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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Fadly of FEAR talks with VALERIAN, 26/1/14 (Surabaya Crossover Thrash)

My interview with Fadly of Fear (Surabaya thrash-metal crossover), Inferno Music Studio & Rock Shop, Surabaya, 26 January 2014
Interpretation where necessary by: Dimas (Valerian Guitarist) & Verrel (Valerian Drummer)
Extra Comments and Extra Questions by: Dimas & Verrel
Fear is: Fadly – Vocal; Prass – Guitar; Lauren - bass; and Keti - drums

Jack Frost: First please tell us the history of the band...
Fadly: Actually Fear is a side-project band mixed with other bands. The band Fear was formed in 2012. The band’s genre is thrash-metal crossover influenced by Municipal Waste and Violator. When we were formed we directly created our own songs. We went to the recording studio and created our own mini-album EP Rage Em All.  

JF: How many songs on the album?
F: Just two, an EP. Usually when we have a live concert we cover Slayer, Toxic Holocaust, and Suicidal Tendencies. In the middle of 2013, between May and June, we promoted our own mini-album in Bali and Java.

Verrel (Valerian Drummer): How was the reaction?
F: Good. We played in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Kediri, Jakarta, and Solo.

JF: Which label released the EP?
F: Self-released, only 100 copies.

JF: What are your plans for the future of the band?
F: We plan for a full album. We will finish it by the middle of the year.

Dimas (Valerian Guitarist): Why did you choose crossover thrash-metal? Thrash is rare in Surabaya.
F: We want to be different from the other bands.

Interviewers Dimas Valerian (left) and Verrel Valerian
Verrel: What is your favourite thrash-metal album?
F: Kill Em All.

Verrel: Why?
F: I think it is the best album by Metallica.

JF: Other favourite albums?
F: Municipal Waste – Art of Partying and Warbringer – Waking into Nightmares.

JF: Your favourite band in Surabaya?
F: Devadata (hardcore).

JF: What do you think about the metal community in Surabaya?
F: There is a gap within the community in Surabaya. Black-metal, death-metal, and power-metal each have their own communities. It’s not really integrated.

JF: Have you got any other bands or side-projects?
F: Humanure (grindcore) and Bvas (stoner rock).

JF: How do you think the Surabaya scene can improve?
F: We should be more united. Fear does not play only in the metal scene but also in the mainstream scene. We play anywhere. We are not identified only with the metal scene. Fear will play anywhere including school parades and cultural festivals such as Surabaya Expo. So we can show the audience, ordinary people, that this is metal. Whether they like it or not is not a big deal. We showcase the music to the audience – this is me, this is Fear.

JF: Do you know Busuk Webzine and do you have any comment?
F: I saw it on Facebook. My comment is that it is good. It’s great because it covers any kind of bands.

JF: How many songs are there for the new album?
F: Ten.

JF: How many are ready now?
F: Four songs are totally finished.

JF: Do you have a title yet?
F: Rage the Lightning.

Verrel (Valerian Drummer): What are the lyrical themes?
F: Social things and politics.

Verrel: Please explain more what you mean by “social”...
F: Daily life.

JF: Struggle?
F: Ya, the lyrics tell about the struggle of people in Indonesia – how they struggle in their life...

JF: What is the language of the lyrics?
F: Mix of Bahasa Indonesian and Inggris.

JF: Have you got any favourite band from Bandung?
F: Alice (hardcore punk, Celtic punk).

JF: Lastly, what is your message to the fans?

F: Keep honest in making music and in all other things in life!

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