Friday 26 February 2016


Introduction: We often know very little about the musicians that make up the underground metal scene. So think of these questions as taking you 13 Steps closer to knowing the heart and soul of underground metal musicians - what’s inside their head and what makes them tick. Enjoy \m/
Jason: Hi how are you, any chance I can throw a few small questions at you if it's no inconvenience?
Jason1: Which do you prefer - whiskey or beer?
Popo: Beer - for chilling out.
2 What's your view on marijuana? Should it be legalized or not?
Whether it is legalised or not for me it's not an issue.
3 What is the reasoning behind your opinion?
I'm thinking as Indonesian people tend to think in general - about their daily life, work, survival and family - rather than just thinking about marijuana legalization.
4 Most memorable music show you attend?
Every performer is good because I think they try to entertain people who come to see them - I appreciate that.
5 Who is your favourite non Metal singer?
Waljina. She’s the legend of Keroncong, Gito Rolies (rip), Anggun c casmi, Daniel Sahuleka.
6 And who is your favourite non Metal Band?
Bob Marley and the Wailers, Lynyrd Skynyrd.
7 If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?
All around the world. I believe nothing is impossible these days so I want to play on many stages with my band to prove that bands with a female vocalist can succeed and can be accepted by many people, given the support and stop discriminating against bands with female vocalists because we’re all the same trying to survive in this scene.
8 If it's not too personal for me to ask, are you religious?
Only I know.
9 What do you think of the metal situation ATM?
I think metal scene today is bigger than before. There are so many followers who make metal a trend. Sometimes its hard to differentiating between real metal fans, possers, and groupies. For the future I hope metal is not merely a trend!
10 Do you believe anyone can ever be too old to play metal? Will you ever be too old for metal?
Never too old to play music. I believe anyone who loves music will always have a young spirit as they will be playing music as long as they can, as long as they want and as long as they still have the passion. I’ll never be old as long as I still love metal.
11 Have you ever hooked up with your fans?
12 If you could be reincarnated what or who would you like to come back as?
International model ha ha
13  Would you like to come back at all?
I wouldn't come back because the world is full of fake people. There are so many people trying to look nice and sweet in the beginning. But people like that are scarier than any kind of horror monster.
[By Jason Xenophobic and used here with his kind written permission.]

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