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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Daniel joins BLEEDING CORPSE (second BLEEDING CORPSE band interview), 3/4/2012

Our interview with Luk Luk (bass) and Daniel (second guitar) of BLEEDING CORPSE (brutal death-metal, Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)
By Dr Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE) and John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE)
Personal interview at: SERAK tee-shirt shop, Jl PHH Mustopa (SUCI), Bandung, 3 April 2012
Expert Comments: Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE)
Uus Death (BLEEDING CORPSE) joined in during the interview.
BLEEDING CORPSE new line-up is: Bobby Rock (vocals), Luk Luk Adrian (bass), Uus Death (first guitar), Daniel (second guitar), and Ari Bejo (drums)
Old B CORPSE Cibinong, 8 Oct 2011: Luk Luk, Ari, Uus, Bobby
Luk (BLEEDING CORPSE): First let me introduce my new guitarist Daniel. Before he joined BLEEDING CORPSE he was in a band called TURBIDITY. TURBIDITY has a second album EP. Now we BLEEDING CORPSE have seven songs for the new album. Daniel comes to BLEEDING CORPSE for more...
Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE): Daniel helps to make the fuller sound.
Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE): Whose idea was it for Daniel to join the band?
Luk: Ari’s idea. We looked at other guitarists. Daniel was competitive, comfortable, and a bad guy I think...
KJ: Did you have audition?
Luk: No. In Bandung there are many guitarists but Daniel is a bit different.
John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE): Different?
Daniel: Nice face!
Popo: They think Daniel has a good skill in playing guitar.
KJ: Will original guitarist Uus Death stay in the band?
Luk: Yes of course. There are five members in BLEEDING CORPSE now.
KJ: What about my suggestion for guitar solos in BLEEDING CORPSE music?
Luk: Daniel still can find a melody for the songs. He will try to find the melodies.
Luk [Popo interprets]: We have a plan for the melody inside the songs.

Luk, Kieran, Ari, Uus, Bobby, Cibinong, 8/10/11
KJ: How will the sound and the style change?
Luk: I think now Daniel comes into BLEEDING CORPSE the songs will be more powerful.
John: Complex...
Luk: Yes, more complex.
KJ: Will Daniel help to write songs?
Luk: Not yet. I arrange the music and also Uus. Uus, Daniel, and I are close friends.
KJ: Do you think Uus and Daniel can work well together?
Luk: Yes.
KJ: Do you hope Daniel can bring more girls to the shows?
Luk: Of course!
[All laugh.]
Popo: As you know, Daniel is another playboy in the metal scene in Bandung...
KJ: How do you feel about joining BLEEDING CORPSE?
Daniel [Popo interprets]: I enjoy it and it will give me more experience.
[KJ note: Daniel is in a side project with Uus called DISMURDER.]
KJ: Daniel, I have seen you play with TURBIDITY and you take up a big area on stage. How about when you play for BLEEDING CORPSE?
Daniel: Same.
Popo: Luk Luk must swap with Bobby. Luk will take Bobby’s place on the stage.
BC live in Cibinong, 8 Oct 2011: Bobby, Luk, Uus
KJ: When will you record the second full-length album?
Luk: We think this year [2012], December. Eight or nine songs are planned. The title is not known. We don’t know the record company yet.
Popo: They have eight or nine songs ready for the new album but it’s not already perfect.
KJ: Will there be any guest vocals like Man JASAD and Amenk DISINFECTED did guest vocals on your first album Resurrection of Murder?
Luk: No plan for guest vocals yet. We are still writing.
KJ: Have you got any big shows coming soon?
Luk: On 22 April we have BANDUNG DOOMS DAY #4 with FORGOTTEN.
KJ: Has Daniel played shows already for BLEEDING CORPSE?
Luk: His first shows were in Cibinong, Jakarta, and Surabaya. He has played five or six shows already since March.
KJ: How is the reaction of the fans?
Luk: Maybe the girls see Daniel and go “wow”.
John: Daniel, what did people think about you joining BLEEDING CORPSE?
Popo: Close friends first of all gave the greatest support for Daniel. Some people were surprised.
KJ: I was surprised when I heard it. It’s like hearing Dave Murray from IRON MAIDEN joining JUDAS PRIEST or Jack Owen from CANNIBAL CORPSE joining DEICIDE - which is what actually happened. Were you surprised, John?
John: I was surprised.
BC tour to Cibinong: Leaving Bandung at 4am, 8/10/11
KJ: Do you still play for TURBIDITY?
Daniel: Yes.
KJ: These people, Abaz and Daniel, play in many bands.
Popo: They are well known and have good skill so people will want to take them [as new band members]. The reason is always skill.
Daniel: Skill and bad boy...
Popo: Skill and close with another member.
John: Daniel, will you get tired playing at a festival with two bands on the same day?
Daniel [Popo interprets]: I will arrange the time. Maybe I will first play [with TURBIDITY] and then wait. After three bands I will play with BLEEDING CORPSE.
KJ: Which band is more popular, TURBIDITY or BLEEDING CORPSE?
Popo: People know Daniel in TURBIDITY more than Daniel in BLEEDING CORPSE.
KJ: So TURBIDITY will play on the bill before BLEEDING CORPSE?
Popo: Yes.
John: We see on the internet now many free downloads. Is this a positive or a negative for you?
Daniel [Popo interprets]: There is a bad side and a good side to it. The good side is that maybe more people will know about the band and about the music.
KJ: Has there been any feedback on the BUSUK WEBZINE interview we did with BLEEDING CORPSE in October last year?
Daniel [Popo interprets]: People had a good response. People think this is a good band because it was interviewed by BUSUK WEBZINE.
Popo: What do you think of BUSUK WEBZINE interviewing many famous bands?
BC tour of Cibinong, roadside meal 5am, 8/10/11
Daniel [Popo interprets]: It’s good because this will promote the new bands and people will know about the newcomers’ bands.
KJ: We interview many bands large and small, foreign and local, from many cities in two languages.
Daniel [Popo interprets]: That’s very helpful so that people who can’t speak English or Bahasa [Indonesian] can still read the website and find out about the bands. BUSUK has two languages and so a translator program is not needed.
[KJ note: Popo does translation for BUSUK WEBZINE. She has a Bachelor of English Literature degree and so she is a very capable translator.]
John: Do you have a favourite Indonesian band outside of Java such as in Kalimantan etc.?
Luk: ENGORGING from Samarinda because they have good sounds and because the riffs make for easy listening. From Bali I like BASIMBAH DAKAH and REZUME. From Makassar I like CRITICAL DEFACEMENT and NECROPSY. From Medan I like CRANIUM.
John: What do you think of overseas bands coming to play in Indonesia?
Luk [Popo interprets]: This will help if people watch the western bands and they can learn experience as to how to make a good sound and performance...
KJ: It would be good if bands toured the towns and not just played festivals like HAMMERSONIC.
Luk [Popo interprets]: It will happen if people from this town want to organize people to come to the town. We will do it if someone has enough money.
Popo: After PSYCROPTIC played in Jakarta metalheads from Makassar called them and arranged the show in Makassar.

