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NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with DEIFORMITY (Sydney Death Metal), by Collin Brophy, 18/11/16

Deiformity (Sydney Death Metal) Interview, by Collin Brophy
Collin Brophy (Busuk Chronicles). Hello how is everyone in Deiformity going?
Deiformity. Great thanks. It's just me Paulie (drums) answering, so I'll answer in the first person as myself instead of talking about the band in the third person... so it doesn't feel weird.

C. Brophy. Deiformity was formed back in February 2016 but it was only made public in November that Deiformity even existed. Why did it take so long for it to be announced that Deiformity even existed and what was behind waiting so long for it to be announced?
Paulie (drummer). We wrote all the material before learning our parts and hitting the rehearsal room, so we needed to fully complete certain goals to reach the stage where we had something more than just a name and a logo to offer everyone.

C. Brophy. How did you guys come up with the band name?
Paulie. Adrian and Loz came up with the name. We were after a single-word band name that wasn't taken yet, which proved to be very hard! It took us a while with probably thousands of suggestions that were either taken or had been done in the past. That was a hilarious few weeks; we could have been called many things. In the end Deiformity was a no brainer; its meaning resonated with all of us. 

C. Brophy. Can you give me a brief history of the band?
Paulie. It started off with Loz and me working together on another project. We decided to abandon that and work together on something new with a set system to get a new band established and get us back onstage. We then formed up with Adrian Williamson to begin the writing process. Instantly the drive was there and we started hammering straight into it. Half-way through the writing process we called on our good mate Rob Piersen who has been shredding away for years to take up the second guitar and he's exactly what we needed. Finally, Loz convinced Chris Tuckley to join on bass once most of the material was written and he started joining us in the rehearsal room. 

C. Brophy. Who came up with the logo for Deformity?
Paulie. Loz did. The original was a Pencil drawing. The band instantly loved it.

C. Brophy. Can you introduce the band members and what roles they play in Deiformity?
Paulie. We have got Loz from Hell Itself on vocals.
Paulie - (ex-Daemon Foetal harvest) on drums.
Adrian - (ex-Viscera) on guitars
Rob - (fresh meat) on guitars
Chris - (ex-New Blood) on Bass

C. Brophy. How long have you all known each other?
Paulie. A fair few years now, but within a decade I'd say; it is hard to pin-point.

C. Brophy.
How did you meet?
Paulie. The Sydney Death metal scene. We have all been friends amongst friends and around each other for years. Again, it’s just one of those random things you can't really pin-point.

C. Brophy. What inspired you to make music together?
Paulie. We just wanted to play some fat death metal with each other as a group of mates and enjoy the piss out of it.

C. Brophy. What can you tell me about your instruments? (i.e., are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever's available?)
C. Brophy. What made you choose the instruments you have now?
Paulie. Personally, for me on drums, I hate house kits... it never feels like the same instrument for me. I am still using my gear from six years ago when I last played.  The cymbals I use are a mish-mash of good shit that was at the right price at the right time. But coming back, I'd say every time I crack one I'd be replacing them with Rech cymbals from Australia. They sound wicked and are good value too. Still using my old Pearl export kit which is great for the road. Nothing wrong with it. Aesthetically it is so beaten to shit that its character is growing on me. Still using Axis long board pedals with Ekit triggers for monitoring. They are perfect. I ain't changing what ain't broke.
Adrian (guitarist1). B.C.Rich Icon V with a single EMG 81 P/UP, Mesa Boogies 100 watt Dual Rectifier, Vader Custom 480 watt Cabinet, Marshall JCM 900 100 WATT Cabinet Maxon O.D. 808 Overdrive , BOSS NS2 Noise Suppressor and a BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner. Strings are S.I.T. Power Wound 12-52's.
Rob (guitarist2). ironbird standard, 150 watt LINE6 SPYDER 3, JCM 900 350 WATT A Cabinet, boss ns2 noise suppressor s.i.t power wound 12-52, chose instruments because they are built for metal, and just absolutely deliver what you want them to. They are great to play and look great.
Chris (bassist). (too busy working or punching shit to answer)
Loz (vocalist). A lead pipe in the study.

