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CLASSIC AUTICED BAND INTERVIEW / TRIBUTE TO GILANG (Bandung Progressive Death Metal), 3/4/2012

Our interview with AUTICED (death-metal, Riung Bandury, East Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)
By Dr Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE) and John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE)
Personal interview at: Bandung, 3 April 2012
Expert Comments: Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE)

AUTICED is: Angga (bass), Gilang (guitar1), Miky (guitar2), Rio (drums), Rozy (vocals). Miky is elder brother of Rio.

Kieran James (BUSUK WEBZINE): Thanks very much for agreeing to do this interview. It is really great to have the whole band here. Usually we just interview one or two or three members of a band. Thanks also to Popo for arranging this interview. First of all, can you tell us about the band history?

Angga (bassist, AUTICED): AUTICED was formed at the end of 2005. The line-up was not like this before. We changed two people, our vocalist and our guitarist. We have two ex-guitarists. Gilang is the new guitarist. He became our member when we were making our first album Cemetery of Necronyrph (2011). Basically we started with death-metal words but we mix our music with technical and a touch of classical. The music is basically still death-metal.

KJ: What are your lyrical themes?

Angga: The album explains about girls, the murder, murdering the girl, women, you know – generally she wants to live forever, she wants to enhance her beauty by killing people. We use one song title “Elizabeth Bathory”. Gilang likes classic a lot, classic music like...

[KJ note: Gilang writes the names of his favourite composers in my notebook]    

Angga: Bach, F. Chopin, Dimitry Shocicovic, A. Devork. The record label is Rottrevore Records. We are from Bandung: Riung Bandury, Bandung.

Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE): I think people are interested in AUTICED’s music. When they perform at the show people know their songs and sing together.

Angga: It was small gigs, not the open air. After the album we had a few shows, small tours, still in Indonesia. We played a few cities in Indonesia. We would love to go abroad and have shows in a few countries but it’s hard for a band like us. We have played in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Malang, Bogor, Bekasi, and many other places. Actually we have not yet had opportunity to play at Bandung Death Fest but we played at Bogor Death Fest. In May we will play at Cimahi Death Fest. We will have a show this Sunday [8 April 2012] but in a different place.

KJ: What are your main musical influences?

Angga: I like many bands such as DYING FETUS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and many European bands. I like bands from Australia too such as PSYCROPTIC.

Gilang (guitarist, AUTICED): I like European bands, Swedish music such as SPAWN OF POSSESSION, DISMEMBER, IN FLAMES, and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE (Italy).


KJ: How about your vocalist influences?

Rozy: Chris Barnes, CANNIBAL CORPSE.

KJ: OK, continuing on with musical influences, how about you, Miky [second guitarist]?

Miky (second guitarist, AUTICED): I like BRUTAL DEATH a lot.

KJ: How about your favourite Indonesian bands?






[All laugh]

KJ: Your favourite new bands?

Miky: SAFFAR (Bandung), FLESH AUTOPSY (Bandung), CATHARSIS (Jakarta0, CARNIVORED (Jakarta).

KJ: Have you got any plans to progress or experiment more musically in the future?

Angga: In our latest album we combine our music with violins...

Gilang: Strings.

Miky: Cello.

Angga: In our next album we would like to explore more and combine with other classical instruments such as piano...something like that...

Gilang: Try to be more symphonic...

Angga: We are influenced by CRANIAL [CRANIAL INCISORED from Yogyakarta]. I like them.

Angga: Actually about the record company we have no idea yet so far.

Gilang: We hope...

Angga: We have not made up our mind what label. We just want to record the songs first. We have not yet started recording, we are still writing down the materials.

KJ: What are your goals for the future?

Angga: We have joined album compilation from Barcelona (Spain).

[KJ note: Angga provides the information as follows: Label: Wolfhound, Album: Wolfhound Metal Radio, Song: “Another Day, Another Victim”, 2011.]

Angga: I hope that we can have a show over there, Barcelona. The song was taken from our album.

John Yoedi (BUSUK WEBZINE): What do you think about piracy? As we know, we see on the internet lots of “Free download metal albums from A to Z”. Is it positive or negative?

