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NEW INTERVIEW: Our second interview with DISINFECTED (Legends of Bandung Death Metal) (English version).

Our second interview with DISINFECTED

AT: Bandung.

Date: Monday, 13 May 2019.

By: Kieran James and Popo Demons Damn.

Translation by: Popo Demons Damn.

DISINFECTED line-up: Amenk (vocals), Sigit (bass), Adyth (guitar), Dias (guitar), and Dian (drums).

Kieran James: Why is the gap so long since the split album [2012 with Motordeath]?

Dias (guitar): We changed the drummer. We had a process to find the new drummer. The bassist and guitarist [Adyth and Sigit] live and work in Jakarta so they have limits. It is difficult to meet with and rehearse with the band.

As at December 2017, we start the process for the new album. We finished recording in January 2019.  We had limited funds. We had to wait to get the funds. It was self-released.

In March 2019, we released the album Hordes of the Infected.

Amenk (vocalist): We wrote all the lyrics in Bahasa Indonesian - the title uses the English so as to match the band name. I think to use the English makes it easy to promote.

KJ: Tell us about the music style.

Dias: We don’t have a significant change music-wise. We change style in the lyrics.

Amenk: About the lyrics, we talk about the social issues - it is more real and more sarcastic. In the previous album, we use fantasy based on movie.

KJ: What is the reaction to the album?

Dias: Very good. We sell 100 pieces of cassette tape in one week.

Popo Demons Damn: It is because Disinfected has many diehard fans. They were waiting so long for the album. People were very excited about the release. The band is more matured for the lyrics and the songs, that’s my opinion.

For the process, it is unique. The members recorded in the studio with no other members present. When Amenk did the vocals, there were no other members present. They were all busy.

KJ: Where was the studio?

Amenk: Masterplan in Bandung; the engineer is Toteng from Forgotten.

KJ: Is the band part of the Jakarta scene?

Popo: Yes, because Adyth and Sigit live there and are active in the Jakarta scene. Sigit hangs out with Bento from Prosatanica.

KJ: Any plans for tour or show?

Amenk: We have launching album party on 16th June [2019] in Bandung.

KJ: Tell us more about the album cover.

Popo: It is very different. The concept comes from Adyth, you will see that there is a cartoon band picture and not an actual photo. Adyth has a friend who made the original design. Adyth made the layout and his friend made the whole of the design.

KJ: Do you have any tour plans, e.g. in East Java?

Amenk: Yes, we have some plans: Indonesian Death Fest in Jakarta, Flower City Death Fest in Bandung, and Groupies Death Fest in Bandung.

KJ: Are there any guests for the album?

Amenk: No.

Dias: We cover the song “Trauma” by God Bless (legendary Jakarta rock band).

Popo: Only the old-school fans will recognize this song, yeah…

KJ: Did you try to follow the guitar solo exactly?

Dias: No, there is improvization.

KJ: Did God Bless members hear the song?

Dias: We got the permission from the arranger.

KJ: How is Death Metal in Jakarta now?

Popo: It is still the same. Bandung and Jakarta have a strong basis in Death Metal; they are always a role-model for other cities. These cities have never been asleep in terms of DM bands.

Amenk: Now there is a lot of brutal DM bands in Bekasi.

KJ: Can you recommend any young bands from Bandung?

Anenk: Sufism.

Popo: What was the hardest part of the recording process?

Dian (drummer, 26-years-old, youngest band member): It is different from other bands. Other bands make new songs together in the studio. For me I heard the music of the songs, practiced by myself, and I made up the drum parts alone without the other members. They were busy and it is hard to find time to go to the studio together. I got sick after the recording due to the stress.

Popo: What is your experience with Disinfected?

Dian: They are funny people, and very experienced. I’m happy and excited to join with Disinfected. I played with Mortality before, Sedusa, Error Brain (additional), Naked Truth, Gorge, and Hibrani.

Popo: What is your comment about the process, Dias?

Dias: It is hard to fit in with the music when I have new ideas. It is hard because we had to have video-calls to match the music. Technology really helped us to process the album. Without the technology, we can’t finish the album.

KJ: Is the band happy that you bring in many guitar solos?

Dias: As a guitar player, it is good enough for me. Disinfected does not play too fast or too brutal so we tried to combine the music with the leads to make it more harmonious. This is why I put more leads into the songs.

KJ: Message for the fans?

Dias: Stay brutal; buy the original CDs.

Amenk: Be still consistent with the Death Metal.

Dian: Thanks for the real support.

*****THE END*****

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