Wednesday 14 December 2016

CD REVIEW: MENSTRUAL DISCONSUMED (Jakarta) - "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity", by A. Sick, 6/12/16

Menstrual Disconsumed (Jakarta, Indonesia) - Consuming the Infinite Rancidity CD (BRUTAL INFECTION Records) 

39 minutes of pure twisted f***ing insanity is what offering the Indonesian entity Menstrual Disconsumed as debut album baptized in sickness "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" coming to destroy the mind of everybody experiencing this total piece of brutality! This crazy one man band is performing an insane Brutal Death F***ing Metal that could be compared to bands like Perverted Dexterity or the new Screwrot but knowing to keep it very original making Menstrual Disconsumed f***ing unique with the particular twisted side increasing the f***ing level of sickness and enjoyment! The composition of this marvel is f***ing flawless and the atmosphere felt is just f***ing crazy by the f***ed up side making the listening totally enjoyable and addictive added by the very high level of sickness found in this majestic f***ing release! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" contains 8 intense f***ing tracks, all f***ing brilliant having all their catchy parts to make this f***ing shit one of the best and sickest one man band albums to have emerged into Brutal Death Metal! Nugek is the sicko doing everything in this real f***ing beast of insanity sharing an amazing songwriting with the capacity to create a complete addictive work and making his release a f***ing must in the genre! The guttural is f***ing sick perhaps a little linear but never f***ing boring and enjoyable as f***, riffing is just f***ing sick with many brilliant ones and the drums machine is very well composed and brutal as f***! The production is f***ing heavy, powerful but being of course not perfect especially with the drums machine a little wasting the perfection of this release by its shit quality; mixing is well done but bassdrums are way too high and despite some negative aspects, it sounds like a real f***ing brutal f***ing monster shredding everything in its f***ing path! "Consuming the Infinite Rancidity" is mandatory by the addictive twisted f***ing brutality and the intelligence of composition ranking this debut album among the best of the shitty genre! I think Menstrual Disconsumed is spreading a perfect musickal experience but with some flaws at the drum machine's production that could be ameliorated in future and despite this, really not decreasing much our enjoyment for this addictive f***ing piece of shit! A must have for every sick in the head f***ers who want to live an unique and sick f***ing experience with this successful debut album! Addictive F***ing Piece of Insane Twisted F***ing Brutality! 9.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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