Tuesday 25 April 2017

NEW DEVANGELIC INTERVIEW: "We want to come back to Indonesia" (Italian Death Metal), 15/4/17

Kieran James1: Hi, can you tell me the early history from the formation of the band up to now?

Damiano: Well, in 2012 the band recorded the first promo-cd with the old line-up: Mario DI Giambattista on guitars; Paolo Chiti on vocals; Alex Venders Santilli on drums; and David Cetorelli on bass. The promo-cd has received a great response from the fans and the band started to work on the first album “Resurrection Denied”. Unfortunately David has quit the band because of personal reasons and I joined the band in 2014. We recorded “Resurrection Denied” and we played a lot of shows during our tours in Europe and USA in 2016; we definitely had great times around the world. In 2015 the founder drummer Alex left the band and Marco Coghe took his place, a very talented drummer! Last year we played our first show in Indonesia supporting the mighty Dying Fetus and currently we're going to record our second full-length “Phlegethon” on May/June 2017. The album will be available from October 27th  via Comatose Music.

KJ2: How is the response of people to your new material? 

Mario: Actually we received an outstanding response from our fans around the world. I think that's the most important thing for a BDM band and I have to say that we have been stoked about the fucking huge support of our fans, especially the Indonesian ones; they are the best in my honest opinion. Some fans tattooed themselves the name of the band or some parts of “Resurrection Denied” artwork, it's incredible!

KJ3: What are the most influential bands for you guys in playing music?

Mario: We are inspired basically by Disgorge, Condemned, Disentomb, Sarcolytic.

KJ4: What are your future plans for the band?

Damiano: We're planning new tours and dates for the upcoming album; we want come back on tour once again in USA and Europe and we definitely hope to do a south-tour, maybe supporting some great band!

KJ5: What are the changes in music style (*if any) compared to the debut album?

Damiano: There have been a lot of changes  from our first full-length compared to the upcoming “Phlegethon”. We decided to make an album definitely faster, darker and more technical than the previous one. “Uncompromising brutality” has been and will be our motto, but now we want to add a dark-atmosphere; the songs will be more complex on their structures, the riffs will be technical but brutal at the same time. We spent also a lot of time on the lyrics, artwork and ...we want to surprise you guys!

KJ6: What are the lyrical themes on the new album? Just looking at the song titles you have released it seems a slight move towards gore lyrics?

Damiano: Honestly speaking, I think we made an incredible work about the lyrics. We've chosen as our main inspiration the worldwide well-known Dante's Inferno (La Divina Commedia) and we decided to descend through the several layers of the Inferno to describe them. The album title, Phlegethon, is inspired by the name of a blood-river that flows from the top to the bottom of the inferno; we wanted to follow it and the result has been beyond our expectations. I like to say that we took the most brutal parts of Dante's inferno and make a music scenario for them. You should take some time to read the lyrics guys, you will be amazed!

KJ7: When did you first become fans of metal bands?

Damiano: Oh, this is an hard question to answer! I can't remember a single moment when I say “Ok, I like metal”, a lot of years passed by...I think listening/playing metal is pure passion (no business, no temporary trend...), so I can say that the more I listen to it the more I like it...and I'm sure it is the same for all of you guys!

KJ8: Do the wives and girlfriends of the personnel support what you are doing?

Damiano: Yes, we're lucky guys, they know how important is the band for us! As I said before, playing is a passion for us, and none should be between a man and his passion according to me!

KJ9: What are the best and worst things about the metal community in your city?

Damiano: Here in Italy we have a lot of great BDM bands: Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Antropofagus, Bloodtruth, Hideous Divinity, Putridity and many many more! Sometimes there is a little bit of “jealousy” between the bands, but it's ok, I mean I can say it's normal everywhere!

KJ10: What are your most memorable shows or experiences onstage?

Mario: Playing at Las Vegas Deathfest in 2014 has been fucking outstanding! A lot of metalheads in front of a huge stage...what's better?? And playing in Indonesia has been crazy of course!

KJ11: Describe your experiences playing in Indonesia.

Mario: Amazing...a lot of people, a great stage, amazing organization! We want to came back to Indonesia as soon as possible; thare are a lot of great festivals (Hammersonic, etc etc) we definitely love!

KJ12: What are your favorite Indonesian metal bands?

Damiano: Wow, there are tons of great bands over there! In these days I'm listening “Guttural Disease”, I really like them...I like Death Vomit too, but it's hard to choose between so many bands!

KJ13: Have you got any message for the fans?

Damiano: First of all, thank you guys for your endless support! We hope to see you all on the next shows, and we'll do all the possible to come back soon to Indonesia! You are amazing, stay fucking sick!

KJ14: OK, thank you very much.

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