Tuesday 13 September 2016

CD REVIEW: DAMNATION (Jogjakarta) - "The Prophet Revenge", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

DAMNATION (Jogjakarta Death Metal) - The Prophet Revenge (Internal Brutality Records)

The Damnation falls on us ready to occur after more than 15 f***ing years of preparation and for the first time invading the shitty world from the f***ing land of Indonesia for the coming of "The Prophet Revenge"! Damnation offers 13 songs of a nameless f***ing savagery including Rotor and Suffocation covers, also containing an instrumental song and we can say in general that this debut album is a total f***ing carnage! The band is playing a twisted Brutal Death F***ing Metal with some technical and old skull elements and "The Prophet Revenge" cannot be really compared with other bands due to their unique f***ing shit but they are influenced from the styles mentioned above with a f***ed up insane brutal f***ing touch! The production is unfortunately not really good being unequal, a mixing a little wasted with a guitar way too far, drums sounding not really good and all this shit seems a little "boosted" but in fact, it's still going very well with them being a twisted f***ing band and having a production one as well! Unfortunately the production is also wasting a little bit the experience, as mentioned above, with a guitar that could be much more present because the riffs are f***ing awesome and some of them really brilliant as f*** but you need to give much listens to dig this f***ing shit and really appreciating the f***ed up riffing! The Damnation is caused by Gruntwind Gurgletation (Vocals), Bonnie (Guitars), Camel Damnation (Bass), Kris J. Philips (Drums) and delivering a complete butchery with a great f***ing composition of the deadly damn macabre f***ing scenes! Gruntwind on vocals is f***ing killer with a good guttural; Bonnie is delivering for the most great f***ing riffs but we can also find some a little boring; Camel on bass is also f***ing good despite the production; and Kris on drums is fucking awesome mixing non stop blast with a more technical drumming! "The Prophet Revenge" is around 34 minutes of pure f***ing killing with maybe some songs a little less enjoyable but in general being a successful f***ing release and original in its sickness making unique this f***ing shit! Damnation just delivered an excellent debut f***ing album having some flaws but still mandatory to all sickos by its high f***ing level of insanity! Insane F***ing Shit of Pure F***ing Twisted Brutality! 8.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

Info & booking contact:
c/o Camel Damnation 
Krapyak Kulon 138, Yogyakarta - Indonesia 55188
ph: +628174115270

METAL HISTORY: DAMNATION band (Jogjakarta) 1999

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