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NEW SAFFAR INTERVIEW: "Religious lyrics will now be mixed with social and historical", 18/7/2016 (Bandung)

SAFFAR band, April 2012. Left to Right: Parjo (vocals), Iyenk (drums), Acil (guitar), and Ramon (drums).
My second interview with SAFFAR (Bandung Brutal Death Metal)
Interpretation by: Popo Demons Damn (vocalist, DEMONS DAMN band) and Butche (vocalist, THE CRUEL band)
Date: 18 July 2016 @ D-Throne Records, Cicaheum, Bandung
SAFFAR is: Gilang Acil Saffar (guitar / vocals), Ramon (bass), Iyenk (drums), and Gabriel (additional vocalist for Bandung gigs only). The band looks for additional bassist until Ramon recovers from sickness.

Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles: What is the situation with the band members now?

Gilang Acil Saffar (guitarist): For now we plan to continue with two persons. We are still waiting for Ramon to recover from sickness.

KJ: Can the band still play on the stage or do you need additional members?

Acil: We are trying to get an additional bass player.

KJ: When is the next show due for Saffar?

Acil: 24 July 2016 in Indramayu.

KJ: Are you playing at Groupies Death Fest on 30 July 2016?

Acil: No.

KJ: So who is doing the vocals?

Acil: Me.

KJ: Is there a plan to get a new vocalist?

Popo Demons Damn: If they have gigs in Bandung they usually ask a friend Gabriel from Zainabur (black / death band) to do the vocals. If they have a gig in other cities they play with only two people as Gabriel has work commitments.

KJ: Do you plan to get a new vocalist for a new album?

Acil: We had a plan but we now focus first on getting the bass player situation resolved. We are collecting the songs for the new album. The material is ready except for the vocals.

BUSUK CHRONICLES' first band interview, April 2012
KJ: How many songs are completed?

Acil: Five songs. We have confusion over whether to make an EP or an album.

KJ: Will Saffar always have religious lyrics?

Acil: I think religious themes will be mixed with social and historical.

KJ: Who will write the lyrics for the new album?

Acil: Only Iyenk and I will write the songs and the lyrics. For the second album Ramon may be involved in the writing process. It will be better if we can finish the [instrumental] song materials first. And maybe Popo can help me to write lyrics too!

Popo: After Demons Damn lyrics are finished, yes? Because I am collecting lyrics for my album right now.

Acil: Yes.

Popo: I think it is a good idea for you to find a new vocalist who can make the lyrics for the next album.

KJ: Why did the original vocalist Parjo leave?

Acil: Parjo left the band because he wanted to work in his family’s doctors’ clinic. He will continue what his parents built. Parjo is still continuing his study in college. He also got married and is more focused on work and family. He had a problem because he lives far from Bandung so it was difficult for him to meet with the other band members.

KJ: Perhaps you could ask Parjo to write the lyrics because his lyrics help to make Saffar unique.

Acil: For the next album I cannot ask Parjo to make lyrics for Saffar because it would be hard for me to explain the meaning of the lyrics to the fans. Only Parjo knows the meaning of his deep lyrics.

Popo: Now the lyrics will undergo a major change to incorporate social and historical themes to add to the religious themes.

KJ: Are you part of One Finger Movement and if not do you support One Finger Movement?

Acil: Personally I try to be natural. I play Death Metal first and foremost and am not oriented towards One Finger Movement.

KJ: What is the meaning of the first album title Mandatory El Arshy?

Acil: “El Arshy” is Arabian, the meaning is “sky”. The meaning is “coming from the sky”.

KJ: Please explain more.

Acil: Coming from the God, you know? The people say: God lives in the sky, God is everywhere. That is why the people say: God is coming from the sky. The sky is the highest place on this planet. We just say “in the sky” meaning God because the sky is the highest place in this planet. [This answer was interpreted into English by Butche.]

KJ: Butche, any questions or comments?

Butche (vocalist, The Cruel): Saffar is good Death Metal music because it is different from all the others in terms of the sound.

KJ: Have you got any comment about Sickles band from Madura?

Acil: Yes, I know Arie [Hardiyanto] from Sickles. Sickles is a kind of Death Metal band which mixes the local culture with the metal music. It is good collaboration music.

KJ: Do you think that Saffar will always continue?

Acil: Yes, I hope that Saffar will continue to exist. I still hope Saffar can be different from the other bands.

Popo: This is why I do not agree with what they say in other cities that all bands in Bandung follow the style of Jasad. Identity is made through both lyrics and music and Saffar has a unique identity.

KJ: What is the message for the fans of Saffar?

Acil: We still exist and our new songs will be different to other bands. Our style is always different from other bands.

KJ: When will you be able to release the new album?

Acil: Next year 2017.

KJ: Do you know the record label?

Acil: Two or three record labels are trying to make a deal with us but we are still waiting to record the EP material.

KJ: Will you record without a vocalist?

Acil: Yes, just the instrumental. But when we get an additional vocalist and the bassist returns we will record the vocals and the final version.

KJ: Will you get a new bassist or wait for Ramon?

Acil: At the moment we are getting additional bassist only but we do not want to make a permanent change of bassist. We will wait for Ramon to return. 

"Mandatory El Arshy" official videoclip:
Kieran James (third from left, back row) and John Yoedi (fourth from left, back row) from Busuk Chronicles meet Saffar band members @ Ujung Berung, Bandung, April 2012.

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