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NEW INTERVIEW: Hardi tells why he left OUTRIGHT / TARING interview (Bandung Hardcore), 12/12/2014

TARING band with Hardi second from left
Our interview with Hardi and Angga of TARING (Bandung Hardcore Crossover)
By: Kieran James, Bobby Hydro, and Popo Demons Damn
Interpretation by: Popo Demons Damn
Expert Comments by: Popo Demons Damn
Date: 12 December 2014 @ Bandung
TARING is: Hardi (vocals / ex-OUTRIGHT), Angga (guitar / ex-BILLFOLD), Fery (bass), and Gegeg (drums)

TARING band, Hardi first on right
Kieran James: Please tell us the history of the band.

Hardi (vocalist / ex-OUTRIGHT): From the start it was a project band. It was formed by me and Angga. It started in 2007. In 2009 we had a break because we were busy with our bands OUTRIGHT (me) and BILLFOLD (Angga). Then in 2013 December we made a commitment to bring the band back. We asked Gegeg to play drums and Fery to play bass. Before we changed the band name it was called END OF LIFE. We included four old songs (from when we were using the original name) plus six new songs. The new album Nazar Palagan was made up of these ten songs. We featured with Butche the song titled “Amarah, Agresifitas Dan Liar”. We collaborated with Barus from GODLESS SYMPTOMS on “Seperti Tanpa Nyawa” and with Sarkaz (ex-HOMICIDE / now BARS OF DEATH) on “Gospel Nosferatu”. The album was released by Grimloc Records. We finished the album process within six months. The album was released on 10 October 2014. Now we are busy to promote the new album and to play more gigs.

KJ: Tell us your story of why you left OUTRIGHT because yesterday we interviewed OUTRIGHT and we heard their story.

Hardi: There was no person who resigned or fired. The reality is that the relationship between me and OUTRIGHT is very good now. We have no problems. I think Ricky now is not busy like before so I chose to rebirth END OF LIFE. When I tried to make my old band to be reborn I wanted to make it more serious. I cannot play with two bands. I chose to work with END OF LIFE instead of OUTRIGHT.

KJ: What is your comment about Bart saying that they could not push you far enough to improve your performance?

H:ardi What Bart said is true. The simple answer is my vocal style is more suited to TARING’s music than OUTRIGHT’s music. TARING music is tighter than OUTRIGHT.

KJ: What are your influences?

Angga (guitarist / ex-BILLFOLD): TOOL, SOUNDGARDEN, and MESHUGGAH. We try to mix between rock, metal, and HC.

KJ: Is it part of the plan to have more complex guitars than is usual in HC?

Angga: We did not plan this before but we try just to make the music flow.

Hardi: We think that the HC music is very uniform but we wanted to break the rules to create a new and special identity for the band. We play HC with a different style.

KJ: Have you got a plan to do another album?

Hardi: We have a plan to make a new album. We will make progress in the first half of next year [2015]. Now we are making and collecting new songs.

KJ: I heard your cover version of “Hey Ho Let’s Go” by THE RAMONES at your band rehearsal. Do you plan to include it on the new album?

Hardi: No, we will just perform it as a special song. We will do something special on the stage for the show Hellsound [13 December 2014] because it is our first anniversary. We are preparing for the show. It will be a special moment because we will be celebrating our first year anniversary. I think we will be happy and crazy.

Bobby Hydro: For the next album is it still with Grimloc Records or not?

H: We still do not know whether we will stay with them or not. Maybe we will still choose Grimloc Records because Grimloc has a smart way to promote bands. They have propaganda to promote the bands.

KJ: Will you consider playing full guitar solos for the new album?

Angga: Yes we will. We will have guitar solos.

KJ: What is your comment about OUTRIGHT’s second album Persistence?

Hardi: Awesome, they are still playing groovy like the first album. That is the character of OUTRIGHT.

Bobby Hydro: When you released your album did you organise your fan base?

