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CONCERT REVIEW: ENSLAVED / BANE OF ISILDUR @ The Manning Bar, Sydney, 7/10/2016, by Collin Brophy

Enslaved 25th Anniversary Australian Tour 2016, by Collin Brophy, 7/10/2016

The last time Enslaved was in Australia was way back in 2013 and I saw them then at The Manning Bar Sydney and that was one hell of a night to remember.

Fast forward to 7th October 2016 and Enslaved are back in Sydney for the 25th Anniversary show at The Manning Bar and Sydney’s very own Triumphant War Metal masters Bane Of Isildur were a perfect band for Enslaved only supporting opening band for the Sydney show.

Bane Of Isildur

Band Members: Lead Vocals, Guitar - Aaron Worboys, Bass, Backing Vocals - Ray McGill, Guitar - Matthew Bell & George Delinicolis – Drums.

Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Genre: Triumphant War Metal

Song Set List:

1.    Born to scorch the earth.
2.    The war of God's and men.
3.    Furious hunt.
4.    ...and the earth becomes aflame.
5.    Chosen path.

It has been sometime since I last saw Bane of Isildur and I still remember how amazing they were back then. When Bane of Isildur was announced to be Enslaved Sydney supporting band I was really happy for the guys, and I was really looking forward to seeing these guys and they didn’t disappoint either. Bane of Isildur only had time for five songs, and what a set list it was, from the opening song “Born to scorch the earth” to the last song “Chosen path” they had the crowd headbanging to every song and throwing the horns in the air. I am sure that they had made some new fans last night with their performance. Bane of Isildur were outstanding and I even heard some of the crowd say just how impressed they were, not with just the way they played but also how they loved their songs and that they were just the right band for the opening supporting spot. I was lucky enough to get their album, EP and a 7 inch vinyl which was signed by the band. I always get just excited to see the local bands as I do for the international bands, sometime more because I know just how much hard work has gone into getting to this point to open for international bands that tour Australia. If you missed them on this tour, Bane of Isildur are also opening for Destroyer 666 Australian tour at The Manning Bar on the 5th of November. Don’t miss out. Bane of Isildur 10/10.

Here is Bane of Isildur Facebook page, I highly recommend that you go and check these guys out.

Bane of Isildur Music Page


Band Members: Ivar Bjørnson – Guitars, Grutle Kjellson – Vocals & Bass, Ice Dale – Guitars, Herbrand Larsen – Keyboards & Vocals, Cato Bekkevold – Drums.

Hometown: Bergen, Norway.

Genre: Progressive Black Metal / Viking Metal

Song Set List:

Tales from the Mythological Forest
1.    Loke
2.    Convoys To Nothingness
3.    Heimdallr
4.    793 (Slaget Om Lindisfarne)
5.    Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor
6.    Fenris
7.    793 (Slaget Om Lindisfarne)

Spinning Wheel Ritual
8.    Roots Of The Mountain
9.    Runn
10.  Return To Yggdrasil
11.  Ethica Odini
12.  The Crossing

13.  Drum Solo
14.  Isa
15.  As Fire Swept Clean The Earth

It’s hard to believe that is been three years since Enslaved last graced our shores, and I was at their Sydney show when Rise of Avernus was supporting them back then and what a night that was. It is really hard to comprehend that Enslaved have been around for 25 years, so much has happened and changed in the world, but one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s Enslaved. There was a really healthy crowd at The Manning Bar for tonight’s show, a great mix of ages as well.

During the opening song “Loke”, guitarist Ivar had technical issues throughout the song. Once “Loke” was finished, to keep the crowd occupied Grutle started to tell the crowd some jokes, he received quite a few laughs as well, he is truly a funny dude. Once the technical issues were over it was time to get down to business.

Tales from the Mythological Forest era was truly amazing, to hear some of those songs sung live were a dream come true, never in a million years did I ever think I would hear these live especially here in Australia. Enslaved did two different sets, they were Tales from the Mythological Forest era and Spinning Wheel Ritual era plus an Encore.

The crowd lapped up every word that was said and sung, everyone in the venue was head banging, yelling and throwing the horns in the air. I was just in awe of just how amazing Enslaved are live. At times I was speechless; Enslaved this time around were even better than last time I saw them. Grutle even thanked one fan for attending all three Australian shows to which the fan raised his fist with a huge applause from the crowd. The Tales from the Mythological Forest era was over with before I even knew it which was said because I was enjoying this era so much.

Then it was time for the Spinning Wheel Ritual era, the crowd was move vocal this time around, with fans singing along with the band which was brilliant to see. “Roots of the Mountain” was one of my favourites of the night as RIITIIR is one of my all-time favourite albums. There was some pit action during the Spinning Wheel Ritual era which was fantastic to see as the crowd were having the time of their lives and then it was over, and they were gone.  With loud chants of “one more song, one more song”, Cato did a drum solo that was out of this world, sometimes I would use the drum solo as a toilet run before the band comes back on, but it’s really hard to leave when you are standing there in awe of just what an excellent drummer Cato is. Once the drum solo was done Enslaved came out and smashed through a crowd favourite in “Isa” and for the final song to finish of what was a once in a life time show with, “As Fire Swept Clean The Earth” and if a fire did sweep clean the earth straight after the show then I would have died as one of the most happiest and satisfied metalheads in the world.

Not one person left the venue until it was completely over and that it was definite that Enslaved wasn’t going to come back out and do any more songs that some of the crowd started moving for the exit, the feeling I got was that no-one wanted to leave and for me I have never seen that in all the years that I have been going to shows. I just hope that they do one more Australian tour before they call it quits.

For those Enslaved fans that didn’t turn up for the Enslaved 25th Anniversary Australian tour, you missed out in was a once in a life-time opportunity to witness live the almighty Enslaved playing songs that we will never witness again in Australia or in our life-time ever again. 10/10….

[By Collin Brophy for Busuk Chronicles.]

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