Angga: Piracy is an illegal thing and it happened to us. But some people downloaded our album for free but they also bought the original one. Generally we disagree with piracy.

John: And will you be complaining if you see your album available on there as “free download”?

Angga: Yes, even before our album was released some people downloaded our songs from the album.

KJ: Why do you like to play death-metal?

Angga: The beat is so powerful!

Rio: Young...

Angga: Full of spirit, like every day is still morning [all laugh].

Rio: We can explore many unique things from death-metal and we can improve ourselves.

KJ: We interviewed GIRLZEROTH just last night at The Common Room Network Foundation here in Bandung. What do you think of women playing metal?

Rio: Very rare...

Rozy: It’s awesome!

Gilang: Sexy, hot [all laugh].

Angga: It’s extraordinary.

KJ: Are there many girls at your shows?

Angga: At present a few girls watch us. It’s different from the past few years, it was still rare. I guess you have heard about the tragedy at the concert [BESIDE concert]. After that many people know about death-metal.

KJ: From what I see in Aussie girls will just follow their boyfriends to metal shows...

Angga: Same as his girlfriend [Angga is talking about Gilang] – she just follows him everywhere!

Angga: Rio likes Australian girls [Rio looks shy].

John: What do you think about BUSUK WEBZINE?

Angga: BUSUK is a good webzine. It’s got to unite many bands.

John: I would like to hear you give us your favourite Indonesian bands from outside Java. And give us reasons...

Angga: We like DJINN (Medan), ENGORGING (Samarainda), CRANIUM (Medan). They play good old-school death-metal.

KJ: OK, Popo, you have been so quiet. Now is the time for your expert comment on this band?

Popo: Another killer band from Bandung! When I see the members of this band I think they are...

Angga: Like boy band? [All laugh.]

Popo: Like shy boys who play death-metal...

Angga: Shy like a cat [laughs].

Popo: The drummer is one of the playboys in Bandung. Another playboy.

KJ: Like Daniel?

Popo: Yes. He always attracts the hot chicks to the metal scene.

Rio [drummer]: No!

Angga: When you look at his face you think it’s impossible, right?

KJ: OK, we were talking about the chicks at GIRLZEROTH and here of course is Popo, famous vocalist for DEMONS DAMN. If your vocalist left would you consider a woman vocalist?

Angga: We will call Popo, we call her...

Rio: Popo is like a mother to us [all laugh], Mamma Popo.

KJ: How do you feel that one Indonesian guy contacted me on Facebook and suggested BUSUK should interview AUTICED and SAFFAR?

Angga: Thank goodness. We feel very excited.

[KJ note: To the Bandung metalhead who suggested we interview AUTICED and SAFFAR, I forget your name but if you read this: yes we interviewed both bands for you! God Bless You from BUSUK WEBZINE!]

KJ: Ok, we are nearly finished now. What is your message to the fans of AUTICED?

Angga: “Don’t be afraid to make your own band whether in metal or in anything. There is no need to follow the mainstream!”

Gilang: “Stop piracy!”

KJ: What are the good things about the metal scene in Bandung?

Rio [Angga interprets]: Day by day there are many new bands who explore many things and many variations in music.

KJ: What are some bad things or problems in playing death-metal here in Bandung?

Rio [Angga interprets]: We can see that our scene is unaccepted by the society. When the organiser wants to organise gigs the police make it difficult.

Rio and Gilang [Angga interprets]: That is why for metal bands like us it is difficult for us to make a living. We have to make money for the band. We cannot make a living from the band.

KJ: What other jobs do you have outside metal?

Miky: Art work designer.

Rozy: I produce band merch.

Angga: Together they have a store.

Gilang: Website design.

Rio: Smoking and drinking coffee [laughs].

Angga: Merchandise – I produce band merchandise.

KJ: Last comments?

Rio [Angga interprets]: Coffee is a great friend to make music.

Gilang [Angga interprets]: Do you consider making gigs?

KJ: Ya, maybe we will – BUSUK FESTIVAL.

KJ: Are you proud of Bandung death-metal?

Angga: Of course, I’m so proud of Bandung death-metal. We are proud that we are from Bandung.

[End of interview.]

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