Monday 1 May 2017

CD REVIEW: ASPHYXIATE (Bekasi Death Metal Horde, West Java, ID.) - Promo 2017, by Andrew Sick, 27/3/2017

ASPHYXIATE (Bekasi Death Metal Horde, West Java, ID.) - Promo 2017 (Groupies Merch)

Another ruthless f***ing bomb was born in the most brutal city of the shitty world, Bekasi, from the capital of Extreme f***ing Metal Indonesia and this time it's the legendary Asphyxiate that are back to offer a new Promotion CD to make us wait until their fourth album and making us totally impatient for this long awaited f***ing release! It was very hard to imagine that Asphyxiate could come back even stronger than their previous work but "Promo 2017" managed to surpass all what the band has done so far by delivering a sick Brutal Death F***ing Metal totally pure and f***ing addictive like the old classicks of the shitty genre! This shit contains 2 songs of the most f***ing successful including only crushing f***ing parts and still being original and faithful to true f***ing brutality after almost 20 years existence by delivering without any f***ing doubt one of the best promo ever released including a cold and brutal f***ing atmosphere coming to break your f***ing bones and inflicting a drug of the most f***ing addictive! Asphyxiate consists of Josh (Guitars/Vocals), Adi (Bass), Reno (Drums) and the trio are doing an exceptional f***ing job on all f***ing levels, writing some brilliant f***ing composition and having this pure brutal f***ing soul coming to increase our feeling of chaos in this complete f***ing butchery!

I think Josh is unbelievable by ameliorating his vocals from the last album and giving something a little more guttural and making this shit more insane and enjoyable! His work on guitars is also just f***ing insane by performing only excellent f***ing riffings and including a lot catchy ones composed in a sick f***ing way! Adi on bass is doing an excellent job and Reno is totally f***ing brutal with a diverse and insane f***ing drumming increasing the level of enjoyment of this perfect blastastic f***ing bomb! The production in my ears is f***ing perfect with a flawless mixing making sounds this f***ing shit like a real ton of f***ing bricks by being heavy as f*** but also of very high quality, especially for a promo! Asphyxiate is delivering 7 f***ing minutes of true f***ing insanity coming to destroy all weak fucking minds with their brutal execution and "Promo 2017" is a pure brilliant f***ing piece of perfection that every true sickos is forced to get! Flawless F***ing Piece of Total F***ing Sickness! 10/10. [Ths review was frst published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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