Tuesday 13 October 2015

NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with MUTILATION AGGRESSION (Kamal / Bangkalan DM), 4/12/2014

Left to Right: Antony Maulana (MUTILATION AGGRESSION), Irsyad Sickles, Rony Sickles, and Kieran James (Busuk Webzine) @ Bangkalan, 4/12/2014
Our interview with Antony Maulana of MUTILATION AGGRESSION (Kamal / Bangkalan, Madura Island Brutal Death Metal), 4 December 2014, with comments by SICKLES band members
Interpretation Bahasa Indonesian / Bahasa Inggris by: Ms. Dhinie (ALLEGREA female vocalist)
Band line-up 2015: Antony Maulana (guitar / vocals), Wahyu (drums), Adi (guitar), and Dimas (bass).

Arie Sickles, Rony Sickles, Dhinie Allegrea
Kieran James (Busukwebzine): Please tell us the band history.

Antony: We were formed in 2009. Arie Sickles was in this band in 2010. He left the band in 2011. We started with only two members Wahyu and me. We only had vocalist and drummer. When Wahyu left I was alone. Wahyu left in 2012 and then he came back in this year 2014. Adi and Dimas joined in 2012 after Arie left.

KJ: What are the band’s influences?

Antony: Thrash-metal such as WARBRINGER and HAVOK. We played thrash originally but we wanted to have a new experience by jumping into death-metal.

KJ: What are your death-metal influences?


KJ: Are you influenced by any Indonesian bands?

Antony: The thrash-metal band SUCKERHEAD.

KJ: Indonesian death-metal band influences?

Antony: No, I prefer the old-school. ROTTEN CORPSE [Malang] is part of the history.
KJ: Why do you like to play death-metal?

Antony: I want to play more daring than thrash-metal. I like the groove and the distortion of death-metal more than thrash.

KJ: Have you released an album or demo?

Antony: One single, one song.

KJ: In the Bangkalan scene who helped you the most?


KJ: What is your comment about this band?

Rony (SICKLES bassist): This band is amazing.

Arie (SICKLES guitarist): Stay old-school!

Dhinie (ALLEGREA vocalist): Have you ever played outside of Bangkalan?

Antony: We played in many cities such as Surabaya, Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, Banyuwangi, Gresik, and Jember.

KJ: What is your favourite city to play?

Antony: Lumajang.

Dhinie: How did you get to many gigs in East Java?

Antony: Motorcycles. We bring our own equipment on our motorcycles. If it is raining we must find a place to stop. I have an experience to share. We had a gig in Jember. Normally it takes five to six hours to get there but because of the weather it took 12 hours.

KJ: Do the normal people in Bangkalan know what metalheads really are?

Antony: Most of them don’t know.

Irsyad (SICKLES vocalist): MUTILATION is the first death-metal band in Bangkalan. SICKLES is second.

KJ: How do you feel that you are the first death-metal band in Bangkalan but SICKLES now became a little bit famous overseas?

Antony: MUTILATION is actually from Kamal (West Madura). This is where I live. I left SICKLES because it is easier for me to grow with MUTILATION. It relates to distance and time to have the rehearsal. So when SICKLES gets more famous I am proud of SICKLES. There are no hard feelings. We still support each other although we are far away.

KJ: What are your favourite Indonesian bands?

Antony: SUCKERHEAD and DEATH VOMIT. I don’t really follow the Indonesian scenes.

Irsyad Sickles: When will you make an album?

Antony: Maybe next year 2015 we will prepare. We already have eight songs. We did a cover song KREATOR – “Endless Pain”.

KJ: Do you plan to issue a split album with any other band?

Antony: Not yet but I will think about that.

KJ: What are the topics of the lyrics?

Antony: About killing, criminality, and politics with scary lyrics.

KJ: What is the language?

Antony: Indonesian and English. 

Rony Sickles: Antony is a multi-talent. He plays all instruments but keyboards.

Antony: I played bass for SICKLES and drums for MUTILATION. I filled the drum position until Wahyu came back. Now I am just vocals and guitar.

Bangkalan Plaza
KJ: Is there a suitable studio here?

Antony: It is quite hard to find an operator who can do the mixing well. SICKLES finally made it to make it here.

KJ: What do you think are the good and the bad things about the Bangkalan scene?

Antony: We have loyal metalheads who come to most of the gigs.

Rony Sickles: We also have social-welfare activities such as Clean up the Environment. We also collect donations to give to foundations which need support.

KJ: What is your future dream?

Antony: Making an EP album and then a full album. My other dreams are to play at Hammersonic Fest and sign with Nuclear Blast.

Left to Right: Irsyad Sickles (vocalist), Kieran James (Busuk Webzine), Haidir Sickles (drums / also KREMASI), Rony Sickles (bass), and Arie Sickles (guitar) @ band practice, 5/12/2014.
Ms. Dhinie (from ALLEGREA SURABAYA band) @ Bangkalan Hotel, 4/12/2014
Bangkalan Underground Community feat. members of SICKLES, KREMASI, MUTILATION AGGRESSION, TYRANNICAL MIRROR, BULL RACE, and ANT KILLERS @ Bangkalan, 4/12/2014
Bangkalan metalheads, 5/12/2014
Kieran James from Busuk Webzine (centre, third from lef) with Bangkalan metalheads, 5/12/2014. Arie Sickles (guitar) is first from left, Rony Sickles (bass) is first on right.

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