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NEW TURBIDITY INTERVIEW (Teguh: "Turbidity is a role model for underground in Indonesia"), 14/5/2018.

Our second interview with Turbidity (Bandung Slamming Death Metal)
Date: Monday 14 May 2018.
At: Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung
Translation by: Popo Puji (vocalist, Demons Damn)

Teguh Prasetyo (Interfectorment band): My opinion is that Turbidity is one of the role models for underground music industry in Indonesia. They have reached the point where they do not need to follow someone else. They are at the point where they can make their own music. To me that inspiration is really great. They still do have the attitude of underground musicians.

BAND BIO: Turbidity Slamming Berawal di akhir tahun 2008 "Turbidity" mulai di bentuk, Dengan formasi awal Dada Rosadeath pada Vocal, Daniel di Gitar, Tangkill pada Bass dan Iko di Drum. Pada tahun 2009 Turbidity mengeluarkan Demo yang pertama dengan titel "Path Of Mutilated" sekaligus mulai melakuan promo ke daerah2 di jawa barat, jawa tengah, jawa timur hingga Bali. Akhirnya setelah menunggu 2 tahun pada Tahun 2011 di bawah Label Legendaris asal Bandung (Extreme Souls Productions) Full length Album yang pertama akhir nya Rilis dengan titel "Suffering Of Human Decapitated" tapi pada tahun yang sama Tangkills mengundurkan diri Turbidity karena kesibukan nya, untuk mengisi posisi bass kemudian di batu oleh Amar (Error Brain) dan kemudian di susul Dada yang mengundurkan diri pada awal tahun 2011. untuk mengisi kekosongan vocal pada tahun yang sama Andri Gila (Ex-Hydro, Ex-Digging Up, More Dead). setahun kemudian tepat nya 2012 Turbidity di bawah Label Horribel Creation Bandung merilis "Vomiting The Rotten Maggot. EP". di tahun yang sama juga Split "Geahering Of Guttural Slammage" dan Kompilasi "Syndrome Of Brutality Compilation Vol.1" di rilis. dan mulai melakukan berbagai tour ke berbagai daerah di Indonesia hingga ke beberapa negara tetangga (Thailand, Phillipina, Malaysia). Tahun 2014 Amar mengundurkan diri dari band karena kesibukan Kerjaan nya dan aktifitas dengan Band pertamanya (Error brain), Ferry (Deceit, Ex-Taring) akhirnya mengisi posisi yang di tinggalkan Amar. pada tahun 2016 ketika Turbidity Menyiapkan album terbaru nya Andri Gila Mengundurkan diri karena kesibukan kerjaan nya, dan akhirnya kekosongan Vocal di bantu oleh Bobby (Ex-Bleeding Corpse, Hydro) hingga akhirnya awal tahun 2017 Promo Album "Sinis" di Rilis Oleh Groupies Records, Promo ini adalah promo Album Full Length Turbidity yang sudah di Rilis Tahun 2017, sudah di rilis bawah Label Groupies Records. Di bulan februari 2018 lalu adalah hari ke 10 Years Untuk band Slamming Brutal death metal asal Bandung yang telah malang melintang di Scene music underground metal tanah air Indonesia, mereka tetap berjalan hingga saat ini event event yang segera mereka sambangi kota Indonesia.

Kieran James: How did Bobby join the band? [Bobby = ex-Bleeding Corpse, ex-Hydro vox]

Daniel Turbidity (guitarist): When Andri Gila was busy with his work, the band and Andri made a decision that Andri would resign. He was busy with his work and his family. The band felt confused about this situation. We had to move on with the band; we tried to find some good candidates for vocalist. Because Bobby did much tutoring with Turbidity (giving advice), and we all knew that Bobby was free and had no band, this is why we chose Bobby.

Popo Demons Damn: How did you feel about this?

Daniel: I feel that, after Bobby joined, he made Turbidity bigger than before. The band was more creative and the audience sometimes asks: “How can they mix Turbidity’s music with the character of Bobby’s vocals?” The audience knows that Bobby is a Brutal Death Metal [not slamming] vocalist from a brutal band [Bleeding Corpse].

KJ: Do you think more people are interested in Turbidity now?

Daniel: Yes, of course.

KJ: What is your feeling about Bobby onstage with Turbidity?

Daniel: For the band, the other members, it is like we have more adrenaline and energy; we have more motivation because Bobby can connect with the audience and stir them up. The band’s decision is not wrong to replace Andri Gila.

KJ: What do you think about Andri joining Bleeding Corpse?

Daniel: I still support Andri and Bleeding Corpse and wish them success. I hope he can make Bleeding Corpse more successful and they can be as big as before. It is Andri’s decision to join Bleeding Corpse and I think it is a good decision for Turbidity to release him.

KJ: What is the plan for a new Turbidity album?

Daniel: We all make new songs.

Bob Rockiller (Turbidity vocalist): We are waiting for a good time to record. We hope soon that we will release the album.

Daniel: Bobby and I made all the new material.

