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CONCERT REVIEW: SAXON, live @ Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland, 21 November 2022, by KIeran James.

SAXON concert review – Glasgow, Scotland, 21 November 2022, by Kieran James

“We stood in the dark and the band played on”

It wasn’t a normal gig, as this Saxon show had been delayed for months due to endless Scottish lockdowns and postponed at least twice. We were the diehards who refused to get a cash refund. Now, two years older, the excitement of the crowd was massive as Diamond Head left the stage and people came into the hall from the historic Barrowland Ballroom bar one floor below. I would put the crowd at 400 or 500. The fact that it was a cold Monday night and in such a historic venue aided the perception that we were the diehards, the survivors. My 16-year-old daughter was there, and it was her birthday. It was a special type of crowd, very few guys under 40, very few women. A football crowd looks more mixed and diverse by comparison. Biff Byford was in cheerful and chatty mood, happy to have lasted through Covid and grateful to the crowd who were there. The enthusiasm and musicianship were high, and we got what we expected - all the famous songs played pretty much how they sounded on the studio records.

The band opened with “Motorcycle Man” and then followed it with the classy “Carpe diem” title track from the new album, a catchy and fast-paced number which many in the crowd recognized. About four songs were played from the new album, and the crowd mostly just stood quietly and listened carefully to these new ones. The crowd really got wild and happy three or four songs in with “Wheels of steel”. A 50-year-old guy near us in blue dress shirt and thick-rimmed black glasses, there by himself it seemed, was pumping his fist in the air and shouting out every word. It was amazing to see and hear 50-year-olds shouting out words to songs from their teenage years. All the old guys’ battle jackets had patches on of mostly British bands from the 1980s, so it was a giant time capsule and the unrenovated and historic venue added to that feeling. Was Bible John’s ghost in the crowd?

The songs that got the best receptions, not surprisingly, were the famous songs from the early 1980s era: “Never surrender”, Strong arm of the law”, “And the bands played on”, “The eagle has landed”, “Power and the glory”, “Razamanaz” (as a tribute to Scottish band Nazareth), “20,000 feet”, “Dallas 1pm” (complete with radio broadcast sound effect), and, later in the set, the obligatory “747 (strangers in the night)”. “Dogs of war” was played from the 1990s era, and we also got “Heavy metal thunder” and “Solid ball of rock”. I would have liked to have had “Suzie hold on”, “Hungry years” and “Sixth form girls”, but we can’t have it all our own way.

The gap before the encore, when the hall darkened, was quite convincing, and a few were disappointed, thinking that the show was over. The encore was powerful and impressive – “The Pilgrimage” (a somewhat surprising choice, from the new album), “Denim and leather” of course - and then people began to leave thinking that nothing could surpass that as a fitting finale. As we sat on the seats on the stairway landing, the last song “Princess of the night” was played, a fitting ending for those already pouring out of the venue. The crowd departed into the cold quietness of a Monday night, some looking for taxis, others walking back to the city-centre and others still entering the pub next door. A fine night, it was just a bit sad that the band has few younger followers and few women fans, or at least few were at the venue that night. They never made it huge, like Iron Maiden and Metallica, or even Judas Priest, but they kept a humble, hard-working, North-of-England attitude churning out quality albums year after year that fewer and fewer and people listened to. Biff seemed to be looking straight at me sometimes when he talked, to the crowd, but I guess everybody thought that. The band made the 1980s a happier and more empowered experience for a lot of troubled teenagers, and they made us happy again this night 40 years on. We gave them what might be our last thank-you and vice-versa. Life is not fair - they should have been massive. But, this way, they stay our secret (by Kieran James, 7 Dec. 2022).

Monday 31 January 2022

NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with BALZABUTH (Bali Black Metal), 5 January 2022.

