Tuesday 26 April 2016

CD REVIEW: MORGUE SUPPLIER (Chicago, IL., USA) - "Morgue Supplier", by Corey Athos, 15/4/2016

Morgue Supplier s/t   9.5/10
Review by Corey Athos for Busuk Chronicles
The album starts with complete chaos on every instrument and only lets up for an occasional groove then back to Armageddon .  Half way through the first song something really caught my ear.  A Gorguts’ “Obscura” era style part.  I’ve come to realize the whole album has that chaotic overtone.  I consider this as an “Obscura II” although they definitely have their own sound completely.  There’s the same chaos, darkness, dissonance and bipolar changes.  When we(Flesh Consumed) played in Chicago with them, they completely destroyed.  Out of all the bands despite my normal pre-show rituals, I stopped to watch Chicago natives, Morgue Supplier.   Point being they are even more intense live, which is an extremely difficult task seeing that their album is solid  with a great production and intense as hell.   The music goes from complete chaos to come all together seamlessly.  The solos that are on the album are completely fitting to the style.  Chaotic, demented, and psychotic reminiscent of no other guitarist and if forced to I would compare them to Bob Virga’s (Immolation) psychotic choice of notes and the cleanliness and flow of Shaune Kelley (Ripping Corpse, Dim Mak, Flesh Consumed).  Every piece, from the bass tone to the vocal intensity creates a soundscape fitting of impending doom.  Tension and release is huge on this album to reset your mind.  Make your tolerance for the chaos die off then hit you hard again and again, punishing.  The dynamics are impeccable.  Being primarily a vocalist I highly respect vocalist Paul Gillis’ vocal approach.  He has a million voices and each one uttered is another demonRE released.  This and every time I listen I find a new layer or element I hadn’t yet discovered.  Morgue Supplier’s Self-titled release is a masterpiece, plain and simple. I will definitely continue to play this album daily.     - 9.5/10

To purchase Morgue Supplier’s s/t visit their facebook or http://obscuremusick.bigcartel.com/
[By Corey Athos for Busuk Chronicles.]

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