Thursday 12 May 2016

NEWS: Sick Reviews (Canada) - "Compiled Corpses" Compilation CD 2016, available now (selling fast)

INTERFECTORMENT (West Bandung) offer one track (Injecting the Creep - Rough mix) to new COMPILED CORPSES compilation CD
Sick Reviews - Compiled Corpses (SR666-01)

Sick Reviews-Compiled Corpses arrived! Pre orders shipping during the week! Available through Sick Reviews right now! $3 + Shipping/Handling
Produced by Andrew Sick (Sick Reviews)
Printed by Cece (Luhung Industries Indonesia) & Putra (BREEDING RECORDS)
Sound Balanced by Putra (Breeding Records)
Art by Vaizal Bahari (Vaizal Rotten Art)
Layout by Luis Pinto (Logotomy Designs)
Layout Concept by Andrew Sick (Sick Reviews)
Compilation title logo by Daniel Osborn (New Standard Elite)
Sick Reviews logo by Alessandro Garofalo (Garol Graphics)
SR symbol logo by Luis Pinto (Logotomy Designs)

01. Hymenotomy - Human Feces Collector (Unreleased Promo Version)
02. Mephistopheles - Butchering of Human Depraved (New Unreleased Track)
03. Carnivorous Voracity - Epiphanies of Perverse Egocentrism (Rough Mix)
04. Virulency - Mephistophelian Æsthetic Eroticism (New Mix)
05. Cerebral Effusion - Narcissistic Taphonomy (Rough Mix)
06. CHALERA - Molesting the False Decapitated Prophet (Rough Mix)
07. Meathook-AZ - Coils of Entrails (New Unreleased Track)
08. ASPHYXIATE - Self Transform from the Decayed Flesh (Unreleased Demo Version)
09. GORGASM(official) - Carnivwhore (Rough Mix)
10. Omnipotent Hysteria - Grafting the Cerebral Void (Rough Mix)
11. Putridity - Portrait of a Soiled Innocence (Rough Mix)
12. INTERFECTORMENT - Injecting the Creep (Rough Mix)
13. Iatrogenia - Brutally Sodomized (Rough Mix)
14. Mangled Atrocityy - Regurgitating Menstrual Seepage (Exclusive Re-Recorded Track)
15. Bowel Stew (Official) - Thanatophiliac Partenophagy (Rough Mix)
16. Encenathrakh - Ngthra (Rough Mix)
17. Excoriation - Hanged, Drawn and Quartered (Unreleased Promo Version)
18. DATURA - Carve Letter K (Rough Mix)

Running Time-66:06

18 bands/unreleased tracks of pure brutality!
12 page booklet including 18 reviews/18 bands logo + one info page!
666 PRO CD handnumbered copies!

Officially Distributed in USA by Force Fed
Officially Distributed in Indonesia by Luhung Industries

Officially Released by Sick Reviews

Release Date-03/03/2016

$3 + Shipping/Handling

USA money only!

P.S. handling is $2 and shipped as letter (for 1/2 cd)! No jewel case!

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ANDREW TALBOT Facebook page


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