Hardi: We made some data and we co-ordinated the fan base. We hope that this can allow a real fan base to develop. The name of the fan base is: KAUSA TAJAM.

KJ: Are your fans the same people as OUTRIGHT fans or are they different people?

Hardi: We do not know whether our fans like only TARING or whether they like both TARING and OUTRIGHT.

KJ But you have sang for both bands. Did you observe from the stage that the fan bases are different in any way?

Hardi: I think from onstage they look about the same.

KJ: We know that now OUTRIGHT is very big in East Java and in fact all over Indonesia. What about your band?

Hardi: We think our passion is to play music with our heart and with a happy feeling. If we become famous and well-known and then we become rich we think it would just be a bonus. This is not our main goal.

Popo Demons Damn and Bobby Hydro
KJ: The OUTRIGHT fans still say to the other members of OUTRIGHT that they miss you. What is your comment about this?

Hardi: For coming back to OUTRIGHT I think no. To make some collaboration I think it is OK.

KJ: Would you be happy to play at the same show or at a fest with OUTRIGHT?

Hardi: Yes, absolutely, I will be happy. I very much miss the other members of OUTRIGHT.

Popo Demons Damn: Angga’s old band BILLFOLD had many fans.

KJ: Do the fans follow Angga or just stay with the old band?

Angga: The BILLFOLD vocalist [Gania] is very beautiful and young and she is a magnet for the fans.

KJ: Do you like the culture and lifestyle of HC?

Hardi: Yes, we follow the HC lifestyle. We think HC is about how to have a principle of respecting each other and how to survive. That is what HC means to our band.

KJ: Do you enjoy being part of the Bandung Underground scene?

Hardi: Yes, we are very proud because Bandung is one of the role-models for music in Indonesia.

KJ: Do you find any negative thing about the Bandung scene?

Hardi: There are no negative things but we feel there are so many positives. There is no gap between the genres. We mix in with each other and support each other.

KJ: What do you think about Bandung death-metal music?

Angga: We think it is good because there is not only one style here. So many bands have different styles. Bandung has much colourful music within each genre.

KJ: Why did you choose HC instead of DM?

Angga: Because we love the music and we follow the lifestyle of HC. It is not because we don’t like DM music.

Popo Demons Damn: I want to ask you about the bad rumours about Hardi leaving OUTRIGHT. Ryan said to me personally that the rumour is that there is a bad relationship between OUTRIGHT and TARING. What do you say?

Angga: Until now we still have a good relationship with OUTRIGHT. We hope to continue to have a good relationship.

Hardi: People might think we have a poor relationship because I formed a new band. They assume that the relationship will not be good.

Bobby Hydro: What is your message for the fans?

Angga: Positive thinking, always respect each other; that is all.

Hardi: You must believe in what you choose to do. Don’t be afraid. You must believe that you can achieve the result.

Bandung Death Metal City
KJ: Do you think OUTRIGHT girl fans will leave the band because the new vocalist is less handsome than Hardi?

Hardi: No comment [laughing].

Popo Demons Damn: That is a short comment but it has a lot of meaning I think.

KJ: Popo, do you think this band can become as big as OUTRIGHT?

Popo Demons Damn: Yes, I think so because Hardi has a strong presence onstage and is a good communicator. He can communicate well and the people will do what he wants such as crowd-surfing.

KJ: What are your five favourite Indo bands (any genre)?

Angga: 1 INWISE – Bandung
2 A.L.I.C.E. – Bandung
3 HEALS – Bandung
4 BURGERKILL – Bandung
5 FORGOTTEN – Bandung

Hardi: 1 SERINGAI – Jakarta
2 DEMONS DAMN – Bandung
3 FORGOTTEN – Bandung
4 OUTRIGHT – Bandung
5 BURGERKILL – Bandung
Bandung Death Metal City from 17th Floor Ibis Hotel

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