Tuesday 23 August 2016

CD REVIEW: BLEEDING CORPSE (Bandung) - "Condemned to Suffer" CD (2014), by Andrew Sick

BLEEDING CORPSE 2016 Condemned to Suffer line-up: Left to Right: Adrian Luk Luk (bass), Ari Bejo (drums), Yadi Behom (vox), and Uus Death (guitar).
Bleeding Corpse (Bandung) - Condemned to Suffer CD (Groupies Merch)

The human slaughterhouse named Bleeding Corpse is f***ing back to spread their butchery with their highly anticipated second shitty act of dismemberment entitled "Condemned to Suffer" after six years without perpetrating any global f***ing massacre! It was really f***ing hard to imagine a more destructive killing as the 2008 debut album, but these insane killers have managed to create a complete f***ing crazy danse macabre with this f***ing puddle of bloody f***ing puke surpassing their first presence in the gore shitty brutality! The workers at this gory slaughterhouse are Yadi Behom on Vocals, Uus Death on Guitars, Adrian on Bass, Ari Bejo on Drums and the butchers are performing a f***ing Sick Brutal Death F***ing Metal totally genius, f***ing raw, dirty and f***ing true to the genre! All murderers of this f***ing shit are perfect, Behom has a f***ing awesome and enjoyable guttural, Uus is only doing great and catchy f***ing riffs in each f***ing songs, big f***ing job of Adrian on Bass with many great shitty parts and finally Ari on drums who is totally f***ing brutal and f***ing sick as f*** with a flawless drumming! The production of "Condemned to Suffer" is brutally f***ing outstanding, damn successful mixing, and sound of a surprising quality, f***ing heavy, disgusting, f***ing nasty and generally good making this f***ing shit sounds like some sickos chopping meat from some sluts while beating their bloody shitty ass with their own f***ing guts! 29 f***ing minutes of non-stop brutality, eight perfect shitty tracks that contain all the elements necessary to create a brutal f***ing disk with only good f***ing songs and making their blasterpiece a f***ing addictive shit! Bleeding Corpse are offering a release which is completely f***ing successful with no boring times, only true shitty brutality in its purest f***ing form and just be prepared for one of the best brutal pieces of extreme metal! "Condemned to Suffer" is a f***ing must for every Brutal Death Metaller in the soul and you're better to kill yourself than to not buy this f***ing shit! F***ing Cult Shitty Brutal Gory Blasterpiece! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]
BLEEDING CORPSE 2014-16 Condemned to Suffer line-up: Left to Right: Behom (vox), Uus (g), Luk (b), Ari Bejo (d).
BLEEDING CORPSE Resurrection of Murder line-up: Bob Rockiller (v), Uus (g), Luk (b), Ari Bejo (d) @ Chinook's Bar, January 2014.
BLEEDING CORPSE Resurrection of Murder line-up: Bob Rockiller (v), Ari Bejo (d), Uus (g) @ Chinook's Bar, Bandung, January 2014.
BLEEDING CORPSE Resurrection of Murder line-up @ Cibinong, 8 October 2011: Luk (b), Ari Bejo (d), Uus (g), Bob Rockiller (v).

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