Friday 24 February 2017

NEW INTERVIEW WITH FORGIVEN from Majalengka, West Java, ID. (formerly UNDEAD), 4/1/17

Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles)1: Hi, can you tell me the early history from the formation of the band up to now? / KJ1: Hai, bisakah kamu menceritakan sejarah awal terbentuknya band kalian hingga sekarang?
ANSWER: Undead from Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia [now renamed as FORGIVEN but with same band members]. We are still the same band, consisting of people who lack work and the like, who hoped our thoughts can change the mindset of each other to move towards a better place.

KJ2: How is the response of people to your mini-albums / album / demos? / KJ2: Bagaimana respon orang-orang dengan mini album/album/demo band Kamu?
ANSWER: We were a bit disappointed...because the response menyatakan bahwa some people this may be one of the worst work kami...hahaha …”Do not ask us why...They've said it.”  

KJ3: What are the most influential bands for you guys in playing music? / KJ3: Band apa yang paling berpengaruh bagi Kalian dalam bermain musik?
ANSWER: For Undead overall nothing but for me personally it is Nile.  

KJ4: What are your future plans for the band? / KJ4: Apa rencana kedepan kalian bersama band?
ANSWER: We're making some changes in the band's name, concept, genre, sound, and what we tulis…tapi rest of us still cannot change the "face" of our originals, and we're still upset about many things...maybe it has become a curse since kecil…haha well, we expect that a lot of friends who are still loyal to the brutal sounds will support us.

KJ5: Are the songs you create using English or foreign lyrics? / KJ5: Apakah lagu-lagu yang kalian buat menggunakan Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia.
ANSWER: Before we worked with Indonesian and very spontaneously without the process of drafting that long-winded as the previous song 'Terbunuh', but this is where we find a lot of new things, a lot of lessons…lessons that made us realize that "Bros...We have not learned a lot yet?"

KJ6: What are the lyrical themes? / KJ6: Apa yang kalian ceritakan dalam lirik-lirik yang kalian buat?
ANSWER: The lyrics speak sarcastically about the cruelty and social behaviour Society is increasingly cruel in its laws and behaviour rimbanya tetep appointed This has been the main theme of our band since the previous material.  

KJ7: Why do you all like to play metal music? / KJ7: Mengapa kalian semua suka memainkan musik metal?
ANSWER: Because we orang2 have a high and almost above average intelligent IQ. Because not everyone can play and enjoy this genre haha lol...

KJ8: When did you first become fans of metal bands? / KJ8: Kapan pertama kali kamu menjadi fans band metal?
ANSWER: The first time was at the beginning of junior high school when I listened to Nile band with the song 'Infidel'. It then become inpirasiku.

KJ9: What do you say to people who ask why you play western-style music? / KJ9: Apa yang Kamu katakan kepada orang-orang yang bertanya mengapa Kamu memainkan musik bergaya barat?
ANSWER: This question can be answered easily...Here we say that we also have the right to be able to produce some songs that can destroy, pollute, and carry the message that the ordinary humble people can resist be honest we do not really care about what our genre is named...anybody has the right to judge...but on the other hand we also have the right to do what we want to do. And one more thing...we are quite tired with the genre classification issue...for many reasons...because we see only that it causes many konflik sama like people fighting over which political party is best and terkuat...lalu they start to become very, very harsh in judging things.

KJ10: Do the wives and girlfriends of the personnel support what you are doing? / KJ10: Apakah para istri dan kekasih para personil kalian mendukung apa yang kalian kerjakan?
ANSWER: Our lovers and family are very supportive and it has a positive effect. Why shouldn’t they?

KJ11: What are the best and worst things about the metal community in your city? / KJ11: Apakah hal-hal yang terbaik dan terburuk tentang komunitas di kota kalian?
ANSWER: Best: Because the community is a place for young musicians to express their creativity and identity. Worst: Perhaps only some community elements that initially were means of spreading our songs ultimately try too hard to distinguish membeda-bedakan between genres.  

KJ12: What are your creative plans for the future? / KJ12: Rencana apa yang kalian buat bersama band untuk kedepannya?
ANSWER: We will metamorphize into a new genre (metalcore) following also the new name of the band @Forgiven. but f***ing hell...haha.​​..hellyeaaaah with existing capabilities we will try new things on this trip...Just wait and see...we’re not trying to accomplish something big right now…but we want to fight to win over our detractors and critics.  

KJ13: What are your most memorable shows or experiences onstage? / KJ13: Di acara apa kalian merasakan, itu stage yang berkesan?
ANSWER: Anywhere.

KJ14: Have you got any message for the fans? / KJ14: Ada pesan untuk kawan kawan?
ANSWER: Do not waste your f***ing time to be a cool, funky, trendy, or some other shit!!...Just try to be SMART...and get to know better what the word SMART means.

KJ15: OK, thank you very much / KJ15: OK, terima kasih banyak.
ANSWER: Thanks much for you and we salute you @KieranJames for still existing...and being a great Zine...death metal f***ing rules.

Check out the band's songs here:

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