Wednesday, 11 May 2016

NEWS: Surabaya Death Metal Assault Compilation CD - "The Rise of Deadly Sickness" 2016, available now

EMBRYO GENESIS SUPPORT FOR RISE OF DEADLY SICKNESS CD. Season dimana kita lagi tanya jawab kayak ujian nasional sama @irs_radio di Musical's Studio, dalam rangkaian Tour @irs_radio ke kota tercinta SUROBOYO !!!
Karya Nyata Cadas Berbahaya Arek2 Suroboyo!!!
OUT NOW!!! Long Awaited & Finally Released!!!
CD Surabaya Death Metal Assault Compilation 2016.
Harga : Rp.50.000,- / 10$ USA.
Serious Buyer Only!!! GRAB IT FAST!!!
Line/WA : +6281217278389
Pin: 5545CA51

Support from Febry Gembos (vokalis DAGING)
SURABAYA DEATH METAL ASSAULT - The Rise of Deadly Sickness 2016. 
01. UMAR - Budak Nurani 
02. LAST FROM MYTH FEAR - The Hypocrisy Of the Eternal 
03. EVISVERATE - Slaughter Carcass 
04. MORPHGENETIK - Collapse of Ra 
05. GANAS - Agresi Nafsu Birahi 
06. COFFIN OF BLOOD - Luka Penyiksaan 
07. EMBRYO GENESIS - Dissecting Abomination 
08. FEAR INSIDE - Putrid Stench of Hate 
09. OSCURIDAD - World Slaughtering 
10. DAGING - Konstruksi Hitam 
11. ROMUSHA - Dinamika Sesat 
12. DEATH SUFFERING - Moralitas Para Pecundang 
13. RECTOR INJECTION - Impolite Torture 
14. MEDUZA - Jiwa Budak Berontak 
15. ACCLIMATE TO KILL - Eksekusi Mati 
16. DESCANE - Victim of Slavery 
17. G.A.S - Reformasi Palsu 
18. BLOOD OF MESSIAH - Camouflage of Murder

Track listing was provided by: Nendy Fear Inside
Get Well Soon Mr Samier Tengkorak

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