KJ: How many songs have been written so far?

Daniel: Ten songs.

KJ: Do you know the record label?

Daniel: Groupies Merch. We released a promo demo last year. We released two songs as demo promo. Until now we still have not released the album.

KJ: Still slam?

Teguh Prasetyo (Interfectorment band, Lembang): Still slam but still drunk.

Popo: Slam, but different to the old Turbidity album [Suffering of Human Decapitated]. I know because I heard the songs. Bobby pushed it to make it different for the new songs. It is still slam but more brutal for slamming.

Teguh: Still slamming but with a much more brutal approach to the music – less repetition; still fucking brutal.

TURBIDITY 9 Okt 2011: Iko and Daniel
Popo: The new songs are faster.

Teguh: More complicated patterns in the songs, but for me [it is] still easy listening.

KJ: Halfway towards Bleeding Corpse?

Popo: No.

Daniel: Easy listening but hard to play.

Popo: Bobby tried to make it not sound like Bleeding Corpse because it is not Bleeding Corpse. Because Bobby helped to make the songs of Bleeding Corpse, Bobby can help Turbidity to make new material. This can help to make Turbidity different. Bobby is the music dictionary; underdog band dictionary.

Teguh: Yes, yes.

Bobby: No, no, no.

Teguh: If we cut open his head we will find lots of underdog music dictionary.

KJ: Why did Mamay leave the band?

Daniel: He was busy with his work.

KJ: When did Mamay leave?

Daniel: End of 2013.

Popo: When will you get married? Uus Death and Kancil already married…

Daniel: Tomorrow if not the rain… [Indonesian saying]

TURBIDITY 9 Okt 2011: Dada on Vocals
Teguh: My opinion is that Turbidity is one of the role models for underground music industry in Indonesia. They have reached the point where they do not need to follow someone else. They are at the point where they can make their own music. To me that inspiration is really great. They still do have the attitude of underground musicians. As long as we have a good time together that’s all that matters. All the members of Turbidity are always reaching out to the younger generation, sharing their knowledge with us. It is very helpful to the younger bands to help us grow and get better.

KJ: Tell us about your idea for a Bandung Death Metal festival?

Daniel: For now there are no Bandung Death Metal festivals but Death Metal people in Bandung try to make some gigs so that Bandung Death Metal can rise up again. We try to make some gigs to make it happen.

Popo: It is not only Daniel but Bobby and me; we feel that the new generation is very different to the old generation. They don’t want to make some gigs so as to keep the community alive. They are like a bad generation. We made so many gigs in the past and discussions to make a movement. Now they just stay in front of phones to chit-chat on social media instead of making gigs and a movement.

Daniel: In the beginning, the band made a community alive; now the community makes the bands come alive. We must make it like before so that the bands make the community alive again.

Teguh: I think the younger generation (including me) don’t understand the importance of making the scene alive through gigs. They think that, if they make the good music, people will pay them to play. The important thing about this type of music to me is building up a social community with friends who have the same interest. The young generation does not want to make gigs; they just want to play.

Popo: They want some people to pay them but they don’t know how to promote the band.

Teguh: For me, if I can play without payment at the gigs, it is fine. We have to make our own gigs. Death Metal is not for everyone.

Popo: If we are not invited to some gigs or some fests it is OK. We can make our own gigs. But their attitude [young generation’s attitude] is that they are waiting but no-one is calling.

Teguh: To pay it is quite expensive for the organisers. The organisers only want the famous bands. Financially, I can understand [organisers’ preferences] but for the community it is bad. For the older people, even if they don’t play, they still stay within the community because of the sense of the family which they have. We will find a way again to make the old movement come alive again; it will take time because the mind-set of the new generation has changed. For us underground musicians, we will still stand.

KJ: How do you feel about modern-metal bands like Revenge the Fate rising up fast?

Teguh: We don't get jealous; they have their own different world, we have ours.

Popo: We just choose the supportive way [i.e. to be supportive to them]. We don’t choose their path.

Teguh: What is most important to me is [that] I can see my idols play in Indonesia. We don’t need much exposure but when we get exposure it’s good for us.

Popo [asking Teguh]: If you are 35-years-old, like us, do you think you will feel we need regeneration?

Teguh: Yes.

Popo: In Bandung there is no new generation of women playing Death Metal in Bandung. We have Maya playing guitar; we have Girlzeroth in Cimahi; I must do something now to make a new generation.

Teguh: The hype is going down for now; the time is not right now. It is hard to make a female vocalist for Death Metal.

Left to Right: Bobby and Daniel (Turbidity), Kieran James, Teguh and Agung (Interfectorment), 14 May 2018.

BLEEDING CORPSE and TURBIDITY, October 2011. Left to Right: Bobby Bleeding Corpse, Dada Turbidity, Daniel Turbidity, Kieran James, Mamay Turbidity, Casper Hell (band manager).
TURBIDITY February 2011. Left to right: Dada (vox), Iko (drums), Mamay (bass), Daniel (guitar).

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