Monday, 5 December 2016

NEWS: Raden Aces (GORE ANIMAL) joins DROP as new bass player (Tangerang Death Metal), 23/11/16

English: DROP band personnel Dewa (Bass Player) is not rejoining. His position was replaced by Raden Aces. Dewa is busy with work in his office job. Raden Aces has the ability to play quality bass. Now Raden Aces plays in two bands, namely DROP and Gore Animal [news and pictures sent by Facebook message from Sopyan Injector Morbifik, 21/11/2016]. DROP line-up: Gaber - vocal; Nyomeng - guitar; Wahyu - drums; and Raden Aces - bass.
GORE ANIMAL band (2016)

DROP band (2016), Tangerang Brutal Death Metal

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