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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Our third interview with JASAD (when Rebirth of Jati Sunda was being recorded), 2012

Left to Right: Bobby Hydro, Popo Demons Damn, Ferly Jasad, and John Yoedi @ EXTEND STUDIO, 4 April 2012
Our interview with Ferly (guitar) of JASAD (Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia brutal death-metal)

By Dr Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE) and John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE)
Interview: 4 April 2012 at EXTEND MUSIC STUDIOS, Jl Neglamanah no. 21, Ujung Berung 40617, Bandung, Indonesia
Interpretation and Expert Comments: Popo, vocalist DEMONS DAMN
Extra Comments: Casper (Manager BLEEDING CORPSE and TURBIDITY) and Bobby Rock (vocalist, BLEEDING CORPSE)
JASAD is: Man (vocals), Ferly (guitars), Yuli (bass), and Abaz (drums)

Kieran James: Hi, Ferly, my friend. It is good to see you again and please tell us all about the new JASAD album...

Ferly JASAD: The new album will be more aggressive, tighter, and more crushing than the previous one.

[KJ Note: At date of our interview, 4 April 2012, all the ten tracks had been recorded except for Man’s vocals]

KJ: What is the language for the lyrics?

Ferly: The song lyrics are mixed between Sundanese, Indonesian, and English.

Ferly & John listen to new album
KJ: Are the songs all about Sundanese culture?

Ferly: Most of the songs have a relationship with Sundanese culture.

KJ: What was the experience working with new drummer Abaz?

Ferly: He did it pretty fast when I asked him to do something different.

KJ: Did Abaz contribute to the song writing process?

Ferly: Yes, 20%.

KJ: Whose idea was it to have many blast-beats?

Ferly: Me and Abaz.

[We all listen to new album material without the vocals]

KJ: I like it.

KJ: What is your opinion about the new material?

Casper (Manager BLEEDING CORPSE & TURBIDITY): Crazy!

John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE): Four thumbs-up!

Popo (Expert Comment): I didn’t hear it yet.

KJ: Ferly, maybe you should play her some. Popo, listen!

Popo (Expert Comment): I think there is something different to the guitar.

KJ: This one [album] is very clear, very smooth...

Ferly: Yeah.

Popo (Expert Comment): Groovier. There is a harmony between the guitar and the drums.

KJ: Very old-school riffs.

Ferly: Old-school...

Bobby Rock (BLEEDING CORPSE): Brutal!

John: JASAD fans must have this album!

KJ: Of course. They wait a long time already.

KJ: It is like DEATH VOMIT – very disciplined, organized, methodical...

Bobby Rock: Kick Ass! Like a punch to the ear!

KJ: Any band had a special influence on you for this album?

Ferly: The music influence is still SUFFO.

Ferly (JASAD) - proud of the new JASAD album
KJ:  Did you hear the new CANNIBAL CORPSE video “Encased in Concrete”?

Ferly: Not yet.

KJ: What is the reaction of the fans to the new songs?

Ferly: Maybe the listeners will give comments after we release the album. They do not usually give comments about a song [played live] but about a performance. They don’t know the details of the songs. Hopefully they will dig it.

KJ: How do you feel to see the high school kids in Bandung wearing JASAD shirts?

Ferly: It’s cool!

John: How many tracks have you recorded for the album?

Ferly: We have a plan to record ten tracks and record an extra track.

John: What is the title of the new album?

Ferly: Rebirth of Jati Sunda.

John: The title is taken from the song?

Ferly: Yes.

John: How would you compare the new album with the former album Annihilate?

Ferly: For the new album it is [better] prepared. I built the parts of the songs carefully because I gave it a lot of thought and planning.

John: Is the music more technical and faster compared to the previous album?

Ferly: [Yes] because Abaz is still young and he has more power than Papap.

KJ: You told me before [24 February 2011 JASAD interview] that the album cover is the four members of the band as monsters advancing on the government building. Is this the final cover design?

Ferly: Yes.

John: Who made the artwork?

Ferly: Marco Hasmann.

KJ: Are there any guest vocalists or musicians on the album?

Ferly: We have no planning for that.

KJ: Maybe since Dada has left TURBIDITY he could do a guest vocal?

Ferly: Maybe I can arrange that (smiles).

KJ: As Dada has many fans...

Ferly: Yeah.

John: Where did you get inspiration for the album? I think it is a mix of SUFFOCATION and DEEDS OF FLESH. Do you agree?

