Saturday 27 February 2016


Introduction: We often know very little about the musicians that make up the underground metal scene. So think of these questions as taking you 13 Steps closer to knowing the heart and soul of underground metal musician - what’s inside their head and what makes them tick. Enjoy \m/
Jason: Hi how are you, any chance I throw a few small questions at you if it's no inconvenience?
Jason: 1 Which do you prefer - whiskey or beer? Whiskey of course, for fucksake
2 What's your view on marijuana? Should it be legalized or not? I dont smoke any but I do support legalize marijuana.
3. What is the reasoning behind your opinion? Marijuana many used as therapy and medication.
4 Most memorable music show you attend? To name a few: Suffocation 2004, Guns N Roses 2012, Metallica 2014
5 Who is your favorite non Metal singer? Axl Rose
6 And who is your favorite non Metal Band? Guns N Roses
7 If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? Vatican
8 If it's not too personal for me to ask, are you religious? Fuck no.
9 What do you think of the metal situation ATM? Metal scene for Indonesia is entering the stagnant and hiatus period, I think. But I dont care. We'll keep on playing and producing music.
10 Do you believe anyone can ever be too old to play metal? Will you ever be too old for metal? I do believe. Just like you. Too old for this shit. LMFAO
11 Have you ever hooked up with your fans? Never. Coz I got no fans. I only got friends.
12 If you could be reincarnated what or who would you like to come back as? As GOD. I'd destroy all things causing war and hatred in the world. Faith and religion.
13  Would you like to come back at all? No. The world is too cruel. I am so horny.
[By Jason Xenophobic and used here with his kind written permission.]

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