KJ1: Hai, bisakah kamu menceritakan sejarah awal terbentuknya band kalian hingga sekarang? Berawal dari kumpul ma kawan2 metal di distro ,waktu itu bulan februari 2005 pas waktu itu kebetulan band lama saya Lembah Iblis lagi fakum karena kesibukan semua personel..nah kebetulan waktu itu beberapa kawan juga ngusulin bentuk band Black Metal baru..dari situlah terbentuknya Balzabuth yg personelnya saya Rendra (vocal) Dewa(gitar) Gusnix(bass) Dwik (gitar) Dek Wien (Drum). Acara demi acara kita lewati sampai tahun 2011 dan setelah itu kita fakum sampai 2015 di karenakan semua personel sibuk dgn pekerjaannya masing2 sampai Dwik, Dewa dan dek wien tidak bisa ikut di band lagi..pertengahan 2016 saya ngajak Ariev gitaris (Khalikamaya), Agoes (Pastoral Mutilation) yoggy drumer (Thuggery) ikut gabung di band..tanpa basa basi mereka langsung masuk..dan mulai nggarap materi2 lagu Balzabuth..formasi ini bertahan sampai 2020 Agoes mengundurkan diri karena kesibukannya..tidak lama kemudian kami bertemu Omponk yg juga player band..stelah kami ajak ikut gabung dan Ompong siap mengisi kekosongan di posisi gitar bass sampai saat ini...karya yg sudah kami ciptakan selama ini beberapa demo lagu..diantaranya Satanic, Kemulian Dewi Durga,when darkness comes suddenly, misterial of balzabuth dan the majesty of satan.

KJ2: Bagaimana respon orang-orang dengan mini album/album/demo band Kamu? Sangat senang..karena sudah lama ngeband baru ada hasilnya.. 😂😂😂 thx juga buat Tony Throne yg sudah mau ngerilis lagu2 kami..hellyeeaaahh.. 🤘🤘

KJ3: Band apa yang paling berpengaruh bagi Kalian dalam bermain musik? Dark funeral,Marduk,Cradle of Filth,Dissection,Emperor,Naglfar

KJ4: Apa rencana kedepan  kalian bersama band? Kalo masih di beri kelancaran dalam segala urusan,kita kedepannya akan fokus ngumpulin materi2 lagu baru buat full Albumnya Balzabuth..

KJ5: Apakah lagu-lagu yang kalian buat menggunakan Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia? Yaappp

KJ6: Apa yang kalian ceritakan dalam lirik-lirik yang kalian buat? Lirik2 kami banyak menceritakan tentang alam kegelapan dan hal2 yg terjadi di sekitar kita..

KJ7: Mengapa kalian semua suka memainkan musik black-metal? Karena kita dapet feelnya di metal khususnya di Black Metal.. 🤘🤘

KJ8: Kapan pertama kali kamu menjadi fans band metal? Tahun 90an 

KJ9: Apa yang Kamu katakan kepada orang-orang yang bertanya mengapa Kamu memainkan musik bergaya barat? Ya tanpa kita pungkiri sebagian besar music Metal berasal dari barat..mau ndak mau kita mengikuti gaya bermusicnya..gitu looo..✌️✌️

KJ10: Apakah para istri dan kekasih para personil kalian mendukung apa yang kalian kerjakan? Selama ini baik2 aja selalu mendukung..

KJ11: Apakah hal-hal yang terbaik dan terburuk tentang komunitas di kota kalian? Hal yg terbaik komunitas saling mendukung dan  saling mengisi..hal terburuknya belum ada seh selama ini..

KJ12: Ada pesan untuk kawan kawan? Tetap semangat n Metal foreveerrrr.. 🤘🤘

Tulis ke Kieran James 

Monday 7 June 2021

NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with 3RD WAR COLLAPSE (Brazil / Finland Death Metal), 24 May 2021.

Hi, sorry for the delay and thanks for this interview. I just heard your new CD, which is very catchy and brutal. This is my sort of Death Metal, strong songwriting, everything has a purpose and it keeps our attention until the end.

1.   Kieran James: Please tell us the band history and how a Brazilian ended up in a Finnish band.

Chris: Hello Kieran! First of all I would like to thank you for the interview and it will be a pleasure to talk about the 3rd War Collapse! Well, I known Kalle since 2011 when we toured Europe together, he's a drummer of Inferia, an incredible Grind Core band that has been around since the 90’s.

I remember he was in the band not long ago and I was with my ex-band called Vomepotro, we became friends and talked about working on a new band with influences from Brutal Death Metal and Grind Core, they came to play in Brazil some time later and we decided to do this project, we started composing at the end of 2014.

