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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: My interview with Niza Climaxeth, 26/1/2014 (with Samier and Valerian)

Kieran James aka Jack Frost and Niza Climaxeth @ Surabaya, November 2012.
My interview with Niza of Climaxeth / Osiris, Inferno Music Studio & Rock Shop, Surabaya, 26 January 2014
Interpretation where necessary by: Dimas (Valerian Guitarist) & Verrel (Valerian Drummer)
Extra Comments and Extra Questions by: Dimas, Verrel, Harman (Valerian Guitarist)  & Samier (Tengkorak Guitarist)

Jack Frost: Please tell us your life story. How did you become a metalhead?
Niza: It began when I was in elementary school. My brother liked metal music such as Sepultura, Slayer, Soulfly, and those kinds of bands. I began to browse the bands trying to find out more. When I was in senior high-school I formed my first band called Hexagram. I was the vocalist. They played metalcore.

Jack, Daniel Valerian, Niza, Dimas Valerian
JF: What happened to this band?
N: It finished. My second band is called Climaxeth. I am in this band up until now.

JF: Earlier people mentioned your side-project. What is the side-project?
N: Osiris.

JF: Also death-metal?
N: Yes

JF: What are your influences especially for the female vocals?
N: Rachel Heyzer from Sinister and Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy. [Jack Frost note: Rachel Heyzer was vocalist for two of Sinister’s albums: Creative Killings (2001) and Savage or Grace (2003). Rachel Heyzer also did vocals for Infinited Hate, Occult, and Sacramental Sachem.] 

JF: How did you get to know Popo?
N: I knew her through Popo’s friend Yofie, through Yahoo Messenger.
JF: Ah, Yahoo Messenger...no-one uses that anymore...

JF: What do you think of Popo?
N: She is a very nice girl and she has character in her voice. Her knowledge about death-metal is so brilliant and amazing. She is a great person yeah...

JF: What do your parents think about you singing in a death-metal band?
N: At the first time my parents did not agree that I played in a band or the music I played. As the days and years passed they could accept it. Now they support my band.

JF: Now for some sensitive question but I ask because I really want to understand more about the society and religion of Indonesia: why do you wear the jilbab [hijab] on the stage?
N: It comes from myself; to be a good Muslim. It is one of the requirements for Muslims to use hijabs to show that you are a Muslim.

JF: The hijab is a cultural custom?
N: I have the obligation to cover it as a Muslim.

Daniel Valerian, Edo Valerian, additional bassist, Dimas Valerian
JF: Is it OK to wear metal tee-shirts with the jilbab? It’s such a contrast...
N: It’s not a problem; it’s just an appearance. I also avoid clothes with pictures of inverted crosses, 666, and Satan.
Dimas (Valerian Guitarist): As Samier said, music is music and religion is religion...
Samier (Tengkorak Guitarist): I did not say that. Music should not influence or infiltrate our [religious] beliefs.  

JF: What are the lyrical topics for Climaxeth?
N: Hypocrisy, anti-politics, the negative side of politics.

JF: Who is writer of the lyrics?
N: Me and also my bass player.

JF: Did you consider writing lyrics similar to Tengkorak?
N: No, not yet.

JF: What is your comment about the metal community here in Surabaya?
N: As Harman [Valerian Guitarist] says, there is a gap between us. We try to unite but unfortunately it is very difficult to unite the people within the community itself. They don’t have the same vision and mission.

JF: Why is there a division – is it based on genre or personality or the location within the city?
N: It’s personal. 

JF: Given that power-metal is the biggest genre in Surabaya why don’t you choose to play power-metal?
N: I like death-metal. I cannot sing in the clear voice...
Verrel (Valerian Drummer): Or maybe...in the high notes.

JF: What is your comment about Valerian band?
N: In my opinion Valerian is an awesome band with a good concept.
Verrel (Valerian Drummer): Newcomer with good performance [laughs]!

Dimas Valerian and Niza Climaxeth
JF: What do you think of the Valerian vocalist Ridwan?
N: Good. He has an atypical voice, different from the other power-metal singers.

JF: What is your experience of being a woman in the metal community of Surabaya?
N: [no answer]
JF: I mean, do the people respect you? Did anyone try to touch you in the moshpit?
N: I’m still confused about how to answer. The audience is OK, I feel secure.

JF: Who shows you most respect – the metalhead guys or the guys from outside the scene?
N: They show me respect.

JF: Did you have any bad experience? Did any guys stalk you on Facebook or in real-life?
N: Yes I had. But not so very big deal. I just had a few bad comments on my Facebook.

JF: What do your other friends from outside of the scene think of you playing in the metal scene?
N: My friends ask me: “are you alright with your throat”? I just explain to them that it’s normal [for death-metal vocals].

JF: Do you see girls come to shows in groups here or do they come with their boyfriends?
N: Usually they are accompanied by friends or boyfriend; they do not come one by one.

JF: Do you think the metal scene in Surabaya can attract more women because I think this is one way the scene can grow bigger?
N: It can happen.
Harman (Valerian Guitarist): It already happened. The scene is now growing and younger bands are playing – Fear, etc.  The audience is automatically getting younger. There is not so many women in extreme-metal, usually it is the bass guitarist’s wife [all laugh]; the bass guitarist is always followed by his wife!

JF: Niza, do you prefer to have metalhead boyfriend or not?
N: No comment!

VALERIAN: Bassist additional, Daniel, Edo, Verrel, Ridwan, Dimas, Jack
JF: Is there a plan for the full-length album for Climaxeth?
N: My guitarist has already left the band. We must re-record everything with a new guitarist and new drummer.

JF: So when can the album be released?
N: This year, as soon as possible - hopefully this year; after we record the album.

JF: What cities did you already play so far?
N: East Java and Central Java cities including Kediri and Yogyakarta, but not in West Java.

JF: What bands would you like to play with on the same stage?
N: With Valerian, Gorod (Singapore), and Nechrophagist. 

JF: Would you like to play in the same show as Demons Damn?
N: Absolutely yes!

JF: Samier, what is your comment about Climaxeth?
Samier (Tengkorak Guitarist): I think her band is a very good band; it is so technical...and very promising.
Dimas (Valerian Guitarist): I think in the future Climaxeth can be one of the biggest bands in Surabaya.
Samier: I hope so.

JF: How did you decide on the band name Climaxeth? The band name Climaxeth with a woman vocalist creates a certain picture...
N: Jason [Hutagalung] said that.
Harman: It’s just a stupid assumption.

JF: Do you know the band in Bandung called Girlzeroth?
N: I never heard; I only know Demons Damn.

JF: Do you know the band Sister Murder from Malang? What is your comment?
N: I never saw them; I just heard about the music.

JF: What is your message for the metal fans?
N: I wish for female vocalists to engage in metal music. I hope that more and more women vocalists can be involved in metal.
Harman: And less wife for the bass player [laughs]?
Niza Climaxeth and Jack Frost @ Inferno Music Studio, Surabaya, 26 January 2014.
Harman Valerian, Dimas Valerian, and Niza Climaxeth @ Inferno Music Studio, Surabaya, 26 January 2014.

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