C. Brophy. What made you choose the instruments you have now?
Paulie. For me personally, cymbals were just a matter of getting the right price for the quality of sound. They all break the same. My pearl kit was through Billy Hyde’s back in the day, they mainly sold Pearl over Tama. So I got the red one. The Axis long board’s pedals I chose originally to assist with speed but now I use them with the Ekit triggers for monitoring which other pedals can't do without using acoustic triggers that make life hard.
Adrian. Based on legendary bands/guitarists who use similar and the crushing guitar tones they got from them.
Rob. Because they are built for metal, and just absolutely deliver what you want them to. They are great to play and look great.
Loz. I make memes.

C. Brophy. Who writes your songs?
Paulie. Adrian writes the guitars. I write drums to that and maybe play around with the structure, and then Loz writes vocals over the top. 

C. Brophy. What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Paulie. War. The band didn't start with a set theme or topic, but these themes came naturally to Loz. I figured if he was writing the lyrics and had to sing them, we should leave the themes completely up to him. And we all really dig the direction in which he has taken us.

C. Brophy. Do you think these topics will change over time? 
Paulie. Yeah could do. But everything we have currently written is all war at the moment.

C. Brophy. Could you briefly describe the music-making process? 
Paulie. We decided not to work in the traditional sense of jamming together, writing in a rehearsal room and trying to remember what we played for the next week. We all have full-time jobs working various hours, have family and other commitments, so we decided that we were all competent enough to learn our parts at home and turn up and play when we could get together. So we went with the sending files back and forth approach, writing the guitars to click, then I write and lay down drums, then Loz records vocals. Once we had enough material written and recorded, we would then go into rehearsal mode to get ready to go live.

C. Brophy. What bands do you like / influence your style?
Paulie. Too many to name those we like. I'd say this band is heavily influenced by Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower and old school death metal in general.

C. Brophy. As a new metal band what can we expect from Deiformity that we don’t already get from metal bands in Sydney?
Paulie. We just want to play some fat death metal, together as mates, for the front row head-bangers to head-bang their arses off to. We are not here to offer anything different from anyone else because we are not comparing ourselves to anyone else. We all love Death metal. We all love playing death metal - so we started a death metal band and these are the songs we write. We tried to make them as catchy and as brutal as we could. Hope ya like' em! That's about all there is to it.

C. Brophy. Can you tell us about the metal scene from where you are from and can you recommend any bands?
Paulie. We are all from Sydney. Sydney has very few venues and a generally tight-knit community of metal-heads as a result. Always up for a drink and a good time no matter what bands are on. Some of us have been a part of it since the early 90's and it's our primary social circle. We wouldn't have it any other way. There is some cool new shit on the scene: Golgothan Remains, Horrisonous and The Plague. Murder World and Darker Half still kick arse. 

C. Brophy. What are your goals and plans for the band?
Paulie. Go live and record.

C. Brophy. What’s your ultimate direction for your band?
Paulie. Just write and play some fat death and enjoy the piss out of it.

C. Brophy.
How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
Paulie. We only have one demo released on youtube so far with more to come.
We are still in the process of getting ready to record. We should have a few out by the time these lines are read [see links below for four tracks].

C. Brophy. Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD? 
Paulie. Only Facebook and youtube at the moment.

C. Brophy. Deiformity unleashed their first ever song back on the 9th November 2016 called “Corpse Stomper”, what has been the response from the public to the song?
Paulie. Pretty awesome. We are really happy with the response.

C. Brophy. Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support since forming Deiformity?
Paulie. Yes. Loz, for covering everyone at rehearsals when we forget to pay and drive off.

C. Brophy. Any last words?
Paulie. We should be releasing some more demos soon. Hope you enjoy them and come out to head-bang with us live in 2017. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and add us on facebook for updates.

C. Brophy. Once again thank the guys from Deiformity for the privilege of doing this interview with them, it’s been an honour.
Paulie. cheers. \m/

1 "Corpse Stomper":
2 "Twist the Blade":
3 "Cadaver Factory":
4 Cloud of Ash

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