Wednesday 3 May 2017

CD REVIEW: SADISTIC TORTURE (Padang, West Sumatra, ID.) - Promo 2016, by Andrew Sick, 28/3/2017

Sadistic Torture (Padang, West Sumatra) - Promo 2016 (Endless Torture Records) 

Total Twisted F***ing Piece of Insanity! This is what offering Sadistic Torture emerged from Padang in Indonesia to show people again that this country excels in the most extreme f***ing side of the shitty genre and this new bomb of pure f***ing shit is just called "Promo 2016"! This 2-songs promo is f***ing crazy and could be described as insane Brutal Death Fucking Metal that could be compared with other bands from this place but being very original by creating some disgusting and twisted f***ing musick forging their identity and giving to this f***ing shit all necessary elements to mark their genre! Lintang (Vocals), Ulil Amri (Guitars), Ronald (Bass), Ragil (Drums) are the sickos giving life to this unmerciful bloodthirsty f***ing beast by giving a perfect composition having a lot catchy f***ing parts and as mentioned above, having a few twisted riffing that only increase the level of enjoyment and addiction of this brilliant f***ing promo! They really make us feel we are witnessing some butcher f***ing scenes with a bloody atmosphere that penetrates our f***ing bones to the marrow by its coldness and extreme f***ing brutality! Vocals of this shit is f***ing sick, the riffing is only f***ing insane knowing how to make us addicted and the drums is crazy as f*** by being totally f***ing brutal and great! I think Sadistic Torture managed to create some perfect f***ing piece of brutality and maybe having as only flaw the production that is not 100% perfect especially some twisted guitar riffs a little buried in the mix but this is still successful and sounding f***ing heavy! "Promo 2016" is 6 f***ing minutes of total f***ing sickness without any weak f***ing second and spreading only an insane and pure brutal death having everything to mark its era and Sadistic Torture really managed their start into the world of blastality by giving musically a perfect CD that make it a mandatory piece of brutality to the most extreme sickheads on the planet! 9.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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