2.      Tell us about the album recording, were you caught up in lockdown and unable to meet together?

Chris: The recording was very simple, Kalle recorded the drums in Finland and sent us the files, a month later, me and Rodolfo went into the studio to record our instruments and vocals here in Brazil where the album was mixed and mastered as well.

We were looking for a raw sound, no effects or plug-ins for the listener to imagine the band playing live, organic and real, without lies!

3.      Were the lyrics to many of the songs influenced by the lockdown and the continual fear mongering of politicians and their desire to shut down the economy for as long as possible regardless of who suffers? I see the song with the word “pandemic” in the title which was obviously another clue. Lockdowns hit the Third World worst - if you cant go to work then you die.

Chris: It is all very funny because the years are passing but the social problems continue to bring misery, violence, social inequality.

The lyrics of "Damnatus" were written between 2015 and 2016, there was no pandemic but nothing has changed since then we have this virus reaping millions of people.

I was forgetting to say but this CD was recorded between 2015 and 2016, we decided to release it now because before all the members were giving priority to their bands and the project was kept.

4.     What are your main influences musically, vocally and lyrically?

Chris: I listen to a lot of things in and out of Metal, but I think Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Grind Core are the styles that I like to hear.

There are many bands that I can say are influencing my way of playing, such as: Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Deeds Of Flesh, Disavowed, Brutal Truth, Phobia, Lock Up, Brazilian bands like Nephast, Fornication, Side Effects, Escarnium, Ratos De Porão, Korzus, all 90s Death Metal bands and also Slayer, Kreator, Anthrax, Exodus and many others, the list is huge!

When we talk about vocals, I get a lot of inspiration from bands like Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge (USA), Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Despondency, Disavowed and many others.

5.      I think ‘Forced to Suffer’ is a great song with a cool intro, extra slow and catchy and with a more guttural vocal than the rest of the album. ‘Profit from Corruption’ is another highlight for me. Have you had any feedback on those songs?

Chris: Yeah! I think "Forced to Suffer" is a song that has everything a Death Metal fan likes and many people say that it is one of the most important songs on the CD as well as ''Profit from Corruption" and "Fifth Column" for example, we are happy because people are understanding what we want and making a great mix of Brutal Death with Grind Core with unrelenting hyper speed!

6.      ‘Weak Minded Society’ seems to be the fastest track (in parts) but you make us wait until track nine for it!! Then ‘Mind Your Own Business’ is quicker too. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though to use the mid-pace approach. I guess the mid-pace approach is integral to what you are trying to do? (I did enjoy the whole disc right up until the interesting riff-work on the last song.)

Chris: That's right! I'm glad you noticed that! They are the fastest tracks but we just put the songs in the sequence that we believe is interesting for the listener, the first track "Eyes of Deception" is extreme from start to finish and whoever hears already realizes that we are not kidding…hahaha


How has been the response to the album?

Chris: We are very happy because we have received great reviews from those who heard or bought the CD and due to its acceptance we decided to record the second CD that is already being composed right now, we have 4 songs ready and I believe that the new stuff will be finalized in the beginning of 2022 and we want to release this second CD in 2023.

What I can say is that the new songs are very brutal as well as lyrics too! It will be intense or more intense than "Damnatus".

8.    Are there any touring plans? Have you had shows canceled? Obviously it has been very difficult this past 14 months.

Chris: No because the album has been released in february and Kalle lives in Finland but we´re working in the new album and promoting “Damnatus” to underground press, friends, bands.

We want to release the 2nd full length in 2023 and tour for the first time in Europe to promote both albums, I believe after this tour we hope to play more times, at least one tour for year, let´s see what happens. 

9.      What are your future plans and goals?

Chris: We hope to record more albums, keep the band alive with releases and possible tours.

I would like say thanks again my brother Kieran for let me to talk a little more about 3rd War Collapse!!!The bombing is just beginning! Less bullshit and more blasting beats everywhere!

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Wednesday 31 March 2021

NEW INTERVIEW: Our second interview with DISINFECTED (Legends of Bandung Death Metal) (English version).

Our second interview with DISINFECTED

AT: Bandung.

Date: Monday, 13 May 2019.

By: Kieran James and Popo Demons Damn.

Translation by: Popo Demons Damn.

DISINFECTED line-up: Amenk (vocals), Sigit (bass), Adyth (guitar), Dias (guitar), and Dian (drums).

