Wednesday 14 September 2016

CD REVIEW: BEHEADING CRIMINAL (Banyuwangi) - "Self Crushed Defeat Soul" EP, by Andrew Sick

Beheading Criminal (Banyuwangi, East Java DM) - Self Crushed Defeat Soul (Dismembered Records

Two years ago, a destructive f***ing abomination was born in Indonesia to set up a reign of terror and brutality under the name of "Beheading Criminal" by creating one of the most powerful f***ing bombs that earth ever heard and this bloodthirsty damn explosion was baptized "Self Crushed Defeat Soul"! This bloody f***ing regime spread an insane Brutal Death F***ing Metal that could be a mix between Disgorge US and Enmity but Beheading Criminal is not at all a copy and more going in the same direction of devastation with a way nonetheless original to destroy this shitty f***ing world! "Self Crushed Defeat Soul" contains 4 songs including an instrumental intro and we can say that this f***ing band really knows how to be f***ing brutal by giving total sick f***ing songs from beginning to f***ing end with no f***ing bullshit or other f***ing weaknesses and showing to a lot of big bands that the succession is even more damn insane and brutally competent! Beheading Criminal is Dadan (Guitars/Vocals), Zain (Bass/Vocals), Kconk (Drums) and the trio is f***ing brilliant by delivering a great composition that could be easily among the sickest f***ing EP ever made! Vocals are f***ing excellent including a powerful gutturals with a disgusting side, guitar and bass riffs are f***ing crazy with some addictive parts but the only one flaw to this release in my opinion is maybe a lack of catchy riffs that could be more present and finally the drums is just f***ing insane with a non stop blast drumming f***ing brutal and without weakness! The production of this shit is not perfect but f***ing amazing especially for an EP, mix is again f***ing well done by Insidious Soundlab and this f***ing piece of shit really sounds like a f***ing ton of bombs exploding simultaneously and annihilating everything in this shitty world! 12 minutes of pure f***ing sickness and Beheading Criminal really managed their start into the world of brutality, maybe not offering a blasterpiece, but being very close by giving a brilliant f***ing songwriting from start to end! Highly recommended release to the sickest people around who are only looking for true brutality without weak parts! Destructive F***ing Bomb of Brilliant F***ing Brutality! 9.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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