Monday 21 November 2016

NEWS: Bob Rock (ex-BLEEDING CORPSE) joins TURBIDITY as new vocalist for 2016 demo, 20/11/16

New TURBIDITY official band picture November 2016 featuring Bobby Rock on vocals (fourth from left).
NEWS: Bob Rock (ex-BLEEDING CORPSE / HYDRO) joins TURBIDITY as new vocalist for new 2016 demo. The two-track demo Sinis - Promoshit 2016 will be released on 30 November 2016 by Groupies Merch (limited to 500 copies). Bobby previously was vocalist on the debut album by BLEEDING CORPSE Resurrection of Murder issued in 2008. The new TURBIDITY line-up is: Iko Karbon (drums, 2008 - present); Daniel Turbiyem (guitar, 2008 - present); Ferry (bass, 2013 - present); and Bob Rock (vocals, 2016 - present). Busuk Chronicles wishes best wishes and success to Bobby and the band.

Comment by Daniel: "Yeah, with Bobby in turbidity it will bring fresh air for our concept in the next album, which is now under construction for the material ..... initial plan next year we enter the recording studio".

Comment by Dedra Digging (guitarist DIGGING UP / KALUMAN): "I really love it that Bobby can still be playing" [by Facebook message].
Left to Right: Popo Demons Damn; Bob Rock; Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles), Butche (black jacket and Hirax cap); Zemo (red-and-black jacket); and Aries Kaluman @ Bandung.
BLEEDING CORPSE Reusurrection of Murder line-up @ Cibinong, 8 October 2011. Left to Right: Adrian Luk Luk (bass); Ari Bejo (drums); Uus Death (guitar); and Bob Rock (vocals).
BLEEDING CORPSE live @ Cibinong, 8 October 2011. Left to Right: Bob Rock (vocals), Adrian Luk Luk (bass); Uus Death (guitar); and Ari Bejo (drums) (obscured). 
TURBIDITY live @ East Bandung, 9 October 2011. Left to Right: Iko (drums) and Daniel (guitar).
TURBIDITY - Suffering of Human Decapitated full-length album (Extreme Souls Production, 2011)
TURBIDITY - Vomiting the Rotten Maggot EP (Horrible Creation Extreme Musick Media, 2012)
TURBIDITY - Sinis - Promoshit 2016 (Groupies Merch, 30 November 2016, limited to 500 copies).

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