Kieran James: Why is the gap so long since the split album [2012 with Motordeath]?

Dias (guitar): We changed the drummer. We had a process to find the new drummer. The bassist and guitarist [Adyth and Sigit] live and work in Jakarta so they have limits. It is difficult to meet with and rehearse with the band.

As at December 2017, we start the process for the new album. We finished recording in January 2019.  We had limited funds. We had to wait to get the funds. It was self-released.

In March 2019, we released the album Hordes of the Infected.

Amenk (vocalist): We wrote all the lyrics in Bahasa Indonesian - the title uses the English so as to match the band name. I think to use the English makes it easy to promote.

KJ: Tell us about the music style.

Dias: We don’t have a significant change music-wise. We change style in the lyrics.

Amenk: About the lyrics, we talk about the social issues - it is more real and more sarcastic. In the previous album, we use fantasy based on movie.

KJ: What is the reaction to the album?

Dias: Very good. We sell 100 pieces of cassette tape in one week.

Popo Demons Damn: It is because Disinfected has many diehard fans. They were waiting so long for the album. People were very excited about the release. The band is more matured for the lyrics and the songs, that’s my opinion.

For the process, it is unique. The members recorded in the studio with no other members present. When Amenk did the vocals, there were no other members present. They were all busy.

KJ: Where was the studio?

Amenk: Masterplan in Bandung; the engineer is Toteng from Forgotten.

KJ: Is the band part of the Jakarta scene?

Popo: Yes, because Adyth and Sigit live there and are active in the Jakarta scene. Sigit hangs out with Bento from Prosatanica.

KJ: Any plans for tour or show?

Amenk: We have launching album party on 16th June [2019] in Bandung.

KJ: Tell us more about the album cover.

Popo: It is very different. The concept comes from Adyth, you will see that there is a cartoon band picture and not an actual photo. Adyth has a friend who made the original design. Adyth made the layout and his friend made the whole of the design.

KJ: Do you have any tour plans, e.g. in East Java?

Amenk: Yes, we have some plans: Indonesian Death Fest in Jakarta, Flower City Death Fest in Bandung, and Groupies Death Fest in Bandung.

KJ: Are there any guests for the album?

Amenk: No.

Dias: We cover the song “Trauma” by God Bless (legendary Jakarta rock band).

Popo: Only the old-school fans will recognize this song, yeah…

KJ: Did you try to follow the guitar solo exactly?

Dias: No, there is improvization.

KJ: Did God Bless members hear the song?

Dias: We got the permission from the arranger.

KJ: How is Death Metal in Jakarta now?

Popo: It is still the same. Bandung and Jakarta have a strong basis in Death Metal; they are always a role-model for other cities. These cities have never been asleep in terms of DM bands.

Amenk: Now there is a lot of brutal DM bands in Bekasi.

KJ: Can you recommend any young bands from Bandung?

Anenk: Sufism.

Popo: What was the hardest part of the recording process?

Dian (drummer, 26-years-old, youngest band member): It is different from other bands. Other bands make new songs together in the studio. For me I heard the music of the songs, practiced by myself, and I made up the drum parts alone without the other members. They were busy and it is hard to find time to go to the studio together. I got sick after the recording due to the stress.

Popo: What is your experience with Disinfected?

Dian: They are funny people, and very experienced. I’m happy and excited to join with Disinfected. I played with Mortality before, Sedusa, Error Brain (additional), Naked Truth, Gorge, and Hibrani.

Popo: What is your comment about the process, Dias?

Dias: It is hard to fit in with the music when I have new ideas. It is hard because we had to have video-calls to match the music. Technology really helped us to process the album. Without the technology, we can’t finish the album.

KJ: Is the band happy that you bring in many guitar solos?

Dias: As a guitar player, it is good enough for me. Disinfected does not play too fast or too brutal so we tried to combine the music with the leads to make it more harmonious. This is why I put more leads into the songs.

KJ: Message for the fans?

Dias: Stay brutal; buy the original CDs.

Amenk: Be still consistent with the Death Metal.

Dian: Thanks for the real support.

*****THE END*****

Sunday 27 December 2020

NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with CONJURING (Balikpapan Slamming Brutal Death Metal), 4 December 2020.

