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CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Our first interview with BLEEDING CORPSE, 8/10/2011 (Bandung Death Metal)

My interview with BLEEDING CORPSE (Bandung, Indonesia brutal death-metal)
By Dr Kieran James
Interpretation and extra comments during interview by Popo (vocalist of DEMONS DAMN, Bandung death-metal)
Interview: 8 October 2011 in Cibinong, West Java (amended by Bobby, 16 November 2011.
Vocals: Bobby (Bob Rockillers), bass: Adrian (Lukluk), guitar: Uus Death, drums: Ari (Bejo)
Kieran James: Hi, can you tell me when and how the band got started.

Bobby: In the end of December 2004 it was formed. The first formation was only Uus, Lux, and Bobby, and then we met Ari at "Disgorge" concert in Bandung, and we made a deal for making a death-metal band. So, over time, we agreed to name our band as "Bleeding Ass" but it was just a joke because I (Bobby) think the word "Ass" is less suitable, then I added a "Corpse" to make it more look fierce.

BLEEDING CORPSE: Luk Luk, Arie, Uus Death, Bobby Rock
Popo: They knew each other [Uus and Lux] before they met at the show and they discussed about the project, the band, they started to make some formation then for the band.

Lux: In 2006 we recorded a promo demo at Dialog Studio, by this time we had all four of us already. In 2008 we started recording for the album The Resurrection of Murder, we made a deal with Pisces Records, [managed by] Dani, ex-Jasad, our friend.

KJ: What was the response from the people to your album?

Lux: We have gigs every month and we have been invited not only to Bandung but other cities [such as] Jogja and Jakarta. Many metalheads from other cities like the material from Bleeding Corpse.

Bobby: We play all original fresh material but Man [Jasad] and Amenk from Disinfected guest star on the album, Man filling vocals for the song "Simpuh Tubuh Terbunuh" and Amenk for the song "Utah Getih".

KJ: How many copies has the album sold?

Lux: 1,000 copies sold.

KJ: Who are your major influences?

Lux: Many bands [including] Disgorge [USA], Suffocation [USA], Dehumanized [USA], [and] many more bands.

KJ: What are your future goals for the band?

Popo: They want to still exist and play not only in Indonesia but in Australia, in Europe and in other countries. They want to introduce the band to another country.

KJ: What is the progress for the second album and is the style going to change?

Lux: So far seven songs are still being written for the second album. The style is still playing death-metal, [but] more brutal. [KJ: Bleeding Corpse played songs from first and second albums at Cibinong show, 8 October 2011].

Popo: The songs are in English and Indonesian [KJ: just like for the first album].

KJ: What are the lyrics about?

Bobby: The lyrics are about murder, hatred, revenge, dying, mutilation, [and] a little bit about the religion.

KJ: Will the lyrics topics stay same for the second album?

Popo: For now Bobby mentions the same topics will continue but in the future he may have new imagination or ideas for the lyrics. There is much time to make new material and new lyrics. You must see the number of fans of Bleeding Corpse not just in Bandung but in the other cities. Bobby says the important thing is they must learn to speak English first, up to now they have a problem with English first.

KJ: Why do you guys all like to play death-metal?

Lux: I like to play death-metal because...

Bobby: Freedom!!

Lux: Amen! ... Because we can express, it’s free, like the Beatles say, free like a bird.

Popo: He can do whatever he wants to do, be what he wants to be, say what he wants to say. Metal is in my soul.

KJ: When did you first become a fan of metal?

Lux: Junior high-school [KJ: same for Arie and Uus].

Bobby: Primary school.

Lux: Before we started Bleeding Corpse we had other bands. Uus was in Balance of Terror.

KJ: What do you say to those people who question why you play western style of music?

Popo and Bobby: Metal comes from western but we adapt the roles. There is a tradition, different culture and religion that make the lyric and music different from the western bands. Death-metal is from the west but we are not following them. Mostly lyrics are the same but the difference is about the attitude because, in the country from the east, we still have religion and culture in the country like Sundanese, like Javanese, this is adapted to our music. The same ideas and topics apply, but how to express it, how to write the lyrics, how to put it in the song, that makes the difference between eastern and western bands.
KJ: Do the band’s wives and girlfriends support what they do?

Popo: His wife [Lux’s wife] always supports and understands, very much understands about the job, what the band needs to do for the band’s future. He must promote, he must tour. Two married, one soon to marry [Bobby]. Arie’s wife is four months pregnant to second daughter. Lux (Lukluk) works in tee-shirt printing shop with Dani. Uus works selling cd and band merchandise, he is not married. Arie has wife and child. From the budget of the show they can fulfil the money [commitments], sell merchandise, CDs, [and] hats.

KJ: What are the good and bad things about the Bandung death-metal scene?

Popo: The important thing in the scene, in the underground, is that there are many genres but we make one together, there is no punk, no metal, we are all the same. Jasad gave a big influence for the scene; they gave much influence and supported the younger bands and newcomers. They did not insult people but support all of the bands, maybe like a godfather [Bobby and Popo smile].
The difficult thing is permission to make a show. If an organization or community makes gigs we must get police permission. From police it is a very high price to pay; that is in Bandung. In other cities you have to get permission but the price is not so high. For pub or karaoke or entertainment place the permission is needed.

KJ: Will Bobby try out any other vocal style like black-metal shrieks?

Popo: Bobby can sing and he has play in a black metal band. He can sing many characters of voice, not only for metal band but he can and did play in punk and hardcore bands.

KJ: Has Bleeding Corpse put out a DVD?

Popo: No DVD but only videos of their performances and one video-clip for their first album.

KJ: What is the future timetable for the band?

Popo: Plan is to record second album in 2012 and have the goal to promote the album in Australia and elsewhere. One radio station in Brazil play Bleeding Corpse, one of Glenn (Bloodgush)’s contacts.

KJ: What is the biggest crowd the band has played to?

Lux: Biggest crowd is 10,000 and more; if big event 20,000 maybe; if regular show 500 to 1,000. The last Bandung Death Fest 4 in August 2009 had 13,000 people. However, Bleeding Corpse played at Bandung Death Fests 2, 3, and 5 (not 4 in 2009).

KJ: OK, that’s all. Thank you very much Bleeding Corpse and Popo. Let’s take a band picture now! Best wishes for Cibinong show tonight!! I want to see your fans!  

Lux: Terimakasih, contact.

KJ: Contact. I will be headbanging down the front with the kids at your show!
Band Contact:
BLEEDING CORPSE Resurrection of Murder line-up. Left to Right: Adrian Luk Luk (bass), Kieran James (Busuk Webzine), Ari Bejo (drums), Uus Death (guitar), and Bobby Rock (vocals) @ Cibinong, 8 October 2011

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