Tuesday 27 October 2015

SINGLE REVIEW: BATOSAY (Jakarta Power Metal) - "Eagle Hunt", 8/10/2015

Left to Right: Renggo Mawadah (soldier metal-lover); Rhona (Batosay Vokalis); Erick Mortis (Anastasya Bassist); and Reddy (Batosay Bassist). The sky is always blue in Power-metal Land even in Jakarta!
Batosay's Eagle Hunt is a great alternative to the ones who miss the good old-school power metal. The song start with powerful guitars, being followed by more nice guitar riffs and solid drumworks. A short keyboard line is also present, but the sound keeps it's more straightforward direction for the longest part of the song, which is really good, considering how crowded Power Metal's sound has become nowadays. I am a big fan of giant bombastic songs with orchestral tracks to the bones, but it is really nice to have an alternative to this style where we can enjoy the most of a more clean, guitar-driven song. And talking about Batosay's work, those are guitars which are pleasant to listen to, the leads are absolutely delightful and the solo is just like any power metal catchy single should be: full of energy and intention. Batosay delivers an excellent guitar work and, complemented with the also excellent bass work, we have a recipe for success. Vocal-wise, the singer [Rhona] shows a lot of potential and a very beautiful voice color on the lower tones, showing that he has a hidden power which can be uncovered on his full-body voice, but this power is being hindered by the constant and, if you allow me to say, unnecessary use of high pitched notes. In some cases less is more and I can see his voice growing and beautiful new aspects of it being uncovered if the super-high head voiced notes became more of an ornament than a constant through his work. Overall, I give a big "YES" to Batosay's Eagle Hunt and can't wait to listen to their upcoming EP [by Drake Chrisdensen for BUSUK CHRONICLES].

BAND BIO. Batosay formed in 2006 is Power Metal from Indonesia based in Ciamis, they will release their first EP "Eagle Hunt" via Interlude Records. Containing 6 songs taken from their single last year and one single release in 2015 with lyrical theme about love and fantasy. Release date and artwork will be revealed soon.

EP Tracklist: 1. Eagle Hunt 2. Last Fortune 3. Lost Angel 4. Your Mistake 5. Horizon 6. Horizon (New Version)

A special thanks to: UCIK (Fauzi Nurul Amin) for providing this information.

28 September 2015

Check new single "Eagle Hunt":
Rhona Batosay (vokalis BATOSAY, Jakarta Power Metal)
Power Speed Community, pictured are members of Lentera (Surabaya), Umbra Mortis (Jakarta), Anastasya (Subang), and Batosay (Jakarta)

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