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NEW INTERVIEW: Corey Athos talks with LUSTRAVI (Panama City / Youngstown, FL. Black Metal), 16/6/2015

Interview with Lustravi by Corey Athos, 16 June 2015
Mr Athos: What is your band, where are from, and who plays what?
Morgan Weller (bass / vocals): We are ceremonial black metal from Panama City/Youngstown, FL. I play bass and do vocals, Cory is our drummer, and Geoff and Steve are on guitars.
Athos: What’s your band name, Who came up with it, And what does the name mean to you?
Morgan. I came up with it, it means to ceremonially purify or purification through cleanse by sacrifice in Latin. I grew up studying Latin and it just fit exactly what I wanted to do with this band.
That’s really thought out and quite a definition...Sometimes band names bring on their own separate definition with time…with some of my bands I've been hearing the name so much and it being associated with something else that it takes on its own definition..
Athos: How long have you been playing and was it hard to learn the double duty of vox and bass.. also Cory how long have you been playing?
Morgan: I've been playing bass about 11 years. It’s a lot like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time. This is the first band that I've taken on all the vocals and I really enjoy it. It's been an interesting challenge for sure.
Cory (Lustravi drummer): About 12 years. My dad bought a drum kit and it was downhill from there.
Athos: Awesome! so you guys have some time under your belts. So what are your spiritual beliefs if any and do you feel about religious practice, isolation, and corruption?
Morgan: I say f*** the gods. I was made a Catholic in my younger years but I've always loathed it. It's absolutely vile to me. Especially from the female viewpoint, I couldn't ever imagine myself as a person who HAD to be submissive to the other sex. I couldn't imagine myself as being just a transaction. I'm an adult and I would never want someone to tell me what I can do and when. Abrahamic religion was created by idiots who want to control others. It creates slaves, not people who think for themselves.
Cory: I've never met Jesus but I'm not very fond of him.
Athos: Awesome! What do you guys do in your spare time beside jam?
Morgan: I train attack and service dogs mostly. It's a nice adrenaline rush being chased down by a dog that's trained to take you out. I also do tracking and search and rescue with my dogs and that keeps me pretty busy. I also have a few goats that are pretty cool. They're my metal lawn mowers but one tries to steal beer and smokes. That dude just wants to party.
Cory: I smoke weed and play video games. Nes or die
Athos: I feel ya on that...If the world was going to end what would be some of your final deeds?
Morgan: I'd spend it with my daughter. Go to back to my hometown in southern England and take her to see the cliffs and forests I grew up around and have one last pint at the Farmers arms in St Columb minor.
Cory: The world is going to end and I'm going to do exactly what I'm doing right now. Most likely with more weed.
Athos: Have you guys dropped an album and had a record deal before?
Morgan: I've done some independent stuff with other people's bands but nothing on a label and nothing I'm overly proud of. Lol but as far as Lustravi, no we have not. It's in the works though.
Athos: Can't wait to hear it..!! The songs that I had heard in the past have great structures and and raw bestial sound to it.. My label [Obscure Musick USA] is very interested in hearing some new material in a sound that completely satisfies you whether it's super polished, extremely necro and the spectrum in between..what can we expect from Lustravi's debut? Songs? Production? Lyrics? etc? Any change in tones instrumentally or vocally?
Morgan: Pretty much all of our songs sound different. I hit a lot of lows in "The 19th Key." That song is based on the very last page of the Lavey's satanic bible in the Enochian Keys. One song that hit close for me is "Sabrina" which is about my best friend who committed suicide a little bit over a year ago. She was an amazing person and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a tribute to her. It's a pretty cool song. Reminds me a bit of Nargaroth but it fades out into a keyboard solo that I wrote right after I found out. A lot of going off in Latin. Other songs, I completely berate Abrahamic religions. One in particular "The Rites of the Goatchrist" takes a sexual turn. That song is pretty bass heavy so I dig it. I'd say that we'll definitely be somewhere in between straight raw and polished. I think a lot is lost, especially in black metal, if it's too polished. It would make the feel of the songs completely different for us.
Cory: You call that a this is a knife
Athos: Top 3 bands?
Morgan: Hard to narrow it down! Dissection, Peste Noire, and Nargaroth.
Cory: yeah that's tough but I'm gonna take a death metal turn and say Cannibal Corpse, Nile and Cryptopsy.
Athos: Badass, top 3 movies?
Morgan: Mars Attacks!, Masque of the Red Death, and any of The Lord of the Rings movies.
Cory: Semi pro, Forrest Gump and Goodfellas.
Athos: Worse 3 bands one more question I swear
Morgan: Besides Cinderella, that hair metal band. Haha hang on I have to think about this. Is it limited to rock/metal or can I throw other genres under the bus too? Nickelback. I really cannot stand Theory of a Dead Man. It just bothers me on a deep level. Like Chinese water torture. Really anything that is country or has country influences just drives me crazy.
Athos: Ok, that about wraps it up any shout outs?
Morgan: Just thanks to everyone that follows us on social media, listens to our music, shares us, and cares about what we're doing. It really means a lot to us.
Athos: Awesome! well I'll type this up which will be a bitch.. and fix all the stuff that needs to be.. can you please send me a couple pics and your logo to
Athos: Thanks you guys.. stop by when you have some pre production..or just keep in touch.
Members: Morgan Weller - Bass/Vocals; Geoffrey McWhorter - Guitar; Cory Keister - Drums; Zachary Lee Cook - Guitar
[By Corey Athos of Obscure Musick for Busuk Chronicle.]
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