Friday 18 March 2016


We often know very little about the musicians that make up the metal scene. So think of these questions as taking you 13 Steps closer to knowing the heart and soul of metal musicians - what’s inside their head and what makes them tick. Enjoy \m/
Jason H: Hi how are you, any chance I throw a few small questions at you if it's no inconvenience? Hi, all good here. No worries mate, and sorry for the late reply.
Jason H: 1 Which do you prefer - whiskey or beer? That's quite easy, beer. Easy to answer, easy to drink and easy to get.
2 What's your view on marijuana? Should it be legalized or not? Maybe, it should be legalized.
3. What is the reasoning behind your opinion? It's very interesting, but honestly I don't really care since I'm not using it. I understand that many of our friends are very concerned about this issue, based on my experiences that I'm more comfortable with those who get high with this kind of herbs instead of those who use chemical drugs.
4 Most memorable music show you attend? So far, still hasn't moved on yet from Bandung Death Fest Chapter 1-2 and Chapter 4. (It's a local Bandung music festival with performances by talented and potential Death Metal Bands.)
5 Who is your favorite non Metal singer? Steven Tyler.
6 And who is your favorite non Metal Band? AC/DC.
7 If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? Europe would be so exciting, especially Germany.
8 If it's not too personal for me to ask, are you religious? Sort of, not kind of that particular religious, but I'm very open minded.
9 What do you think of the metal situation ATM? To be honest, this metal scene grows fast and spread like virus, especially in our hometown Bandung. Hundreds even thousands of metal bands and musicians live here. However, the competition is getting harder. Those who keep making good damn music will survive, the rest will vanished. Even though, it is still growing up until now.
10 Do you believe anyone can ever be too old to play metal? Will you ever be too old for metal? "Too old for metal?" What kind of people would believe such a foolish statement? LOL. We believe there's no limitation to express our creativity unless you're a dead person. There's no one called a seasonal metal fan or seasonal metal band. A true metal fan/musician will keep playing until your body tells you to stop, means you'll play until you die.
11 Have you ever hooked up with your fans? Several times, and it escalated a long time ago.
12 If you could be reincarnated what or who would you like to come back as?Zeus.
13 would you like to come back at all? Of course not.
You're welcome.
[By Jason Xenophobic and used here with his kind written permission.]

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