Bobby Rock buys drinks, road to Cibinong, 8am, 8/10/11
KJ: Have you got any message for the patient and dedicated BLEEDING CORPSE fans out there?
Daniel: Welcome to the New Hell, like in the FORGOTTEN song “Selamat Datang Neraka Baru”!
KJ: Have you got any plans to tour Kalimantan?
Luk [Popo interprets]: They appreciate BLEEDING CORPSE when we come to Kalimantan. We have no plans to tour yet but we are just waiting for the call to come. It’s far from Bandung, different island.
John: We hope to have a festival in June. We are still having problems with the venue but later we will invite you to come.
Luk: It will be a pleasure for us.
[KJ note: The interview was going to end here but just at this moment BLEEDING CORPSE original guitarist Uus Death walked into SERAK shop, smiling as usual. Uus Death joined the interview.]
KJ: Uus, what is your feeling about Daniel joining BLEEDING CORPSE?
Uus Death [Popo interprets]: Before Daniel Joined BLEEDING CORPSE we were close friends. When Daniel joined BLEEDING CORPSE it made me happy because I had a new...partner in crime.
[Daniel laughs.]
Popo: Uus and Daniel are the drunken masters in Bandung.
KJ: And Butche?
Popo: Another drunken master! When we see Daniel and Uus drink they are both very funny.
KJ: Will Daniel be lead guitar and Uus the rhythm guitar?
Luk [John interprets]: Daniel is still learning the sound from Uus.
Popo: They still will try to combine sounds from Uus and Daniel. If they can find a good sound for both guitarists they will arrange parts of sounds.
KJ: Will you bring guitar solos into BLEEDING CORPSE?
Popo: Uus can play the lead guitar.
Daniel playing for TURBIDITY in Bandung, 9 Oct 2011
Luk: We have a plan not just in regards lead and rhythm guitar but to combine them to form harmonic riffs...
Popo: Harmonization in the songs.
John: Who arrange songs in BLEEDING CORPSE?
Luk [Popo interprets]: First Uus and I make a concept for some songs and then we arrange the full songs together with the drums and other.
John: Who makes the lyrics?
Luk: Bobby makes them all.
KJ: Popo, how about your expert comment on Daniel joining BLEEDING CORPSE?
Popo: I think I’m waiting for the new album because it will be different from before. I want to see if BLEEDING CORPSE music will be better than before. They have two guitarists and I really want to know what the difference is between the new album and before. I think with Daniel joining BLEEDING CORPSE it is a good thing to make the music more colourful. I will give a further comment when I have heard the new album or new songs. Until now they still do not play the new songs perfectly. They need to have the songs perfect. I will wait until the album is released.
KJ: Do you think the TURBIDITY fans will be confused?
Luk: We hope the fans will not be confused and will still support Daniel in BLEEDING CORPSE and also in TURBIDITY.
John: The first time I knew BLEEDING CORPSE from my friend a long time ago [was when] he gave me the BLEEDING CORPSE album [The Resurrection of Murder]. When I first heard the album I was surprised. I thought the sound was like DISGORGE (USA). Why did you choose DISGORGE (USA)?
Popo: Bobby really liked Matty Way, vocalist for DISGORGE.
John: I mean the music...

Luk Luk & Kieran, SERAK, Bandung, 3/4/2012
Luk [Popo interprets]: DISGORGE is an influence but we don’t want to completely follow DISGORGE. People say BLEEDING CORPSE is like DISGORGE to condemn us but we did not make music deliberately to follow DISGORGE.
KJ: Someone on YouTube said the name BLEEDING CORPSE is a mix of BLEEDING THROUGH and CANNIBAL CORPSE to reflect the fact that your band mixes their sounds...
Luk [Popo interprets]: First the name was BLEEDING ASS. We released a demo with the name BLEEDING ASS not BLEEDING CORPSE. Then we discussed the name not matching with the lyrics. Ari gave the name, changing the name from ASS to CORPSE. He thought “ass” is like porn and not matching with Bobby’s lyrics. Bobby made the lyrics about gore.  With a good name we can have luck and success.
[KJ note: The interview ended here. Also please note the new TURBIDITY vocalist is Andre Gila (ex-DIGGING UP). Andre has replaced Dada Rosadeath who will focus on his tattoo shop “Deathstar Tattoo” in Bandung. The new DIGGING UP vocalist is Ewing (ex-AUTICED).]

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