Kieran James1: Hai, bisakah kamu menceritakan sejarah awal terbentuknya band kalian hingga sekarang? 

Jalio:  kami terbentuk pada pertengahan tahun 2019 dengan nama awal INFECTED NOURISHMENT dengan formasi awal yaitu Jalio (vokal), Ryo (drum), Dinto (gitar) dan Darrell (bass) ...  kami memainkan gaya musik slamming death metal yang ter-influence oleh band mancanegara seperti VULVECTOMY & AMAZING GRAVE. 
Dikarenakan sang basis disibukkan dengan urusan keluarga, dan sang drummer yang memilih untuk meneruskan usahanya, kami berusaha untuk mencari penggantinya sampai kami menemukan Wahyu untuk mengisi posisi drum dan band ini berjalan hanya dengan 3 orang saja. dengan formasi ini pada tanggal 21 Agustus 2020 kemarin kami baru saja merilis sebuah promo cd yang berisikan 3 trek (1 intro, 2 lagu) via Sadistic Production (Garut). Dan kami juga ikut berpartisipasi di dalam album kompilasi yang dirilis oleh teman kami dari Surabaya yaitu "Kompilasi Mewabah". Saat ini kami sedang menggarap materi baru untuk debut album kami yang direncanakan akan rilis tahun 2021 nanti.

Dinto: waktu itu jalio nge dm saya bilang “nda pengen maen metal metalan kah mas? jangan maen grunge trus....”

KJ2: Bagaimana respon orang-orang dengan mini album/album/demo band Kamu?

Jalio: banyak respon positif yang kami dapat dari para metalhead di daerah kami dan di luar daerah kami. 

Dinto: ada yg ngebacot ada yg heboh ada yg nda urus.

KJ3: Band apa yang paling berpengaruh bagi Kalian dalam bermain musik?

Jalio: acranius, fuck your depression, korpse, extermination dismemberment, traumatomy, gorevent, waking the cadaver, disfigurement of flesh, vulvectomy, amazing grave.

Dint : NTRL.

Wahyu: the beatles.

KJ4: Apa rencana kedepan  kalian bersama band?

Jalio:  seperti yang sudah dijelaskan tadi, kami akan berencana merilis debut album kami tahun depan dan ikut serta berpartisipasi di dunia underground khususnya di genre death metal. 

KJ5: Apakah lagu-lagu yang kalian buat menggunakan Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia. 

Jalio: ya, saya menggunakan 2 bahasa itu dalam menulis lirik lagu. 

KJ6: Apa yang kalian ceritakan dalam lirik-lirik yang kalian buat?

Jalio: kematian, kelainan seksual, kekejaman dalam dunia medis, depresi/keputusasaan ... yang jelas dalam debut album nanti tiap lagu mempunyai tema yang berbeda beda

KJ7: Mengapa kalian semua suka memainkan musik death-metal?

Jalio: ada keunikan tersendiri dalam genre ini, terutama slamming, seperti tekhnik vokal, gitar, sampai drumnya yang unik dan belum pernah saya temui di jenis musik lain. 

KJ8: Kapan pertama kali kamu menjadi fans band metal?

Jalio: awal mulai seneng dengerin sampai explore sendiri itu sejak SMP sih

Wahyu: Umur 13.

KJ9: Apa yang Kamu katakan kepada orang-orang yang bertanya mengapa Kamu memainkan musik bergaya barat?

Jalio: idealis! dan di genre ini juga kami bisa mengenal dan dikenal oleh sesama kalangan bawah tanah 

KJ10: Apakah para istri dan kekasih para personil kalian mendukung apa yang kalian kerjakan?

Jalio: ya, sangat mendukung sekali hhe

Dinto: woiya donk support klo ada duitnya doank baru di support klo nda ada duit boro boro support !!! 

Wahyu: yo mesti tah.

KJ11: Apakah hal-hal yang terbaik dan terburuk tentang komunitas di kota kalian? 

Dinto: terbaik: equality, respect, cepat tanggap urusan makan...terburuk: suka mabok, suka ngebacotin band orang, suka salip menyalip urusan perempuan, klo nda gratis nda support....

Wahyu: Terbaik : mampu bertahan Terburuk : êgosentrisme buta.

KJ12: Ada pesan untuk kawan kawan? 


Wahyu: Rajin bekerja dan hormat orang tua.


