Wednesday 28 December 2016

CD REVIEW: DECAPITATE HATRED (Tangerang) - "Birth of Abomination", by Andrew Sick, 25/12/2016

DECAPITATE HATRED (Tangerang) - Birth of Abomination (Force Fed / Stillborn Sounds)

Since 2010 at Tangerang in Indonesia, a horde of bloodthirsty f***ing beasts has been let loose in nature to ravage the villages, and baptized as "Decapitate Hatred", this monstrosity is perpetrating a merciless f***ing carnage with nameless f***ing brutality by sharing an insane f***ing work that will mark the "Birth of Abomination"! Decapitate Hatred is sharing a sick Groovy Brutal Death F***ing Metal including a few slam parts through this brutal f***ing killing and can be compared with old skull brutality by giving us much feelings from the damn past! This "Birth of Abomination" is divided in 12 butchering f***ing parts including an excellent instrumental intro putting us in the shitty mood of this unbelievable f***ing piece of insanity because the 12 scenes of slaughtering are just f***ing catchy maybe having some rare a little less good but in general the songwriting is a total f***ing success from start to f***ing end making us easily addicted as f***! The production of this debut massacre is f***ing great, of course not perfect but the mixing is well done and this f***ing shit sounds really like a true bloody f***ing bomb destroying everything in its f***ing path with its contagious sickness! Decapitate Hatred is Ferlando Sutanto (Vocals), Pidekso Gentur Satriaji (Guitars), Angga Endar (Drums) and the killer f***ing trio is doing a brilliant f***ing job at all shitty levels, without being perfect but delivering a successful composition knowing to make a true addictive brutal death f***ing release! Ferlando on vocals is f***ing insane by delivering a brutal f***ing guttural perhaps a little bit redundant after a while but still f***ing well performed; Pidekso on guitars is just f***ing genius with a songwriting almost f***ing perfect having as only flaws to include some repetitive and less successful parts but in general delivering a majestic brutal f***ing job; and finally Angga on drums doing also an amazing job and knowing very well how to deal with groovy and blasting f***ing parts! "Birth of Abomination" is 31 minutes of pure f***ing awesomeness perhaps being not totally perfect but creating some brutal death metal being not weak by sharing a few groovy parts showing a lot of bands how to do their job due to the big influence from true old skull brutal death and also, of course, their addictive composition is completely f***ing brilliant! Decapitate Hatred just offered a near perfect debut f***ing album having everything to please by its catchiness and brutality which are the main f***ing aspects of its f***ing success and "Birth of Abomination" is without any f***ing doubt a mandatory f***ing shit for all sickheads worldwide! Brilliant Insane F***ing Groovy Shitty Piece of Pure F***ing Brutality! 9.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews on 25 December 2016 and is used here with his kind permission.]

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