Monday 21 March 2016

NEW INTERVIEW: Deana Struggle talks with HYPOCHONDRIAC band (West Bandung Death Metal), 14/3/2016 (English version)

Deana Struggle's interview with Therry Guitarist of HYPOCHONDRIAC
Deana Struggle: Tell us the formation history of HYPOCHONDRIAC band from the beginning up till now! What kind of music genre do they play? Therry: Formed in late 2010, with initial formation of five people. The next part of the story began in 2014 when we issued a promo demo with the new formation of three people namely: Aldy (Vocal), Therry (Guitar) and Gilang (Drum). And beginning in 2015 we agreed to cooperate with EXTREME SOULS PRODUCTION for our first album. Deana: How soon did you join the HYPOCHONDRIAC band? Therry: Since forming the band. Deana: How many HYPOCHONDRIAC albums are there? Please mention all of the albums' names!! Therry: Promo Demo 2014 with three tracks, debut album with the title "Disobedient" contains 10 tracks released by ESP at the beginning of 2016. Deana: What are the messages contained in HYPOCHONDRIAC lyrics? Therry: Hatred will lead to non-compliance, thus triggering the defiance from those who are oppressed. Deana: Who wrote the lyrics for HYPOCHONDRIAC? Therry: Our vocalist Aldy. Deana: What are the songs you've made in English & Indonesia? Therry: In the album five songs are titled in English and three in Indonesian. Deana: How was people's response to HYPOCHONDRIAC demo or albums? Therry: Very good...hehehe...Deana: What stage is really memorable for you? Why?Therry: Playing on a stage with a large audience. And the recording process for the first album was so complicated hahaha...
Deana: What bands influenced you in playing music?
Therry: Nirvana, Pyaemia (RIP), Disavowed, Disinfected, Death Vomit, Jasad and many more bands.
Deana: Tell us about the advantages and weaknesses when you perform with HYPOCHONDRIAC? And How about your friend?
Therry: We are always trying to show the best from stage to stage. About friends? They always helped us.
Deana: Why do you all like to play metal? Therry: Because it is a hobby for us. Deana: When did you first become fans of the metal bands? Therry: During high school. Deana: What do you think about underground bands in Bandung? Therry: All very nice...Deana: What are HYPOCHONDRIAC's plans in the future? Therry: Perhaps in the near future we still want to promote the songs from our album. And also the bustle of playing music as well as about the job. And in the long run, I hope in the coming years we can put out a second album which will be either a full album or a mini album. Yes we will see later...Deana: What are the good and bad of the existing underground communities in Bandung?
Therry: Good, they always support each other as much as possible. For the bad we don’t want to comment.
Deana: Is there a message from all of u guys?
Therry: "Keep playing music and do not forget to work. Because the job is the main priority in life".
Deana: OK, Thank you so much for your time and answer every question from me yaa. Success for you and Band \m/
Therry: You're welcome teteh... Amin thank you so much \m/
Booking contact: Therry +62857-2178-7700
[By Ms. Deana Struggle only for Busuk Chronicles.]

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