Friday 4 December 2020

NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with Maya from Mortality (Bandung Black/Death Metal), 16 May 2019.

Our first interview with MORTALITY

AT: Bandung.

Date: Thursday, 16 May 2019.

By: Kieran James and Popo Demons Damn.

Translation by: Popo Demons Damn.

MORTALITY line-up: Balung (vocals), Maya (guitar), Biye (bass), and Andriz (drums).

Popo Demons Damn: Tell us about the process for the new album.

Maya (guitarist): We started the process for this album in 2016. We had a break for a year (2017) because I was pregnant. And then we continued in 2018. At 2019 we finished the album and released it on 30 April. At the end of last year we had finished the album but we still had not signed with any record label. We were still selecting a label to sign with.

In January 2019 we signed with Sadist Records from Bali and Yogya. This album has nine songs. Two of the songs are remix songs from the first album.

Kieran James: Why did you do remix songs from the first album?

Maya: We changed the sound style and the guitar section. We tried to change it to the New Mortality style. The band makes New Mortality with a style which is more Black/Death. We call it Black/Death  but the reviews from friends and buyers call it “Death Metal with scream vocals.” The vocal style sounds more Black Metal but the music sounds more Death Metal. The people call it the New Mortality because it sounds very different to the Mortality of before - before it was Black Metal. Some websites said the same thing. The songs sound more like DM than BM. People feel that it is very different to Mortality before.

Popo Demons Damn: I knew Mortality since I was in high-school. Sometimes they used blood in the stage. I thought that this was interesting stage-act. Now we can’t find any BM band which does this at the show. What do you think, should BM bands do blood shower on-stage?

Maya: We don’t use blood now because, since 2005 until 2013, we were inactive. Then the drummer Andriz and I joined and the stage-act changed. We make a new vision and concept now for the music and the stage-act. For the album, we really changed the concept to being New Mortality.

KJ: Are you happy with the sound of the album and the packaging?

Maya: We are very satisfied with the sound and the packaging for the album. After 15 years we finally released the second album. It took four years between starting work and releasing of the album.

KJ: How was it like to record with this record company?

Maya: The record label is doing a good job. They are promoting the album very well. We feel happy and satisfied that we signed with this label.

KJ: Is there any tour coming up?

Maya: We have a plan to do the tour. We are still discussing with the record label. The next plan is to make the video-clip first. Then we will focus on arranging the tour.

KJ: Who made the design for the CD packaging?

Biye (bass): Rudi Gorging Suicide, he lives in Central Java. For this album, we have two guest vocalists, Glenn and Robi (Ensemble Tikoro). Glenn is guest-vocalist on the song “Us of War”.

Bobby Rock (Turbidity vocalist): Why do you use Murka Dosa as the title of the album? [Note: Very angry = murka, sin = dosa, wrath = murka.]

Maya: This lyric for this album represents what we feel at this moment [summary = rangkuman].

KJ: What are you angry towards?

Maya: The world.

Biye: War, hate, menindas orang yang lemah [people who oppress the weak]. Kekuasaan yang semena mena [arbitrary power].

KJ: The song “Zionist” is about anti-Zionist, yes?

Maya: Yes.

Bobby: Was there any offer from any other record label?

Maya: We still choose Sadist record label.

KJ: How many copies did they make?

Maya: 500 copies of CD. They will also produce cassette, 200 copies.

KJ: What does your 12-year-old daughter think about Mother and Father playing in Heavy Metal band?

Maya: They understand it because we always bring them to the gigs since they were children. I have taken the second (son) and the third (daughter) since they were in my belly.

KJ: Does your oldest daughter have any favourite metal band?

Maya: She more loves classic music, she likes to play piano. The second child, the son, likes the metal. He loves Mortality.

KJ: Message for the fans?

Maya: Keep the spirit to make the new creation.

Biye: That is enough.

Maya: Don’t make a wall to creating music. Although we are being a mother, don’t stop to create. But family is still priority. Don’t forget to buy our CD and T-shirt.

*****THE END*****

CONCERT REVIEW: SAXON, live @ Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland, 21 November 2022, by KIeran James.

SAXON concert review – Glasgow, Scotland, 21 November 2022, by Kieran James “We stood in the dark and the band played on” It wasn’t a no...