Ferly: With SUFFOCATION I agree but it is going too far to claim it is DEEDS...

KJ: So you don’t think there are DEEDS OF FLESH influences?

Ferly: No influences.

John: How long did you prepare for the album?

Ferly: One year. It took so long because of so much touring.

KJ: What do you think of the new BLEEDING CORPSE songs?

Ferly: I haven’t heard them before.

John: What do you think of Daniel joining BLEEDING CORPSE?

Ferly: If I see BLEEDING CORPSE after Daniel has joined I expect that the music will be more kick-ass and more tight. It will also be more mature.

Ferly talks, John listens to his answer
John: Which label will release the new album?


KJ: Has SEVARED heard the new recording?

Ferly: No, not yet. I plan to give a sample of one track to the label after it is mixed and mastered.

KJ: What is your plan for the extra recorded track?

Ferly: The extra track will be kept back to be used later as a bonus track. It may feature a guest vocalist Levi (ex-DISGORGE from California).

John: Still talking about the new album, will it be available in Indonesia and who will handle it here?

Ferly: We JASAD will handle it in Indonesia.

KJ: Who is the best drummer, Abaz or Roy Agus DEATH VOMIT?

Ferly: If you ask me I will choose Abaz. If you ask DEATH VOMIT boys they will choose Roy.

KJ: Good answer!

Ferly: Ya.

KJ: Is there a change in vocal style from Man compared to the previous album?

Ferly: More clearly.

KJ: That will suit the music I think.

KJ: When they do the mix will they make the vocal very loud or buried?

Ferly: Balanced.

KJ: I think the vocal should be loud to match the loud drum sound. Or it will be Abaz’ solo album (Ferly laughs)...

John: I know your band formed a long time ago. Do you plan to issue a live DVD?

KJ: Yes because this is the one thing missing from JASAD’s career and discography...

Ferly: I want to record a live DVD in the future but I don’t know when.

KJ: I think you should record it in front of your home crowd in Bandung.

John: Have you future plans for a split album and who would you prefer to split with?

Ferly: I would like to but I don’t know their plans. I would like to do a split with DISGORGE (USA). 

John takes detailed notes!
John: What do you think of Eric Lindmark (guitarist) and Derek Boyer (bassist) from DEEDS OF FLESH joining DISGORGE?

Ferly: As long as Diego stays with DISGORGE it will not be a problem for me.

KJ: Abah Desecrator of IMPISH says it is hard to get gigs in Bandung because of discrimination against black-metal bands. Abah did not say "discrimination" but perhaps the meaning is there. What do you think of this?

Ferly: I think that is wrong. I think there is no discrimination against black-metal community.

KJ: How would you like to cross the genre barrier and do a split album with IMPISH?

Ferly: Yes, why not (smiles).

KJ: What is your comment about BUSUK WEBZINE?

Ferly: are hard workers! Every day I read BUSUK WEBZINE.

KJ: What do you think of Yuli’s bass playing on this album?

Ferly: He can follow what I want.

KJ: Is there a good partnership now between Yuli and Abaz?

Ferly: Yes of course.

John: What is the comment to your fans about the album?

Ferly: You must get it, that’s all.

KJ: OK, not a serious question...If a 15-year-old JASAD fan can buy new JASAD CD or cigarettes which should he buy?

Ferly: Buy cigarettes!

John: With bonus CD JASAD!

KJ: OK, that’s all. Thanks very much Ferly and we hope the new album is a great success!
Popo Demons Damn cuts her surprise birthday cake @ Old Common Room Network Foundation, Bandung, April 2012
Left to Right: Bobby Hydro, Popo Demons Damn, Lord Butche (THE CRUEL), and Man Jasad @ Popo's birthday @ Old Common Room, April 2012
Left to Right: Bobby Hydro, Kieran James, John Yoedi, Lord Butche (THE CRUEL), Popo Demons Damn, and Man Jasad @ Popo's birthday @ Old Common Room, April 2012
THE NEW JASAD. Left to Right: Ferly (guitar), Kieran James (Busuk Webzine), Abaz (drums), and Yuli (bass) @ Old Common Room, 10 October 2011. Man (vocalist) had another activity and could not join us this night.
Left to Right: John Yoedi, Popo Demons Damn, Bobby Hydro, Robbie and Unknown @ old Rock Star shop in Bandung (now closed), April 2012.

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