Thursday 26 May 2016

CD REVIEW: HUMILIATION (Soreang / Bandung) - "Fatamorgana" CD (2015), by Andrew Sick

Adam Humiliation (vokalis) and John Yoedi, April 2012
Humiliation (Soreang / Bandung) - Fatamorgana (Groupies Merch)

From Soreang (South Bandung), Humiliation come with a highly anticipated second album after an absence of three f***ing years and are rewarding all expectations with "Fatamorgana", an intense f***ing bomb of Technical Brutal Death F***ing Metal greatly done including a solid composition with its flaws but successfully delivered a high-level technical f***ing shit! Humiliation is back again to offer ten songs and, like on their debut album, we find an instrumental intro and a cover that this time is from Burgerkill and f***ing well played! Adam (Vocals), Agi (Guitars), Vman (Bass), Iho (Drums) are the four Indonesian sickos making part of this blasphemous project and are doing an excellent f***ing job, vocals are f***ing powerful, more Death metal and maybe a little redundant but still f***ing great, guitar riffs for a most part f***ing fantastic, same for the bass that is f***ing present and enjoyable with a total insane f***ing drums which are f***ing brutal and mixing very well the slow, fast and technical parts! The production of "Fatamorgana" is for the most part f***ing perfect, an excellent mix with perhaps only a flaw to miss heaviness in the sound which is not a negative thing given their technical style and this f***ing shit still sounds like a real ton of f***ing bricks! Humiliation proves with this second release to be able to perform this style without being too over shitty technical and perhaps lacking a bit of brutality in a few f***ing songs but still having those moments which are totally f***ing crazy especially in the title track of the CD! "Fatamorgana" lasts more than 35 minutes containing an astonishing technical brutal death metal having in every song a few parts a little less interesting but this killer release remains a pillar in the genre! Despite some negative, this disk is recommended to all fans of Death Metal by its quality and a composition of creative intensity! Great Technical Brutal F***ing Shit! 8/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews on 3 January 2016 and is used here with his kind permission.]

Adam (HUMILIATION vokalis) 2016

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