Tuesday, 9 February 2016

METAL HISTORY - Bandung Death Fest #1 (2006), by Kancil Jihad, 9/2/2016

JIHAD current formation - Veby (drums), Rozy (bass), Kancil (vocals), Rony (guitar) (February 2011 picture)
"Bandung Deathfest #1 tanggal 11 Juni 2006 yang digelar di Dago Tea House (10 tahun yang lalu). Event yang bertajuk "CEUK SAHA DEATH METAL MODAR GOBLOG!!!" ini adalah salah satu induk pagelaran yang paling bergengsi di genre Death Metal se Indonesia Raya. Dan feedback nya adalah melahirkan helaan Death Fest - Death Fest di berbagai kota di seluruh Indonesia. Horn up!" [by Kancil Jihad, 9 February 2016] \m/ 😊 \m/ #bandungdeathfest #bandungjuara #deathmetal #deathmetalrising #indonesiandeathmetal

JIHAD released its second album Strategi Setan (2005) through Recluse Productions, Singapore. The band formation was: Kancil Jihad (vocals), Veby (drums), Rully (bass), and Oce (guitar). Songs from this album were played at the first Bandung Death Fest held one year later (2006).
FORGOTTEN band picture, Future Syndrome era (1997) - Addy Gembel (vocals), Kudung (drums), Toteng (guitar1), Kaidun (bass), Ferly Jasad (guitar2).
JASAD classic formation - Dani aka Papap (drums), Man (vocals), Yuli (bass), Ferly (guitar) (February 2011 picture)

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