Sunday 20 September 2015

CD REVIEW: DISMEMBERMENT TORTURE (Bdg) - "Convulsion of Perfect Abomination" EP (2015), by Andrew Sick

Dismemberment Torture (Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java) - Convulsion of Perfect Abomination (Pieces Records)

From Bandung, Dismemberment Torture finally back with a long awaited fucking shit to give us 4 new songs (plus 2 live) under the name of "Convulsion of Perfect Abomination"! They are back to destroy our fucking ears with their high level of brutality and quality fucking shit by paying tribute to the pure sickness and delivering a material totally fucking brilliant! Glennder (Bloodgush) on Vocals, Dedra (Digging Up/Kaluman) on Guitars, Ramon (Saffar) on Bass and Papap (Ex-Jasad) on Drums are the insane fuckers making part of this sick fucking project and are performing a Brutal Death Fucking Metal of the most successful with some Old School influence you can feel into this amazing shitty fucking piece of butchery! "Convulsion of Perfect Abomination" is of an obvious shitty perfection with his songs incorporating a pure fucking brutality added by some slower parts and several catchy riffs with an addictive atmosphere of the most brutal and dark helped by the production making this fucking piece of shit a total fucking gem! Glennder on vocals is fucking killer, maybe a bit redundant but still fucking awesome and removing nothing from this shit, Dedra on guitars is as usually fucking sick as fuck with a total catchy, addictive and brutal fucking composition, Ramon is exceptional, greatly helped by the great production with a bass totally present and fucking enjoyable, same goes to Papap on drums delivering an amazing performance by being fucking fast but also knowing to vary his fucking shit! The production of this fucking shit is pure fucking perfection with a bass very present that show how it must be done in Brutal Death Metal added by a great mixing and a sound totally fucking devastating and raping your fucking ears! This fucking shit is really sounding like a bomb of pure fucking brutality creating a dark sick ambiance and adding much quality to this piece of fucking shit from another level! 23 perfect minutes of brutality totally fucking awesome from start to end with no boring parts at all that is making this fucking shit an undisputed blasterpiece at all levels, a production totally eargasmic, a songwriting successful in its pure brutality, a great vocals and brutal drumming added by an awesome fucking atmosphere! Without any fucking doubt a must fucking have for all brutal heads around! Perfect Fucking Abomination of Pure Brutal Death Metal! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind written permission.]

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