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CLASSIC NEMESIS INTERVIEW: "Our time is not yet" (Bandung Melodic Death Metal), 27/1/2014

Left to Right: Putra (additional bassist), Ilham (vocals), and Sendy (guitarist) @ DEATHSTAR TATTOO, Bandung, January 2014
My interview with Sendy and Ilham of Nemesis (Bandung melodic death-metal)
Interpretation by: Popo (Vocalist Demons Damn)
Expert Comments & Questions by: Popo, Bobby Rock (Vocalist Hydro), and Karkash (Guitarist Dajjal / Amora Savage)
Nemesis is: Sendy (Guitar); Jods (Guitar); Dei (Drums); Ilham (Vocals); and Putra (additional bass-player)
Date: 22 January 2014 @ Dada’s Deathstar Tattoo, Bandung

Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine): Please give us the history of your band.

Sendy (Guitarist Nemesis): Nemesis was formed on 26 September 2007. This is a new line-up because the vocalist and bassist resigned because they were busy with their jobs. The original members are three: Sendy, Jods, and Dei. After the ACC tragedy (February 2009) we can’t perform and then we followed some bands competition (LA Light Indie Fest). We tried to be involved in that competition; we became Top 10 in the competition.

JF: What year?

Sendy: 2009

Karkash (Guitarist Dajjal / Amora Savage): I remember that; 2009.

Sendy: Then we started to perform from 2010. We had a lot of gigs then in the middle of 2010 we came to the studio to start making album. Because of some problems in the band the album was released on May 18th 2012. That is the first album. Then after that our members split. The vocalist and bass player resigned in 2013. In the last year 2013 we were the winner for nominations Global Metal Apocalypse from England; it’s like a webzine.  

JF: How do you describe your genre?

Sendy: We just call it metal; some people think the band is Swedish metal.

JF: How about your influences?

Sendy: Many: In Flames, Soilwork, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, many...

Popo (Vocalist Demons Damn): So Nemesis has new members; what do you expect from the new members and what are your goals?

Sendy: The new members have a new spirit; it really affected the three of us [existing members]. There is a good vibe to create new music. The goal is to make the second album.

JF: Is there any progress so far for the second album?

Sendy: We have some new material now. For the new album we have seven unfinished songs. Only one song is finished.

JF: What is the name of the song?

Sendy: Unnamed.

Popo: You have two members resigned from Nemesis. Was there any big problem there? How is the relationship of ex-members with the existing members?

Sendy: We don’t have any problem.

Popo: Do you still hang out together? And still communicate?

Sendy: We still hang out together; we are still friends.

Popo: Do the ex-members still get royalties for the first album?

Sendy: Yes, the old merch contract when ex-members were playing still exists. We pay all the royalty to the ex-members. We do not have anything to pay to them. Only the vocalist wrote the lyrics; I arranged all of the music, me and my guitarist.

JF: Will the music style change because of new members?

Sendy: There is no change because I arrange the music. We still have the same way for arrangements.

JF: Will the topic for lyrics change?

Sendy: They have different thinking; different vision.

JF: What was the lyric topic for the first album?

Sendy: About daily problems; many problems and questions are facing the young people; we try to write about all the situations.

JF: With the new vocalist what will the lyrics be about?

Sendy: Different; the new vocalist will answer when he comes later.

JF: What are the goals and dreams for the band?

Sendy: We really want to go to Europe, USA, and different countries. Other goals are to continue making good albums and to still be active.

JF: What are the jobs and activities for the band members?

Sendy: I finished my university for the degree; Jods works in geology, in the outdoors as a researcher; and the others still study at university including the bassist.

JF: Will the bassist become a full member?

Sendy: It’s up to him; he has another band so he must answer the question. It depends on whether he wants to join with us or stay as additional.

Putra: I will follow the river [all laughing].

JF: Follow the dirty river [all laughing].

Popo: What next gigs have you got?

Sendy: Tomorrow we have a performance.

JF: What do the fans think of your band?

Popo: Burgerkill has diehard fans; they will follow the band Nemesis because they have good songs.

Popo Demons Damn, Bobby Hydro, and Rony Adrenaline
JF: Why don’t you choose to play brutal death-metal because it is the most popular genre here in Bandung?

Sendy: I like to play metal like my favourite bands play. They influenced me more than the brutal death-metal bands did.

JF: How do you describe the vocal style or character?

Sendy: Scream but I don’t like emo such as Bullet for my Valentine; it’s different.

JF: What are the good and bad things about the Bandung death-metal scene?

Sendy: I think the good thing about the scene in Bandung is that there are many good bands; much regeneration happens; there is always good talent; this can bring new motivation to me to become better to write better songs.

JF: The bad side of the scene?

Sendy: Sometimes there are bands which truly follow the other big bands; it’s not good; it’s copy-paste; some new bands very much follow and copy Burgerkill.

JF: What are your favourite metal bands from Bandung?

Sendy: Burgerkill and Amora Savage.

JF: What are your favourite Indonesian bands from other cities?

Sendy: Down for Life from Solo and Parau from Bali.

JF: Favourite bands from East Java?

Sendy: Crucial Conflict from Surabaya.

JF: Favourite bands from Kalimantan?

Sendy: I don’t know the metal bands from Borneo.

Popo: What do you think about the relationship between the metal scene in Bandung and the scenes in other towns in Indo?

Sendy: I think it’s good. The other metal scenes have a good relationship with us. When we go to another city the metal scenes there have good manners and respect towards us; they are very welcoming.

