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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Abaz Van Baz (UNDERGOD / JASAD) talks with Busuk Chronicle, 3/4/2012

Dimas Damn (guitarist DEMONS DAMN) and Abaz (UNDERGOD / JASAD) @ EXTEND STUDIO, Ujung Berung, 4 April 2012.
Our interview with Abaz (drummer UNDERGOD & JASAD (Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia death-metal)
At: Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
3 April 2012
Interview oleh: Kieran James, John Yoedi & Popo (BUSUK WEBZINE)
Interpretation & extra comments oleh: Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE)

Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles): How did you begin playing drums?

Abaz: I started at 18-years-old playing drums in senior high-school. I started playing songs from DYING FETUS “Grotesque Impalement” and “Straight of Blood”.

KJ: How did you learn drums?

Abaz: I learnt by myself.

KJ: Why did you like to be a drummer?

Popo: When I met Abaz for the first time he played bass in UNDERGOD.

KJ: How many albums has UNDERGOD had so far?

Popo: One album, Saguru Saelmu, 2008.

KJ: Why did the next album take so long?

Abaz: There is something, classic problem, we were busy.

Popo: Is it because you joined JASAD that the UNDERGOD album was delayed?

Abaz: No, that’s not a reason, the members are still busy.

KJ: Is there any message from the fans that they want a new album?

Abaz: Yes. The name for the fans of UNDERGOD is Kujang Mangprang. I hope that the fans can continue to support us and pray for us.

KJ: What were the events leading up to you joining JASAD?

Abaz: When Dani got married I helped JASAD as additional drummer then when Papap had accident I played another show for JASAD.

Ferly, Kieran James, Abaz, Yuli, 10 October 2011
KJ: Was it hard to learn to play JASAD songs?

Abaz: Lucky me because I was a fan of JASAD so I knew the songs and music. I could learn the songs of JASAD quickly.

John Yoedi: How long did it take to learn?

Abaz: One month for nine songs – three new songs and the rest are the older songs – from Witness and Annihilate the Enemy.

KJ: Was it different from what you expected joining JASAD?

Abaz: For me I am proud and surprised.

KJ: Who asked you to join?

Abaz: Ferly.

Popo extra comment: I heard from Ferly why he liked to work with Abaz. He thinks Abaz can understand how Ferly wants to build the song. Abaz knows what Ferly is thinking.

KJ: What is your experience working with Man, Ferly, and Yuli?

Abaz: After I joined JASAD because they are older metalheads I felt I grew up more.

KJ: What is your relationship to Papap now?

Abaz: Good, no problem.

Popo: Papap was surprised that Abaz got fat. If you knew Abaz before he was very, very skinny.

KJ: What do you think of JASAD singing about Sundanese culture?

Abaz: I very much agree with it.

DEMONS DAMN: Jhon, Dimas, Abaz, Ricky, Popo, 25/2/2011
KJ: What is the reaction of JASAD fans to you?

[John gave thumbs-up.]

Popo: Because John is part of the fans of JASAD.

KJ: Popo, how is the drumming style of Abaz different from Papap?

John: He has a good skill. When I watched him at Samarinda I was shocked. I thought he was a good drummer for JASAD.

Popo: Abaz plays faster than Papap because he’s a young gun. He is more powerful and he has more energy.

John: He doesn’t smoke.

Popo: Sometimes he does!

John: Did you help for the songwriting for the new album?

Abaz: I helped in all of the songs for the new album. I made some improvisation in the ten songs for the new album – nine new songs and rearrangement of a song from Witness with more rhythm and faster speed “Diamaton”.

John: When did you first play for JASAD?

Abaz: October [2011], at Jakarta Death Fest.

John: How did you feel?

Abaz: Very, very nervous for the first time.

John: I heard before that JASAD had an audition for drummer, is that correct or not?

Abaz: JASAD made audition to find drummer. After the audition they could not find a qualified drummer so they chose me to play drums for JASAD. After they thought there was no qualified drummer they chose the first option, me, because I played for them before. I played only for Jakarta Death Fest originally as a one-off. After that there was a show for Saturday. On Friday night Papap had an accident and I was asked to play for JASAD. The band could not cancel the show because there was a contract. The show was the Burning Fest.

Ferly, Abaz, Popo, 10 October 2011 (with UNDERGOD drums)
KJ: Do you feel tired playing in two bands and will you leave UNDERGOD?

Abaz: UNDERGOD will use an additional drummer. JASAD does not have an additional drummer. The first drummer is Uti.

KJ: Do you find any chicks come to talk to you because you play in JASAD?

Abaz: Yes [laughs].

Popo: And many groupies?

Abaz: Yes [laughs again].

John: Naughty boy.

Popo: Because Abaz is the youngest in JASAD.

KJ: What drummers are the main influences for you, foreign and local?

Abaz: BURGERKILL drummer Andris and Papap.

KJ: What are your favorite bands?


John: Why?

Abaz: Because the first time I saw METALLICA I liked the drummer. I didn’t know of any other drummer then.

KJ: What are the good and bad things of the Bandung metal scene?

Abaz: The good thing is it can be like a second family.

Popo: His answers are not fast like his drum-playing!

John: Like Glenn!

[All laugh.]

John: When I saw you play in Samarinda Ferly said you want to play a drum solo. What was the reason?

Bobby Rock (BLEEDING CORPSE) and Abaz, 4 April 2012
Popo: It is a request from the JASAD members so he can show his skill and promote the new drummer.

KJ: So did he play a drum solo?

John: Yes, we have it on our website!

Popo: We must be angry with him [laughs]!

John: Did you play drum solo at Jakarta Death Fest or just at Samarinda?

Abaz: Only Samarinda.

John: Did you have a good response from the drum solo as I uploaded the video to YouTube?

Abaz: I am already a drum teacher so after people watched my video I had many people wanting to learn.

John: So you must thank me because I uploaded it!

KJ: Can you give us a mark out of ten for these drummers Mike Smith, SUFFOCATION?

Abaz: 8/10.

John: Flo Mounier, CRYPTOPSY?

Abaz: 8/10.

Abaz, Ferly, and John Yoedi, 4 April 2012
KJ: Steve Asheim, DEICIDE?

Abaz: 7/10.

KJ: Dave Lombardo, SLAYER?

Abaz: 6/10.

KJ: Lars Ulrich, METALLICA?

Abaz: 6/10.


Abaz: I can’t comment as I haven’t seen him play. Roy is a good drummer, I like his style.

Popo: When Abaz played for DEMONS DAMN, he headbanged like Roy.

John: I think Roy gave you inspiration. He headbangs onstage just like Roy. He can do it for JASAD and UNDERGOD.

KJ: Are you married or you have girlfriend?

Abaz: I have both [laughs].

KJ: Do you like super power blast-beat drumming or drumming with the rhythm like Phil Rudd of AC/DC?

Abaz: I like both but mostly I like fast drumming.

KJ: Did you ever have a scary stage name like “Philthy Animal” of MOTORHEAD?

Abaz: Abaz Van Baz.  My friend gave this name to me when I was playing football (like Marco Van Basten). But I didn’t play football again after playing drums.
THE NEW JASAD 10 October 2011. Left to Right: Ferly (guitar), Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles), Abaz (drums), and Yuli (bass). Man (vocals) could not join us on this night due to commitment at The Common Room.
DEMONS DAMN, 25 February 2011. Left to Right: Jhon (bass), Dimas Damn (guitar), Abaz (drums - studio only), Ricky (guitar), and Popo (vocals).

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