Thursday 9 November 2017

CD REVIEW: DEVANGELIC (Rome, Lazio, Italy) - Phlegethon, by Andrew Sick (Sick Reviews), 8/11/2017

DEVANGELIC (Rome, Lazio, Italy) - Phlegethon (Comatose Music)

The infernal Italian horde of f***ing demons worshiper of Disgorge USA, Devangelic, is back darker than ever with the goal to create the hell on earth with this second opus of pure destructive f***ing brutality baptized with the sperm of goats under the name of "Phlegethon" and establishing a true f***ing divine insanity that will pierce every f***ing souls around the shitty world! This bloodthirsty and ruthless demonic f***ing beast is back to offer its sick Brutal Death F***ing Metal with a composition totally f***ing brilliant and although the parts that sound a lot like Disgorge can be criticized, I think this f***ing monster does it very well, doesn't hide itself to be highly influenced and with their own f***ing identity are still able to create some original and enjoyable f***ing shit! "Phlegethon" really makes us feel to be into some hellish f***ing world and slowly burning us while the 10 f***ing wars (digipak includes 2 more songs, Morbid Angel cover and song from the demo 2016) are playing and making bleed our f***ing ears and eyes by their ingenuity and flawless f***ing execution but could have removed the intros a little long! Devangelic gives us an evil f***ing masterpiece of total f***ing sickness that will be forever marked on the wall of corpses with an atmosphere of the most heavy, sadistic and f***ing brutal!The production is f***ing insane and loud as f*** only increasing the dark and evil ambiance of this insane f***ing shit with a perfect mixing that make sounds that f***ing shit like some demons killing and dismembering everything in their f***ing path! "Phlegethon" is a f***ing gem in the shitty genre being f***ing sick and addictive from start to end but you will have need to listen to this new album sometimes to get all what is going on and to realize how this f***ing shit can be genius on each f***ing level! This brutal f***ing apocalypse is commanded by Paolo Chiti (Vocals), Mario Di Giambattista (Guitars), Damiano Bracci (Bass), Marco Coghe (Drums) and the evil f***ing quartet came out from the putrid f***ing wells of hell are giving a demonstration of talent by creating a flawless songwriting and powerful f***ing performance! Paolo as usual is giving an awesome guttural f***ing brutal, Mario is delivering crazy f***ing compositions with perfect structures including the catchy parts to each f***ing song to make this second release enjoyable from A to Z, Damiano is also showing some amazing f***ing parts and Marco on drums is just f***ing insane only increasing the f***ing level of insanity from this descent into hell! For my part I think the band just offered their best material and was hard to do since the debut album is f***ing perfect but they still managed to push the boundaries of sickness and perfection by giving some excessive brutality totally f***ing addictive! The blasphemous f***ing beast called Devangelic is now making part of the elite and "Phlegethon" is without f***ing doubt a mandatory piece of f***ing shit to all sickos having no fear to burn in f***ing hell! Perfect Addictive Evil F***ing Piece of Brutal F***ing Darkness! 10/10. (This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.)

Personal Tribute from Andrew Sick to Mario Di Giambattista: I want to send a tribute because I think sometimes its also important to say some good things and perhaps influencing people and making understand what is brutality so I want to send a tribute to Mario Di Giambattista and he will probably not see this post since he probably hide my posts since a f***ing while lmfao Then, I want to mention the fact that this guy did a 5th full length album lastly and after all those years still capable to deliver perfection in brutality! I think with no doubt the 2 first Vulvec cd are masterpieces, the third perhaps only very good (little anecdote that I remember when I did the review of third and gave it 10/10 and some days after I said to Mario that it was a mistake from me but more a 9/10, honestly for me is important)! So even 9/10 was amazing at this moment and since this time he did 2 more albums with Devangelic and also f***ing perfect with all elements from the BDM and nothing is missing there, not much people are able to do as much masterpieces and still very creative! I only wish Mario you will never change your way of brutality and if one day you're still deciding to play mainstream music, change of band name and I will not shit on you hahaha joke apart, respect and continue the great job! (9 November 2017).

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