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CLASSIC UNDERGOD INTERVIEW: "Be Proud To Use Our Mother Language", 3/4/2012 (English Version)

Our interview with UNDERGOD (Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia death-metal)
At: Ujung Berung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
3 April 2012
Interview oleh: Kieran James, John Yoedi & Popo (BUSUK WEBZINE)
Interpretation & extra comments oleh: Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK WEBZINE)
UNDERGOD is: Kinoy (vocals), Ega Lomans (bassist), Esa (guitar), and Abaz (drums).

Kieran James: Please tell us the band history.

Abetoxin (band manager): We started in 1997.

Kinoy and Ega
Kinoy: The first formation was: Said (guitar), Abaz (bass), and Uti (drums).

Abetoxin: In early UNDERGOD performances Abaz was the bassist and not the drummer.

Kinoy: I was the vocalist at that time.

Abetoxin: The first demo we recorded on cassette was 1997. The first song was called “Kudak Kadek”.

Popo: All the lyrics were in Sunda language because Kinoy is…

Abetoxin: Not good when he talks in Indonesian language [laughs].

Popo: To friend or to anyone.

KJ: Were you the first to use Sunda lyrics?

Kinoy: The first was JASAD. We were not following JASAD but we just want to write in the Sundanese language.

KJ: Why are the fans so passionate for UNDERGOD?

Popo: Fanatic.

Kinoy: The fans feel the difference in the language. I always sing in Sundanese. What I write in the lyrics is the same experience as the audience has had.

KJ: What are the lyric topics?

Kinoy: Lifestyle.

KJ: Like how?

Popo: When I love a girl but the girl…

Abetoxin: Sleeps with the others [all laugh].

Popo: He will write about the feelings with the hard words. He will write with the sarcastic words. One unique song tells about the dream. When you poop you will be unlucky for one day in the Sunda culture. He wrote about the experience. When he wakes up he must make a cross sign on the floor seven times, it’s a myth.

KJ: You have had a long career so why only one album?

Kinoy: Because the guitarist is in jail. We wait for him to be released so we can write new songs. We were happy and sad together so I want to wait for Said to be released from prison. He will be released in one year maybe.

KJ: Do you think “underdog” is another meaning in the name as in someone who has to keep struggling, like a double meaning?

Kinoy: Yes I agree, we fight for life, we fight for the band.

KJ: Do you follow the hardcore culture or the metal culture? You wear a cap, it must be hardcore!

Popo: He wears a cap, but he doesn’t know anything [all laugh].

John Yoedi, Bandung, 4 April 2012
KJ: How do you feel about Abaz joining JASAD?

Kinoy: Proud, very proud. Abaz can help the big band like JASAD.

KJ: Do you worry that he puts all the time and effort into JASAD?

Kinoy: Die one and a thousand grows. I’m not afraid even if Abaz leaves UNDERGOD. We will still move on and find another Abaz.

KJ: You can hire Papap?

Kinoy: Absolutely [laughs and nods].

KJ: Are you worried that people from outside Bandung will not understand the Sundanese lyrics?

Kinoy: I want to revenge. When I read Indonesian lyrics I cannot understand so I want revenge so that they do not understand [laughs].

Popo: See, he is crazy.

KJ: You should have album cover with Sunda dictionary like a weapon.

Kinoy: Yes [nods].

John Yoedi: For me I don’t understand Sunda language. Are you worried that people in Indo will not understand the lyrics?

Kinoy: I’m proud to live in Bandung because I want to make Sunda language big. I think the President should learn Sundanese language.

KJ: Do you think Bandung should be an independent country like East Timor?

Kinoy: I salute to Bali people. Many come from other countries but they still keep their culture. We also can do it.

John: Because when I first watched the band on Youtube, my first thought was that this is Sunda language.

KJ: What do you think about JASAD singing about the Sunda culture and teaching the culture classes?

Kinoy: I have a friend to make the Sunda culture grow and blossom. I am proud when I’m on the stage and I use the Sunda language.

KJ: It’s hard for me to learn another language too as English expresses my emotions.

UNDERGOD Year 2000
John: Who arranges the music and who writes the lyrics?

Kinoy: We make together, first the tone of the vocal and then the guitar follows from the vocal tone. When the song goes “na na na na na”.

Popo: Not the vocals follow the guitars but the guitar follows the vocal.

KJ: As in punk?

Kinoy: Justin Bieber, solo vocal!

Popo: You know Kinoy is another playboy. I don’t know why the hot chicks always like him. He does not like taking a bath or toothbrush… [all laugh].

Kinoy: Water poops.

Abetoxin: Water proof [laughs].

Popo: When he becomes stinky we his friends push him to the bathroom and throw water.

KJ: How do you describe your style?

Abetoxin: Sundanese vocals [laughs].

Popo: They not only play metal music but they play the Sundanese instruments.

KJ: What are your favorite bands?

Kinoy: My biggest influence is DYING FETUS and in Indonesia JASAD and DISINFECTED.

Kinoy: When am I going to another country [laughs]? How can you communicate when you go to another country?

Abetoxin: Body language [all laugh]!

Kinoy: English is the international language, I will bring dictionary [all laugh].

Bobby Rock, Popo Demons Damn, John Yoedi
KJ: Popo, what is your comment on this band?

Popo extra comment: The vocalist is very, very crazy. Yuck [pulls a face]. The vocalist must buy more deodorant. His body is very, very busuk. There is a squadron…

Abetoxin: Legion.

Popo: Of UNDERGOD fans, you saw the membership card.

KJ: How about your comment on UNDERGOD music?

Popo: I think it’s good, it shows the skill of the guitarist and the drummer. The wrong in this band is only the vocalist.

Abetoxin: Of course [all laugh]!

Kinoy: I can only speak in English these words “I love you” and “I miss you”.

KJ: Like some chicks on internet.

KJ: Any message for the fans?

Kinoy: Keep proud to use our mother language!

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