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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Our first interview with CANNABIES (Bandung Death Metal), 4/4/2012

Left to Right: Bobby Hydro, Andri Cannabies (vokalis), Indra Cannabies (drummer), and Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles) @ Bandung
Our interview with Andri (vocals) and Indra (drums) of CANNABIES (death-metal, Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)
By Dr Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE) and John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE)
Personal interview at: EXTEND Recording Studio, Ujung Berung, 4 April 2012
Expert Comments: Popo (DEMONS DAMN) & Bobby Rock (BLEEDING CORPSE)
This is the first band interview ever for CANNABIES

“When someone smokes marijuana and they blow it out over you – I fly, you fly. I hope that our music will be like that” – Andri (CANNABIES)

CANNANIES is: Andri (vocal), Indra (drums), and Reza (guitar)

Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE): OK, please tell us about the history of the band.

Andri (CANNABIES): The Band name was taken from the English dictionary meaning “shooter of grief”. The band started in 2010. I have a term for our music – “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (demo title). We have our on meaning for the term. So we want to explore it for our fans as we want. When someone smokes marijuana and they blow it out over you – I fly, you fly. I hope that our music will be like that.

KJ: How many songs in the demo?

Andri: We have three songs on the demo but we have already eight songs.

KJ: Do you want to make a full-length album as you have enough songs already?

Andri: It will be released in June.

KJ: Have you got a record label?

Andri: Not yet.

KJ: In your opinion what style of music do you play?

Andri: Progressive death-metal.

Popo: The drummer is a student of Abaz [JASAD & UNDERGOD].

KJ: What bands are your influences?


KJ: What progressive death-metal bands are your influences?


KJ: BLEEDING CORPSE is progressive? [Bobby, BLEEDING CORPSE vocalist, laughs]

KJ: Do you know of CRANIAL INCISORED in Yogya?

[Andri nods]

KJ: Popo, what is your comment about this band?

Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE): This band can [become] a good band but they must learn much more about many things. They must learn much more from experiences in promotion, performance, influence, etc. They must learn the basic things of being a progressive death-metal band.

KJ: What cities did you play shows already?

Andri: Yogya and many shows in Bandung.

KJ: Did you play in Bandung Death Fest or Bandung Berisik?

Andri: Not yet but we hope to do so.

Popo: They must enter the waiting list.

KJ: There is waiting list?

Popo: Yes because not all death-metal bands can play in Bandung Death Fest.

[KJ note: Man JASAD says there are 128 active death-metal bands in Bandung as at February 2011.]

KJ: When did you start to become a metalhead?

Andri: We started when we hung out together with the community [here] in Extend Studio [Ujung Berung]. This studio is like a base camp.

KJ: What dream or plan do you have for your band?

Popo: They will share the same stage with DEMONS DAMN for a gig in May.

KJ: Tour America?

[Andri nods and smiles]

Andri: We want our music to be known by metalheads in other countries.

John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE): Cibinong?...Just joke to trap Popo...

KJ: Do you want to get a bass player?

Andri: We are still looking for a bass player.

KJ: Is it true that on the demo there was no bass player?

Andri: The guitarist [Reza] played bass for the demo.

KJ: If you are progressive [band] do you want to find a keyboard player?

Andri: I don’t want to. We want to get two guitar players.

John: Are there any messages for your fans regarding your first album?

CANNABIES: We hope our fans will enjoy the first album.

KJ: What are the good things about the death-metal scene here in Ujung Berung?

Andri: There are many great musicians in Ujung Berung, We are proud to be part of the death-metal community in Ujung Berung.

KJ: What are the jobs you have outside of the band?

Popo: The drummer is still in senior high school. Andri is freelance. He just focuses on the band. He has just finished his senior high school. He is a free man...

Bob Rockiller, Popo Demons Damn, John Yoedi, April 2012
John: Jobless.

Popo: The guitarist works in some company.

Bobby Rock (BLEEDING CORPSE): Why do you like to play death-metal? I want to hear your individual answers.

Andri: I like the fast tempo of death-metal and the blast-beats.

Indra: Ah...

Popo: Another shy boy!

Indra: I just like it.

KJ Closing Speech (hahaha...): In Bobby and my generation we knew the foundation and history of metal. IRON MAIDEN is primary school, SLAYER is high-school, and SUFFOCATION is college. But with the metalheads now I don’t think they all have this history and foundation. How can you understand SUFFOCATION if you don’t know MAIDEN? The young people have to learn the history of metal.

[KJ note: Interview finished here and we took pictures in the famous EXTEND studio in front of the “JASAD” logo sign on one wall.]

[KJ note: Thank you also to CANNABIES guys for driving me and John around Bandung on Tuesday 3 April 2012 when Bobby was sick. Why was Bobby sick? Because the night before he had to wait for my drinking session with Lord Butche of THE CRUEL at The Common Room to finish at 4am – my apologies to Bobby.]

Left to Right: Kieran James, John Yoedi, Andri Cannabies, Indra Cannabies, Bobby Hydro @ EXTEND studio, Ujung Berung, April 2012.

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