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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Our second interview with JASAD (when Abaz joined the band), 10/10/2011

THE NEW JASAD @ Extend Studio, Ujung Berung, 10 October 2011. Left to Right: Ferly (guitar), Kieran James (Busuk Webzine), Yuli (bass), and Abaz (drums). Man (vocalist) had another commitment and could not join us this night.
My interview with JASAD (Bandung, Indonesia brutal death-metal and Sundanese culture warriors)

By Kieran James

Interpretation and extra comments during interview by Popo (vocalist of DEMONS DAMN, Bandung death-metal)

Interview: 10 October 2011 at Jasad’s new rehearsal room, Ujung Berung, Bandung, 10 October 2011.

JASAD is: Man (vocals), Ferly (guitar), Yuli (bass), Abaz (drums) replacing Papap.

Ferly Jasad, Abaz Jasad, Popo Demons Damn, 10/10/2011
Kieran James: Hi, Ferly. It’s good to see you again, mate. [KJ: Man could not attend this interview because he was attending a cultural show at The Common Room in central Bandung this night.]

Ferly: Hi, Kieran. What do you want to ask me about?

KJ: First I want to ask about Papap’s accident and Abaz joining the band and second about the new album.

Ferly: I can discuss about Papap first. He had a serious injury, bad [motorcycle] accident [May 2011]. The main reason we must stop his activity in Jasad is medical. He lost his hearing and he needs longer time to recover. Actually after Papap was married he felt his duty as drummer was additional [to family duties]. For the first time we used Abaz in the Jakarta Death Fest.

KJ: Why did you choose Abaz? Did you have auditions or you knew it was he you wanted?

Ferly: First reason we chose him is because he is friend, second reason is because he plays well. He likes sports and does not smoke [KJ: Nearly all Indonesian metalheads smoke, I joke the cigarette is their sixth finger.]

KJ: Abaz, how do you feel to be playing in Jasad?

Abaz: Proud!

KJ: Do you still play in Undergod?

Abaz: Yes.

Ferly: We arrange the times so he can play for two bands but mostly Undergod plays first.

Popo Demons Damn: If [the bands play in] a different city or place they will arrange the...

Yuli: Schedule.

KJ: How is the relation between you and Abaz?

Ferly: He is a close friend with Papap. He works for Papap’s studio.

Man and Ferly @ rehearsal, Papap's house
KJ: Has Papap started any new project?

Ferly: I have heard he starts to recover but I don’t think his health is 100% back.

KJ: When Papap recovers will you ask him to come back to the band?

Ferly: For me I don’t think [so].

Yuli: I don’t want [Papap back].

Popo: It will be the same [as now] I think.

KJ: What do you think if Papap’s new band opens up for you like if Six Feet Under opens up for Cannibal Corpse hahaha?

Ferly: Personally I will support it. We will be glad if he recovers fast. We just wait for the moment but I think we will meet with his new band at some time in the future.

KJ: How do the fans respond to Abaz?

Ferly: So far so good because Abaz can fill Papap’s shoes. Abaz can play many more things than Papap.  

KJ: How is the progress on the new album?

Ferly: We have seven new songs, we have three [spaces] to fill up, we have a plan for ten songs. I hope we can start to record in November.

KJ: Will it also be on Sevared Records?

Ferly: Still Sevared Records.

KJ: Will there be any change in musical style?

Ferly: No, the music style will not change but the concept is tighter; it’s more aggressive I think. He [Abaz] is a young guy, more energy.

Yuli (bass): More blasts...

Ferly: That’s the important thing.

Bobby Hydro and Abaz Jasad
KJ: When did metal first come to Indonesia?

Yuli: 1975.

KJ: Why do you think death-metal is so popular in Bandung and whole of Indonesia?

Ferly: I think maybe [because] there are a lot of metal gigs here, a lot of death-metal bands have the good songs in the gigs, a great performance on the stage. It’s beyond my expectations that death-metal becomes big like in these days.

KJ: Tell me more about the death-metal scene of this place we are in now, Ujung Berung [East Bandung]?

Ferly: The scene of Ujung Berung is death-metal bands. Mostly they play well and they are younger than us ... but they have great talent.

KJ: Do you play an active role to support the young bands?

Ferly: Of course...

Popo: Because many young bands are influenced by Jasad. Do you remember when I said Jasad always helps to support young bands?

KJ: Yes of course. [KJ: This discussion makes Ferly a little shy and embarrassed, he is a very humble guy.].

Ferly: We tell them how to write good death-metal songs, [and] how to think in a death-metal way.

KJ: What bands did Jasad help the most?

Popo: Me!

Dimas Damn (guitarist DEMONS DAMN) and Abaz
Ferly: I don’t feel I have helped the bands but more [it is the sharing of] my experiences, like I said to help to create the good death-metal music, [and] how to make good production and recording.

KJ: Ferly, do you feel you have been an influence on the younger bands here?

Ferly: We don’t feel we are a big influence on the young bands, we don’t feel that.

Popo: I learnt much and Ferly has been helping much. He taught me about the vocals.

Ferly: I didn’t teach her about the vocals, I just told her to listen to a lot of bands with female vocals.

Popo: Ferly is a good person for sharing. [KJ: We both enjoy making Ferly feel shy here!] He knows a lot about some great bands in the world.

Yuli: Like dictionary!

Popo: People call him daddy Ayah.

Ferly: It has same meaning as Papap.

Popo: And Casper [Jasad technician and Bleeding Corpse manager] is first kid!

Ferly: On 3 December 2011 we go to Bangkok for Death Fest with Bleeding Corpse, it will be our second time in Bangkok.

Popo: When Jasad invited me to perform on stage it was a good experience and they promoted my band so now a lot more people know about me and Demons Damn. Jasad always have a good show.

Ferly: I don’t think so.

Man Jasad with American researcher
Man [Jasad] introduced me to the audience. I don’t know why Ferly asked me to do a performance for Jasad.

Ferly: Because she is hot chick [all laugh].

KJ: What are your goals for the band?

Ferly: We want to have more fun in the band! We play the band not too seriously! [Yuli laughs.]

Yuli: We just want to have fun.

Ferly: It’s not a pessimistic answer but...

KJ: What types of fan do you have?

Ferly: We don’t call them fans, we like them as friends, it’s closer. If it’s fan then it’s like there is a limit.

KJ: My last question: Any message for the fans?

Yuli: Love your mum!
Lord Butche (THE CRUEL), Popo Demons Damn and Bobby Hydro @ The Old Common Room, Bandung, 10 October 2011
King of Metal (Man Jasad) and King of Punk (Lord Butche) @ the Old Common Room, Bandung, 7 October 2011.
Daniel Turbidity (first on left) checks order with waitress. Bobby Hydro is second on left side and Popo Demons Damn is first on right side @ Bandung, 9 October 2011.
Left to Right: John Yoedi, Popo Demons Damn, Bobby Hydro, Robbie, and Unknown @ Rock Star shop (now closed), Bandung, April 2012
John Yoedi (Busuk Webzine) and Glennder Bloodgusher (vocalist BLOODGUSH / DISMEMBERMENT TORTURE) @ Soreang, 1 April 2012
Glennder Bloodgusher, Uus Death Bleeding Corpse, and Kieran James (Busuk Webzine) @ TURBIDITY show, East Bandung, 9 October 2011
THE OLD JASAD. This is one of the last pictures taken of the old JASAD, 26 February 2011. Left to Right: Dani aka Papap (drums / now DISMEMBERMENT TORTURE), Man (vocals), Yuli (bass), and Ferly (guitar).

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