Monday 19 November 2018

NEW ASHTAROTHUM INTERVIEW (Bandung Black Metal), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 12/9/2018.

Kieran James1: Hi, can you tell me the early history from the formation of the band up to now? KJ1: Ashtarothum was formed in Bandung in the year 1996. But we split up in the year 1999 because of internal reasons. The band was formed in the Black Metal Community in Bandung called "BLACKMASS" and this community still exists until the present. During our existence at that time, we were playing many gigs, and we joined a cassette compilation which contains 8 black metal bands in Bandung called "Blacker Than Darkness vol.1" released in 1998. And finally in year 2015 we decided to rebuild the band to shake up the Black Metal scene in Bandung that has already become a minority scene. First horde (1996 - 1997): Arie - Yogie - Ogie - Agus; Second horde (1997 - 1999): Arie - Andy Abbang - Indra (RIP) - Asht; Re-generation Horde (2015 - 2018): Omen - Ncist - Anggara - Zhen - Gaahl - Andriz - Bet - Die - Bobby – Rian – Ruddy; Present Horde: Asht: Guitar Voc; Grims: Guitar; Beyz: Drum; Aij: Bass. KJ2: How is the response of people to your album? KJ2: For now, we’ve not yet released an ep, or album. But we've demos of course. Reason why we haven’t released an ep or demo is, for me personally, making black metal music and lyrics aren’t easy, because it must have a story that we have to be responsible for. Cause everybody knows that Black Metal is "BLACK". And people responded to my demo, they’re very excited by it, and they hope that we could release an EP or album soon as possible.. Wish us well. KJ3: What are the most influential bands for you guys in playing music? KJ3: I think me and Grims have similar influences. We both like Emperor the most, especially In The Nightside Eclipse album. Andrij and Beyz had an influence in death metal music, but it’s ok so we can mix our influences into a song that can make a new colour for Black Metal scenes in Indonesia especially. KJ4: What are your future plans for the band? KJ4: I think every band or musician has the same thoughts. In future we want to make an album, soon we hope so. Then tour for our promo album, wish there's a promoter for it. And also make a link to a worldwide label or promoter. Hopefully our dreams come true. KJ5: Are the songs you create using English or foreign lyrics? KJ5: Yes, our songs use english lyrics, because we want our music accepted and heard not only in this country, but we want the world to hear us.. It’s alright isn’t it? KJ6: What are the lyrical themes? KJ6: In lyrics, I read and learnt about the ancient mythology of Greece which is a "land of gods". It’s very interesting to learn of the story. So I use it in lyrics in Ashtarothum’s way. KJ7: Why do you all like to play black-metal instead of deathcore or other modern styles? KJ7: Cuz we’ve already fallen in love with it.. It’s an expression that we couldn’t tell with words.. haha...Seriously, black metal has a lot of meanings, it’s showing darkness in elegant ways.. That what I’ve felt.. KJ8: When did you first become fans of metal bands? 
KJ8: When I was 13 years old I heard my father play a cassette of Black Sabbath. It was a precious time when I heard a sound distortion like them. I felt my adrenaline rise that time.. KJ9: What do you say to people who ask why you play western-style musicKJ9: I think the answer is almost similar with the question number 8.. But I add a little, music is universal so for me there's no limit to shows our idealism.. KJ10: Do the wives and girlfriends of the personnel support what you are doingKJ10: Hahaha.. 1000% they supporting us man.. If they don’t, we’ll kick their asses. KJ11: What are the best and worst things about the metal community in your cityKJ11: I guess it’s much too personal if I told about it, cuz our band has no standing in the community. We have our idealism ourselves. But we always keep in touch with every community. And if I have to speak a little, every community has a good idea to maintain the metal scenes. Big respect for them. KJ12: What are your most memorable shows or experiences onstage? KJ12: When we performed in "Tribute To Norwegian Black Metal" last year in Bandung. It was so dark, epic with a nice stage decoration, amazing sound, it was so Black Metal. It was presented by Koanx Showcase Project & Demonoir Wear, helped by the amazing team from the Black Metal Community in Bandung "Blackmass Blacker Than Darkness". Respect for them. I hope there will be an amazing event like that again. KJ13: Have you got message for the fans? KJ13: To all metalheads no matter what your likes, keep struggling not only being a fuckin’ poser. We’re all the same, there’s no fuckin’ line. Stay on your path no matter what.

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