground band here. Before we chose grindcore we played some old-school death-metal. We chose grindcore because in 1997 there was no grindcore band in Sidoarjo. There were only death-metal and death-metal bands. We chose grindcore because we enjoy the music and we are idealistic about the bands and the music.

Rizal Hirhead, Jack, Yudha, Agus, unknown
JF: How about your influences?
Agus: Napalm Death.
Hanif (Overdeath guitarist): Napalm Death is old-school grindcore which is enjoyable to listen to.
Agus: Napalm Death is not just about the music. It contains critique of government and society and it involves discussion of rejection and such issues.

Dwi Yudha (Osiris bassist): Why the name Overdeath?
Agus: It has a philosophy that people will die and no-one will be able to resist death.

JF: Is the name Napalm Death plus Overkill?
Agus: No, that is not the intention. We do like the music of Napalm Death and Overkill but the name is not based upon that.

JF: You talk about Napalm Death critiquing government and society so can you tell us more about your lyrics?
Agus: The lyrics on the last album criticize the government and the stigma that Indonesia is a terrorist country. We criticize why the government cannot erase this perspective.

JF: Have you heard the band Deadly Weapon from Yogya?
Agus: We think it is a good band from Yogya because they have a good musical concept and arrangements.

Dwi Yudha: Please tell us more about the underground scene in Sidoarjo.
Hanif: We think that underground here has many types of music but there is still a blockage. Some people think underground is a gang and not a community. The community is not solid enough. Underground has its own way to show its existence. Too many people follow the trend and are not creators.

Dwi Yudha: What is the society’s perspective about this metal?
Agus: The society still has a bad perspective. They still think we are drunk, are bad guys, and have no education.

Dwi Yudha: How can the Sidoarjo metal scene change the perspective from bad to good?
Agus: We do some social activity and charity. At Ramadan we share ifthar (break fasting). This is to change the bad perspective from society.

JF: How many albums have you had?
Agus: We had an album in 1998 and in 2000 we had a second album.  The titles are Sectored in Formality (1998) and Dead in Solution (2000). We appeared on compilation albums Harmonic Sesat (1999) and Metalik Klinik #6 (2001). In 2010 we had three more demo songs. We had a connection with Green Head Records in Australia.

Dwi Yudha: Which band do you want to play with onstage?
Agus: Napalm Death and we want to play in Rock in Solo like Behemoth last year.

Dwi Yudha: Do you have a music video or video of performance?
Agus: We have a footage video uploaded on Youtube for the song “Bimasa”.

JF: Will you still be playing grindcore when you are 60-years-old?
Hanif: Yes I think so, grindcore till die.

Dwi Yudha: What are your future goals for the band?
Agus: We want to launch our album as soon as possible in 2014. We want to tour with other Sidoarjo bands. We want to be a grindcore icon for Sidoarjo.

JF: Do you think grindcore is not as popular as death-metal?
Agus: Grindcore and death-metal have the same popularity overall but here death-metal is more popular than grindcore.

JF: Why is there such a long time between the second album and now?
Agus: After the second album we were busy working at our jobs and with our families.

JF: What is your message for the fans?
Agus: Keep Grinding!
Left to Right: Rizal Nur Rokhim (HITHEAD band), Jack Frost (Busuk Chronicles), Dwi Yudha (OSIRIS / ANUBIS bands), Agus Overdeath, unknown @ Sidoarjo.

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