JF: What cities have you played shows?

Sendy: Bandung, Jakarta, Solo, Malang, and Bali.

Popo: Do you think you have a chance to go tour to a foreign country?

Sendy: Someday I believe we will have a chance to have a tour because I always communicate with people in foreign countries.

Butche and Bobby Rock
Popo: Why should they want to call you to perform?

Sendy: Right now we don’t have the chance to perform in another country. The reason is you must arrange the good music to go to tour in a foreign country.

Popo: What do you think about the bands from Bandung playing in a foreign country?

Sendy: It’s good because foreigners know we have good bands here.

JF: Why do you think Bandung became so strong for metal?

Sendy: Because Bandung has an attitude of welcoming people to the community. We all allow each other to expand our knowledge of metal; we become smarter; we build up the communication and learn from each other.

JF: Ok, please give me your comment about each one of these bands. Bleeding Corpse?

Sendy: Brutal.

JF: Burgerkill?

Sendy: Really tough band; very heavy.

JF: Jasad?

Sendy: Raw.

JF: Undergod?

Sendy: Fast.

JF: Auticed?

Sendy: That’s good; very technical band.

JF: Beside?

Sendy: Have a catchy song; catchy and harmonic songs.

JF: Tcukimay?

Sendy: The songs really move fast, like Slayer, thrash-metal.

JF: Jihad?

Sendy: The guitar rhythm is very powerful.

JF: What do you think about Jasad singing about Sundanese culture?

Sendy: In here in Indo it’s really good. It makes the people in another city to know and understand about Sunda culture; not only people in other cities but people from other countries too.

Popo: Now the metal scene in Bandung always plays the same bands. Even Event Organisers and people making gigs always play the same bands. Do you think there is regeneration?

Sendy: I don’t know about that. For me I just always say to myself: “Our turn is not now”.

JF: Do you feel like the big bands are like a brick wall you can’t break through?

Sendy: No, it’s more because the time is not now

JF: Do you ever consider moving to another city in order to make a break through?

Sendy: No, I don’t have any plan.

JF: Karkash, what is your comment about Nemesis band?

Karkash (Guitarist Dajjal / Amora Savage): I love their music because they have the same influences with me. We have a good relationship too, me and Sendy.

Popo: Good relationship? Really? [smiling]

Karkash: I’m not gay, relationship ... friendship ... [all laughing].

JF: Popo, what is your comment about this band?

Popo: I always like this band because I know they are talented.  I like their songs and how they make a good show on the stage. They are still humble, not sombong. After they had award many foreigners know about Nemesis from Bandung.

[Jack Frost note: At this point the Nemesis vocalist Ilham joined the interview.]

JF: What is your feeling about joining Nemesis?

Ilham (Vocalist Nemesis): I feel a very good feeling and very happy.

JF: What band did you play in before?

Ilham: Sincerity.

JF: What is your comment about the first Nemesis album?

Ilham: When I heard the album I thought it was very cool.

JF: How are your lyrics and style different from the first vocalist?

Ilham: I write about what I read in the books.

JF: What books?

Ilham: Many books, philosophy, politics, literature...

JF: How about the style?

Ilham: Let people see and hear what the differences are between me and the ex-vocalist.

JF: What are your comments about Busuk Webzine?

Sendy: It’s really a good webzine to inform people of young and old bands.

Ilham: I expect and request you to make a physical copy of the magazine.

Bobby Rock (Vocalist Hydro): If the metal scene is dying will you still be playing metal or not?

Ilham: Yes, we will still play because it is our blood and meat.

Sendy: For me it’s our passion. We don’t want to change our metal.

Big City Nights in Bandung with Arief Budiman, Zemo & Butche.
JF: What do you think of women in the metal scene?

Sendy: It’s very good; we see the Arch Enemy vocalist. If I compare this band with the previous vocalist [Johan Liiva] or Angela I choose Angela of course.

[Jack Frost comment: This answer was given before we heard the news that Angela had left Arch Enemy.]

Sendy: There is no difference between woman and guy; if they can play metal well it’s no problem.

JF: Do you know of the band Girlzeroth?

Sendy: No.

Karkash: You said it’s more interesting to just play metal. Did you ever tink of playing brutal death-metal?

Sendy: No, I just like playing metal music only. My passion is there.

JF: For one-million rupiah will you play a show in corpse-paint?

Sendy: No.

JF: Never?

Sendy: Never. If I have a tall and giant body then maybe [laughs]. Maybe then I will try but my size is too small. I say no to wearing mask.

JF: What is your message for readers of Busuk Webzine?

Sendy: Thanks to the people and the fans for always supporting Nemesis. We would not exist until now if there was no support from you.

Ilham: Thanks for supporting nemesis. Don’t forget to buy the original CD from us; that is all.

JF: Thank you!

Ilham: Welcome.

Sendy: Thank-you.
Left to Right: Top row: Bobby Hydro (now Turbidity), Kieran James, Karkash (Amora Savage / Dajjal guitarist). Bottom row: Putra (additional Nemesis bassist), Ilham (Nemesis vocals), and Sendy (Nemesis guitarist)  @ DEATHSTAR TATTOO,Bandung, January 2014.
Karkash (bottom left corner) and Busta (bottom centre, white cap) from Amora Savage join Nemesis onstage for "The Trooper" cover (Iron Maiden), January 2014. Nemesis vocalist Ilham is at bottom right corner (red wristband, long hair), January 2014.

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