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My slamming interview with TURBIDITY (Bandung, Indonesia slamming death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James
Interpretation and extra comments during interview by: Popo (vocalist of DEMONS DAMN, Bandung death-metal).
Interview: 10 October 2011 at Dada’s shop Deathstar Tattoo at Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung.
TURBIDITY is: Dada Rosadeath (vocals), Daniel (guitar), Iko (drums), Mamay (bass).

TURBIDITY live @ East Bandung, 9/10/2011
Kieran James: Hi, Dada, Daniel. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. It was a great show last night [9 October 2011, East Bandung]. First of all can you tell me how the band started out and when?

Popo: They started out when they hang out together. They just tried not to make a real band, just a project, because they each then had their own bands. They just tried to make some project.

Daniel: The real band was inactive. We then made Turbidity as the real band. This was 14 February 2008, St Valentine’s Day. [KJ: A second St Valentine’s Day Massacre was the founding of Turbidity, slamming brutal death! Read about the original St Valentine’s Day Massacre on Wikipedia.]

Popo: They went from the first band and concentrated on Turbidity. They changed formations until they had three personnel: Dada (vocal), Daniel (guitar), and Iko (drums).

Dada: Until we made the album Suffering of Human Decapitated we still had three personnel. After the album we invited in the bass player from Error Brain.

KJ: What has been the response to the album?

Dada: There has been a good response to the album…

Daniel: Ours is the first slamming band in Indonesia to make the album.

Dada: After we made the album the invitations for the shows came and we had many schedules for the shows in Bandung and the other cities. Many record labels from other countries want to release our album and many bands from other countries want to make split album with us.

KJ: Just curious, where is the Turbidity name from?

Daniel: Before the band changed to Turbidity we had a name Human Flesh. [KJ: If anyone is wondering, the Wikipedia definition of Turbidity is: “Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by individual particles (suspended solids) that are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in air”].

KJ: Tell me what the Turbidity fans are like?

Dada: It starts at teenagers up until people who are long established in the death-metal community. It’s not only death-metal and slamming [fans] who like the album but the punk community likes the sound of the album [too].

Daniel: We have many fans who are hot chicks, Turbiyem, Lover Girl.

Dada: Joke! [laughs].

Daniel: No, it’s real!

[All laugh.]

KJ: What are the biggest festivals you have played?

Dada: Bandung Berisik 4, Bandung Death Fest 4, Rock in Solo, and Bali Metal Fest.

[KJ note: Dada then showed us video-clips of Turbidity playing at Bandung Death Fest 4 when Bobby Rock of Bleeding Corpse joined Dada on stage for guest vocals.]

KJ: Why do you like to play death-metal?

Daniel: Because death-metal is the hardest music, most technical, it’s hard to play and to understand. For Turbidity the top play [best time] for the band is when we play death-metal. … Like orgasm [all laugh]…We feel orgasm in the band when we play death-metal!

KJ: What was the feeling of playing in front of the festival crowd?

Daniel: First we felt nervous then after we played more than two songs we enjoyed, more people came and we felt excited.

KJ: What do you think of the Bandung death-metal scene?

Dada: Solid…

Daniel: Huge community, we support each other; all of the genres in Bandung support each other. There are good relationships between the genres.

KJ: Who helped you the most when you were a young band?

Daniel: All of the friends in the community who hang out together. We help each other because we have the same vision.

KJ: Are there any problems in playing death-metal here?

Daniel: The stomach was far too big to move…It felt hard to move around and play guitar because the stomach was in the way [laughs]. We had found some problems to play death-metal. We have [now] understood to play death-metal.

KJ: Are you working on second album?

Daniel: We plan to have second album, making songs mixing hardcore and death-metal. We will not change the lyrics, still about suffering, bleeding, mutilation [and] murder.

KJ: What goals have you got for the future?

Mamay (bassist): European tour, but it’s just a dream.

Daniel: To still exist. Until the end of the day we want to make albums and still exist as Turbidity.

KJ: What other jobs or businesses do the band members have?

Dada: Tattoos.

Mamay: Artist, debt-collector [everyone smiles]. The drummer is still in university.

[KJ note: Drummer Iko was not free to join us for the interview.]

Daniel: I’m coach for the dolphins; I teach them about dancing [laughs].

KJ: Oh, really, where?

Popo: Haha, they trap you!

KJ: Waah, I thought it’s real, like in Singapore where they have such places.

KJ: What is the progress on the new album?

Iko (drums) and Daniel (guitar), East Bandung, 9/10/2011
Daniel: We are 40% finished, we plan 2012 release, four songs are written, new album title Pathological Gore! One of our songs on the next album is about woman who makes their heart broken. Title is: “The Angel with the Black Wings”. I have one girlfriend but more I wish, I joke but I’m also serious!

KJ: Why do you think metal is so popular in Indonesia?

Daniel: We want to spread metal to the small city [and] to the village. We want Indo to become the metal country.

KJ: Dada, you wear a cap onstage with communist symbol of hammer-and-sickle. Do you believe in communism?

Dada: I believe in communism, in Indonesia it is illegal [the symbol as well is illegal].

KJ: I always end it this way. What is your message for the fans?

Daniel: No glam, just f***ing slam!

KJ: Thanks everyone and Popo. Best wishes for the new album. Thanks for talking with me. Contact.

Band: Contact!


TURBIDITY, February 2011 line-up. Left to Right: Dada (vocals), Iko (drums), Mamay (bass), Daniel (guitar). Dada and Mamay have since left the band.
Daniel Turbidity discusses the food order with the waitress while Bobby Bleeding Corpse and Popo Demons Damn look on @ Bandung, 9 October 2011.
Left to Right: Bobby Bleeding Corpse, Dada Turbidity, Daniel Turbidity, Kieran James, Mamay Turbidity, Casper Hell Turbidity (Manager) @ Bandung, 10 October 2011.

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