Wednesday 25 May 2016

CD REVIEW: DEATH VOMIT (Jogja Corpsegrinder) - "Forging a Legacy" CD (2014), by Andrew Sick

Death Vomit (Jogjakarta Corpsegrinder) - Forging a Legacy (Armstretch Records)

The Indonesian f***ing gods of Death Metal Death Vomit are back after eight f***ing years to dump their second full length album "Forging a Legacy"! The line-up of this f***ing bomb is Sofyan Hadi (Guitar / Vocals), Oki Haribowo (Bass / Guitar / Vocals), Roy Agus (Drums) and the brutal f***ing trio are performing a Death F***ing Metal adding a big Brutal Death Metal touch with a total outstanding Death Metal composition that makes you f***ing addicted! Vocals of this shit are f***ing great, diverse and f***ing powerful, riffs are for the most totally f***ing great and enjoyable as f*** with a present and great job at the bass and finally the drums of this f***ing shit are just damn perfect to all f***ing levels, f***ing tight as shit, varied and f***ing sick with a great performance for the complete trio! "Forging a Legacy" consists of nine songs and lasts about 33 minutes of pure f***ing excellence with a composition almost f***ing perfect sharing a great atmosphere with a knowledge of the true Death Metal without any f***ing doubts! A production f***ing flawless, perfect mixing and sound, f***ing heavy with much depth making this f***ing shit really sounds like a f***ing bomb right in your shitty f***ing ears! Death Vomit have managed to make a triumphant return with this powerful addictive f***ing release with mostly catchy f***ing parts and eargasmic to listen with perhaps the only negative part being having two songs which are a little less dynamic and enjoyable but without removing the brutal momentum of this majestic f***ing shit! "Forging a Legacy" is a f***ing must for all Death Metal / Brutal Death sickos and Death Vomit is touching the perfection and certainly making the history of the extreme musick! F***ing Outstanding Shit! 9/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews on 1 January 2015 and is used here with his kind permission.]
Oki Haribowo (DEVO bassist), Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles), and Corna Irawan (then DEVO band manager) in Jogja at the monument shown in the intro to the Flames of Hate DVD, October 2011.
Jogjakarta Corpsegrinder Community @ Avila Studio, October 2011. Andria Higa is seated.
Left to Right: Corna Irawan, Corna's sister, Oki Haribowo, Roy Agus (DEVO drummer) when Roy's son Jordy was born, October 2011
Left to Right: Oki Haribowo, Kieran James, Sofyan Hadi (DEVO guitarist / vocalist), and Corna Irawan @ Hard Rock Cafe, Jogja, October 2011.
DEATH VOMIT band 1997
DEATH VOMIT band 1997

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