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CD REVIEW: KREMATIST (Jakarta Progressive Death Metal) - "Pasukan Neraka", by Collin Brophy, 19/11/16

Krematist Pasukan Neraka Album Review, by Collin Brophy

Krematist is a five-piece progressive death metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia which was formed back in 2011. The band has had numerous releases and also songs on compilations and a live DVD and it has quite a large following not only in Indonesia, but in all parts of the world.

*Split Demo Krematist /Doom For Butcher (2011) D.I.Y.
*EP CD version Krematist -self titled (2011) D.I.Y.
*Dam Project compilation (2012) released by Amy Lee
*Philosophy II compilation (2012) released by Brother Banger records.
*Metal Distorsi compilation (2013) released by Metal Harmony production.
*DVD live Sumpiuh Mrindink 10 (2013) released by Cavalera distribution.
*Indonesian Underground 3 (2014) released by Edel Weiss production.
*EP cassette tape Krematology (2014) released by Sic Fanatics records.
*Creepy ultimate underground compilation (2014) released by Bijikopi records.
*Darkness Hours compilation (2014) released by Tukang Bakar Mayat production.
*Metal Fanatik cassette compilation (2014) released by Sic Fanatics records.

Band Members:  Phuput - Vocals (2011- present); Beng - Guitars (2011- present); Dawen - Guitars (2011- present); Uya - Drums (2011- present); and Sonny - Bass (2011- present).
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia.
Genre: Progressive Death Metal.

Krematist in English means “incendiary" and judging by some of the influences which include, Death, Carcass, Dismember, Twisted Into For, Bolt Thrower and Gorod just to name a few as well as Krandamayat  (Jakarta Death Trash Metal), and with lyrical themes such as Hell, Slaughter and Trapped In Disbelief, then you can understand why they play some awesome death metal.

New Album: Pasukan Neraka running time 37 Minutes.
Tracks: 1. Intro, 2. Memenggal Eksistensi Surga, 3. Meronta, 4. Showing Blod Toxin, 5. Slaughter The Traitor, 6. Song Of Dirty Mongrel, 7. Tafsir Ayat Terakhir, 8. Your Story Like Pornstar.

Guest Vocalist:  Putri on “Song of Dirty Mongrel” (from Goth metal band Leaving Stories).

Pasukan Neraka starts off with an Intro which is calm and relaxing and after that, well you are thrown into 35 odd minutes of complete chaos and mayhem. Some of the drumming on Pasukan Neraka is just insane and very brutal at times, and the riffs and solos on Pasukan Neraka are truly amazing. Many times I have been doing air guitar on the train while listening to this album. We should not forget Sonny on Bass who rounds off an amazing album with all musicians complimenting each other’s playing ability. Phuput’s vocals are something else, very harsh and brutal at times. I wish I could do vocals like Phuput, very impressed.

On a track called “Song of Dirty Mongrel”, they had a very special guest, and that guest was none other the angelic vocalist of Indonesia’s Leaving Stories, Putri, what a truly amazing voice. I could listen to her voice all day, if you get the chance check her band out.

If you are into Progressive Death Metal or into any genre of metal then I recommend that you check that you Pasukan Neraka, even though Pasukan Neraka hasn’t got the highly polished sound and production like some bands which can ruin a great album. For me personally, I am glad it hasn’t because this is exactly how I think Krematist would sound live. I love the rawness of the album and you can feel the vocalist’s emotions through his voice.

I didn’t know what to expect before I heard Pasukan Neraka but I am now a huge fan. My stand-out tracks include “Memenggal Eksistensi Surga”, just an all-round head-banging track with really cool riffs and solo. The other stand-out track and my favourite is  “Song Of Dirty Mongrel” and I would have to say that the main reason is because of the unforgettable voice of Putri [by Collin Brophy for Busuk Chronicles].

If you want to check out Krematist please check out the links below.

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