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NEW INTERVIEW: Corey Athos talks with MORGUE SUPPLIER (Chicago, IL., USA Death Metal), 13/4/2016

Corey Athos1:  - I want to start off by thanking you for the interview.. tell us about Morgue Supplier? Members, history, the works..
Paul Gillis (vocalist, MORGUE SUPPLIER): Anytime, it is our pleasure. That is a massive & long story to say the least. We are from Chicago, Illinois USA and started in 1997 as Jugular Appetizer. By 1999 we became Morgue Supplier. We have gone through many members throughout the years,  played countless shows with bands from all over the world such as Gorguts, Immolation, Incantation, Grave, Goatwhore, Possessed, Nocturnus, etc...,  and most importantly went fucking nuts as often as possible. We have a pretty long and detailed biography, and if you want to check it out visit us @
2 - You recently signed with my label Obscure Musick, what sparked that connection?
Actually, Shaune Kelley of Flesh Consumed/Dim Mak pointed me in the direction of the label...
3 - We(Flesh Consumed) played with you guys in Chicago, your home town, back on Bloodletting Tour 7 in 2010 and I was blown away.  What do you think makes a good live show?
Hell yeah, that show was a blast, I remember it well. We love energy on stage. For us, we like to get pretty aggressive on stage. Once that flow of energy and surge of intensity kick in, there’s no holding back, that’s for damn sure. Our shows have been known to get out of hand, haha.. Stage presence isn’t the most important thing, but it sure does help.
4 - If I had to label you guys besides utter chaos, completely tight with great production that I have compared to Gorguts’ album Obscura I would have to say extreme metal because you are one of those extremely deep and layered bands that you are constantly hearing new things with each listen and completely unique.. What influences Morgue Supplier?
Well, that is a great compliment, thank you. We definitely are influenced by many, many things and the multiple layers of our music is a testament to that. Personally and lyrically; society and just life and death in general tend to be what interests us when corresponding with this band, and it resonates in the lyrical output.  Musically we are influenced by a multitude of bands/artists/styles. We really have no limits... As long as it is dark as fuck we will incorporate it.
5 - What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve experienced on stage or at a show in general?
Wow, we’ve seen many a fucked up thing, haha. We used to have two vocalists up to about 2006. Moe was the other vocalist, and he used to throw up all over the stage and crowd sometimes. It was pretty fucking disgusting, haha.  & Let’s see, another one;  I was at a Deicide show in 1999 and a bunch of skinheads starting attacking our then bass player, Bill in the pit. I jumped in and punched a dude in the head super hard. My hand exploded and the bones were sticking through my skin. It was pretty fucked up... I drove myself to the hospital, had surgery, and had to learn how to use my hand again after months of therapy. I have a metal plate in there now.. Yeah, it fucking sucked, haha.
6 - You’ve played with a large number of big acts, which were your favorites and why?
Let’s see... Well, Gorguts was a huge honor to play with. Everyone in Morgue Supplier is a big fan of Gorguts, and we were really amped up for that one. Great show. Origin was on the bill as well. Vicious, vicious show.  Another great one was with Grave. It was super fucking packed, and the place was up for grabs. The energy level was way up there. Also, the shows we played with Anal Cunt were ALWAYS a total fucking blast. Just total insanity. Especially the one with Anal Cunt and Anal Blast. People were going fucking crazy. I can’t even explain it. Total chaos.
7 -  What lyrical themes do you explore?
Usually I tend to write about personal struggles, or the struggles of life and death in general. Also, corruption and hypocrisy are touched upon quite often as well. Rarely are my lyrics fictitious.
8 - What are your future plans for Morgue Supplier?
To promote the hell out of the upcoming eponymous album. We want to spread it EVERYWHERE and then also to start doing some great shows again.. It’s time. Also, we’re hoping to get on some good festivals.
9 - Would you consider this your debut full length even though you’ve had previous releases, in other words, is this a fresh start in a way?
I wouldn’t consider it our debut, no. I mean, we have been around for almost 20 years... But I would definitely consider it to be the next chapter. We are at our most vicious, yet diverse and proficient. The time is now for us. In 2016/2017 Morgue Supplier will leave a huge mark.
10 - You (Paul) have been doing vocals for over two decades, any advice for up and coming vocalists that look up to you?
Don’t smoke cigarettes(I did for a loooong time, and it just makes things harder). Use your stomach, not your throat. Don’t try to be the deepest, just try to be the best @ what your voice does naturally. Then morph it if you want, once you’ve mastered what you have naturally.
11 -  I love your guys sound and the whole package.  You’ve presented a great album for Obscure Musick to run with..what would you like to achieve with OM?
Thank you very much. We put a lot of work into it. We crafted this album. It is by far our finest moment, and we are very proud of it.
We would love for OM to help spread our name all over the world to the best of their ability. From there the music will speak for itself. We want promotion and exposure for the band.
12 - Tell us about the current lineup?
I, Paul Gillis am vocalist/lyricist/songwriter.
Eric Bauer is guitarist/songwriter
Stephen Reichelt is bassist/songwriter
We are currently in the process of looking for a new drummer. It is not an easy slot to fill, and we are being very picky as to whom we choose.
13 - What elements define the sound of Morgue Supplier?
A cohesion of intensity and musicality.
Our Facebook page describes us as:
“No gimmicks. No trends... Just pure, from the soul, intensity rendered at an expert level”.
I’d say that basically sums it up.
We take pride in sounding like ourselves. Fuck all these cookie-cutter bands out there doing the same shit. We want no part in that.
14 - How is the scene in your area? (shows, bands)
It is active. Lots of shows. We’ve played soooo many, with many killer bands coming through town. There are also a lot of good bands from Chicago. Although we don’t always necessarily fit stylistically.. Overall, I’d say the scene here is “ok”. Nothing to rave about, but not bad either... Plenty of killer people involved, but also plenty of retards as well.
15 - Busuk webzine is based out of Indonesia, what would you like to say to the Morgue Supplier fans and potential fans from that region of earth?
Hopefully you find what we do to your liking. If so, spread the word about us like the fucking plague. We want every motherfucker to know the name Morgue Supplier.
16 - That about wraps it up, and final words?
Thank you very much for your time. Be prepared. We are coming.
Thank you guys so much for the interview, I look forward to working with you guys and getting to be apart in the evolution of Morgue Supplier!!
[By Corey Athos for Busuk Chronicles.]

There are two sick official videos from the new album.
Here they are:

"Cultic Rape"

"End of Self"

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